Why Envato Is a Great Place to Work: Work Anywhere, Anytime

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Why is Envato a great place to work? I’ll tell you. It’s flexible!

This morning I was able to drive my son to a job interview in Brisbane. While he’s being grilled, I can get some work done. I’m sitting at a McDonalds playground sipping a frappe and getting some work done with free wifi, watching my youngest son climb on the play equipment. In a couple of hours (maybe sooner) I’ll get a message that the interview is over (phew!), and I’ll drive us all home. Try that with a normal job!

I first thought about working from home just over three years ago, after my youngest son was born. Not long afterwards I landed a small writing job with the AudioJungle blog, and six months later I had a full time job. I have to say that working for Envato has worked out perfectly for me.

But I also have to say that too much flexibility isn’t always a good thing. Days like today generally start early, and finish very late. The more you try to squeeze into a day, the longer they last! I generally try to make my days more structured, but it’s great knowing the flexibility is there when I need it.

If you’re on the team and would like to let the world know why Envato is a great place to work, drop me a line, or use this submission form. And include a photo if you can!

  • chrismccoy

    nice benefits 😉

  • http://www.reubenchng.com Reuben Chng

    Being able to work anywhere & at anytime is something I would really want to do!

  • http://laranz.in Lawrence77

    what about that interview?

  • http://PhilLarson.net Phil Larson

    Jealous! I would LOVE a job like this. 😉 Let me be more specific: am LOOKING for a job like this! 😉 <– Yes this comment gets double winkies.

  • http://www.kenaudio.com/ Kenaudio

    Hi Adrian!!

    Thanks for your post and you are right! I love being able to decide whether to go kiting if the wind is right or to work instead. Sometimes I go kiting and work in between….pretty cool isn’t it:)!!!

  • http://webstudio55.com Anjum

    I like envato’s high quality standard