How to Earn More as an Envato Marketplaces Affiliate

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.


Becoming an Envato author isn’t the only way to earn a big income online. Some of the top Envato Marketplaces affiliates earn as much as some of the top authors. How do they do it? Read on for some tips from our marketing team on how to drive targeted traffic to the Marketplaces.

Or jump ahead and become an affiliate.

Use Targeted Banner Ads

We recently updated many of our banner ads for each Marketplace, including banner ads for specific categories of each Marketplace. You can download each of the banners here.

If you want special banners for your site, blog, newsletter, or somewhere else, you can always email the marketing team at marketing (at)

Create SEO Friendly Blog Posts

This post on AppStorm does all the little things right to generate a heap of referrals to the Marketplaces. How do they do it? They created a catchy tagline for something that sells well on the Marketplaces (Keynote Templates), and which is something that people search for frequently on Google. They then used an H1 tags on the post title and H2 tags on the post subtitles. To cap it off, they used some catchy graphics for each item, and added some teaser text at the top of the post.

Here are some more SEO tips from our in-house SEO expert Saijo, relating to making item pages SEO friendly. Many of these tips are applicable to your own blog or website in addition to author item pages.

Promote Limited Time Discounts

We run limited-time discounts on collections of items, historically titled ‘Bundles’, at least a couple of times per year, and we’re looking at running more and more types of limited time discounts in the future. These types of promos typically generate some of the highest conversion rates out of all items. You can learn about new promotions as they happen by signing up for the Envato Bundles newsletter here.

Use Handy Affiliate Plugins that Recommend Items Automatically

A bunch of forward-thinking authors have built some custom scripts and plugins specifically to help affiliates increase their earnings. For example, here’s a plugin that recommends related Marketplace items based on the title of your blog post. Browse all affiliate scripts and plugins here.

Promote New and Growing Categories on the Marketplaces

The Envato Marketplaces are constantly changing and evolving with the times, and following new and growing categories can be one of the best ways to drive extra revenue as an affiliate. For example, we just launched Ghost themes about a week ago.

To see what’s coming up, you can follow our Envato Most Wanted competitions. Some of the latest categories of items to come out of these competitions are ePublishing teamplates, Kinetic typography video templates, and Muse website templates.

Do each of these things and you can surely earn a bunch more from our affiliate program. If you have other ideas on how to promote Marketplace items or want to work on some type of special partnership, please get in touch at marketing (at) .

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  • greenline

    Useful information, thanks for sharing!

  • rambo

    What if I click on the banner to my own clients?

    • Alex

      If I’m understanding you correctly, yes you can add your affiliate ID to any link that sends traffic to your own items. You could also share a link with your affiliate ID to your clients if you are directing them to the marketplaces.

  • Motionweeknight

    Great information thank you

  • Imran

    Just started Affiliate marketing with Envato. Looking forward for a great experience.

  • Eddy Woj

    Thanks for your advice… I’m planning to work on affilation with Envato for my next blog.

  • sergio

    can I use apps like Windows store app will it work ?

    • Alex

      Not sure that works specifically, but if you send traffic to a web address, and that address includes your ID in the referral link than you should get credited correctly. You can check your affiliate stats right after sending traffic to see if clicks are being tracked.

  • Paul

    Are affiliate commissions only paid on the initial deposit or purchase?
    What about a returning customer who continues to purchase more products?
    Do we receive commissions form these or just the first initial purchase/deposit?

    • Alex

      Just the initial deposit by new accounts referred by you. Agreed, its not perfect.

  • Stephen Brian

    Thanks for the great tips. I am affiliated with Envato for long and now thinking to promote it exclusively.
    Is there any way that we can get a sitewide 20% coupon (if not possible 10%) so that we can convert more customers to buy Envato products? Thank you.

    • Alex

      Its on the radar, but we don’t have coupon codes currently :(

  • zeeshan

    When you send a user to your affiliate link, as soon as they go to a different page the referral id from the link is gone? How will this be tracked?

  • zeeshan
    • Alex

      Thanks for sharing :)

  • chaviori

    what about the payment? is it only get credit?

    • Alex

      Yup, you can withdraw affiliate earnings, or even set up an automatic withdrawal.

  • Ikhsan Syahruddin

    That’s great. Very useful information that we need to get start become an affiliate. Thanks

  • Trent

    This is really cool information to not only boost traffic to the Envato affiliate links but to other affiliate networks too.

    Another blog post above mentions about if you will make 10% off coupons etc.. Is this something that you would develop to help drive traffic from affiliates?

    • Alex

      Hey Trent – Yup, we’re considering coupons. If we launch them, we’ll definitely announce them around the marketplaces and in newsletters.

  • Sushant

    You should grant a returning visitor commission for atleast 2-5% share as a token amount for their hard work. Think of it, as many affiliated users will be benefited along with your company…

  • Jeff

    How do you see what you have earned and how do you place a requested withdraw, is there a limit?

    • Adrian Try

      Hi Jeff. You should be able to see your balance at the top right of the screen when you’re signed into the Marketplaces. For information on withdrawals, check out this Knowledgebase article.

  • Provn

    Can I use ourself affiliate link to buy themes for clients and friends ?

    • etac

      I would like to know too. Would it benefit the affiliate more to purchase themes for a client with a discount or simply refer the new client to an affiliate link and have them purchase the item, and get commission??

  • Giovanni

    I would like to set up my website same as Once the user clicks on a product it will be taken to your site to purchase it. How to do this?

    Thank you

  • Alex

    my own affiliate website

  • Quentin

    Hi, this programme seems great! But on average, how much does an affiliate really make? Just a average round figure.


    • Adrian Try

      Hi Quentin. I don’t have any figures, but I imagine it varies quite a bit, depending on how much traffic your website gets.


    you write that i get 30% commission of the first purchase.. it’s not clear if i get something from next purchases.. please explain me this.. thanks

  • robin

    i use my Referral link for my client..
    “” he create new account but is not show in any registered member in Earnings menu.

    • Jeff

      I’ve never gotten one referral from over six months, something is not working.

  • Titus Siswandono

    How I can send customer directly to some item page using my affiliate link?

  • Jim Cashatt

    I have just started writing a review of this affiliate program and will promote it with you banners from there it looks like a good program if it really pays like you say it does.