25 Ways to Use a Facebook Page for Marketing

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Facebook by Franco Bouly

Social networks are a great way to market your items. And many marketplace authors we have interviewed are using a Facebook page as part of their strategy.

So how are authors using Facebook? As a follow-up to our article on Twitter, I scoured through dozens of marketplace authors’ pages to find out. There is a lot of variety out there!

Here are 25 ways to use a Facebook page for marketing:

  1. Create a Facebook page rather than using your personal profile. Anyone can like your page, but people have to ask your permission to become your friend. And you may not always want to give that permission.
  2. Brand your Facebook page appropriately, including a high-quality profile picture. Reinforce your image. I love the branding of KemU-Studio‘s welcome page.
  3. Fill out your “Info” section with as much detail as you feel is appropriate. Keep your “About” section very short so your followers don’t have to click “…more” to find out.
  4. Remove any sections you are not using to save visitors clicking on things for no reason. Believe me, I’ve just visited dozens of authors Facebook pages, and it gets frustrating! And it gives the impression that your page is incomplete.
  5. Spice up your page with a Flash Facebook template. Are you using one? Let us know and link to it in the comments.
  6. Link to interesting and relevant posts on your blog, other blogs related to your field, and important industry-specific news. Add value with a comment that lets your “likers” know why to read the post. Neither empty walls, or walls that only advertise your stuff, are not very appealing! (OhmLab)
  7. Link to your YouTube videos. When you include the URL in your wall post, the video can be watched without leaving your page. (OhmLab)
  8. Leave comments on your wall about your creative process, including tips and software you find helpful. (OhmLab)
  9. Respond to everyone who writes on your wall. Show your visitors that you’re listening and appreciate them.
  10. Comment on other Facebook pages that are relevant, including other marketplace authors’ pages. Encourage them! All of those comments will make it easier for others to find you, give a positive impression, and show that you’re active in the community.
  11. Add a tab to profile some of your best work. Call it “Profile” or something similar. (Miks-Music and Sitebase have good ones.)
  12. Keep an eye on your wall for spam. Nothing will stop people visiting your page quicker than out-of-control spam – and it will look like you’re not serious about your page.
  13. Give free stuff to everyone who likes your page. This works best if it’s something you have created. These could be loops, wallpapers, icons, etc. (Miks-Music) Here’s an example from KemU-Studio‘s wall: “We proudly present You a FREE set of 700 (Yes! Seven hundred Icons!) called Kaito Icon Set, download and enjoy!”
  14. Link to your new items on the marketplace. Add a brief description that lets people know why they might be interested. (Ruven, Sitebase, SonicCube, Anderworks, Premium, Wattscreative, GljivecCreations)
  15. Let your “likers” know about any bundles they may be interested in – especially Envato bundles! Let them know about a good bargain, and they’ll thank you for it. (Ruven)
  16. Write about important milestones, like being featured or having the most popular item. (Ruven)
  17. Invite your Facebook followers to follow you on Twitter as well. (Ruven, Designcise) Consider using the Twitter app like DigitalScience and Anderworks to actually display your tweets on a tab of your page.
  18. Ask your followers for tips. Here’s an example from Sitebase: “Slightly modified computer setup for my new computer. Let me know if you have suggestion or tips to make it better: http://bit.ly/kqM2XP.”
  19. Add other relevant Facebook pages to your page’s favorites. These will be displayed at the bottom of your left-hand pane. Include Envato, the relevant marketplaces, and any other industry-relevant pages. You may also want to include other marketplace authors. (DigitalScience, Pixelnourish, The-Graphic-Designer-Chris-Farina)
  20. Use the News app to give your page it’s own RSS feed. Use it to display items from your blog or other good sources of information. (DigitalScience)
  21. Use photo albums to display some of your items. Link to their marketplace URL in the image description. (DigitalScience, Anderworks, Pixelnourish, Mocarg)
  22. Show off your workspace or studio in a photo album. Let your followers get to know you. And your wall will look more interesting and inviting if there are some photos to display at the top. (SonicCube)
  23. AudioJungle authors may consider using a Band Profile like SonicCube.
  24. If you have a newsletter, add a sign-up form on your Facebook page. (Pixelnourish has one powered by MailChimp.)
  25. Use the Notes or Discussions section as a blog replacement or supplement. (Pixelnourish actually seems to copy or import them from her blog somehow. Mocarg uses a Discussion. DigitalZoomStudio uses the NetworkedBlogs app.)

Thanks for the great ideas, guys and girls. If we missed an idea you have, let us know about it in the comments. And feel free to show off anything that’s impressive on your Facebook page.