This Week at Envato

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

This morning when I looked at my computer I thought its date was wrong. It said “Fri”. Where has this week gone? It’s been a big one. What happened at Envato this week?

What’s Happening in the Melbourne Office

The Melbourne office is a great place to visit, and an even better place to work. Besides the pool table and occasional late night movies, the office plays host to a bunch of musical instruments that are used for relaxation and spontaneous concerts. Aaron Osteraas counted them this week: “There’s also something like three electrics, an acoustic guitar, my bass (temporarily), a ukulele and a piano keyboard in the office.” I guess that’s why a lot of the staff wear headphones as they work!

Aaron also discovered an interesting piece of artwork on a whiteboard. What is it? A snail? A nautilus? An algorithm gone wrong? You decide!

The Birthday Bundle Finished Up

Our massive birthday bundle was a huge success, not to mention a lot of fun. The vibe in the office has been crazy, busy and fun. We’re very thankful for all of our supporters over the past four years.

Last year our bundle had 5,240 sales. This year was almost twice as successful, with 10,131 sales. Some of your guesses in the comments last week were pretty close!

New Rates for All Marketplaces

Our most commented post on Envato Notes is undoubtedly our new marketplace rates announcement. Right now it has 164 comments!

Thanks for your comments of appreciation. We’re amazed at how many of you said the change may let you do this full time now. Let’s begin a new era of success in each marketplace!

New Photos on the Flickr Stream

We’ve updated the “We Are Envato” Flickr stream this week with photos new and old. Here’s a great shot of our fourth birthday yum cha meal:

From left to right: Pete, Ryan, Cyan, Collis and Naysan enjoying the fine food.

Getting ready for the Envato Community Meetup

We’re getting ready for the Envato Community Meetup in Chicago. Check out the details in this forum thread.

Would you like to come? RSVP here. There are limited RSVP’s left so you’ll need to be quick!

Here’s the massive pile of Envato t-shirts that we’re bringing for you:

We’ve Done a Lot with the Marketplaces this Week!

The marketplaces have been a whirlwind of action this week!

Finally, we’re almost ready to announce our newest marketplace. What will it be? We’re not saying! But keep your eyes open next week!

A Secret New Podcast Has Been Recorded

We recorded a super special secret podcast! Comes out next week. That’s all we’ll say. :P

Babies, Babies, Babies

This has been a huge baby week! Congratulations to Joel Falconer and Mike Vardy on the births of their babies. (That’s one baby each, and not together – and neither Joel nor Mike did the hard part. Hopefully they’re helping with the nappies – or diapers.)

But that’s not the end of the news: We’re expecting more! Collis and Cyan announced this week that the newest Envato venture is well on its way. They join Sean Hodge, who is also expecting. Well, his wife is… You have our best wishes!

Lunch in Melbourne

Lunch in Melbourne today was Ramen. It was tasty, but not well attended. What did you have for lunch today? And what is Ramen?

What Do You Get When You Combine MS Paint with a Hoodie?

As products, MS Paint and hoodies are a little suspect on their own. What happens when you combine them? Aaron Osteraas found out. Please rate his work in the comments!

Well, that took a lot longer than I was expecting. It has been a busy week! How was your week?

  • steve

    My week envolved a new theme design of course! Can’t wait to find out what the new marketplace will be and am also looking forward to the podcast. :)

  • onedesign

    Really has been a full of surprises week!

    • onedesign

      oh! and i love envato t-shirts

  • Jan Vetik

    Really waiting for the new marketplace :)

  • Jeprie

    Hehe… I guess I already knew what’s coming. Someone inside envato has told me.

  • Patrik Larsson

    I want the hoodie, Aaron made!! That one’s just awesome!!! :D

    Congratulations to everyone with babies!! Wish you all the best of luck :)

  • Drew

    I’ve told Aaron to bring the hoodie to Chicago, that will be my primary way of introducing myself. Aaron is a true artist :)

  • rocketstas

    Guys )))) i am from Russia ///so how can i get envato t shirt ?

    I like this marketplace so i want to be in part :)

  • Haziq

    Guys, I love your humor style! Those hoodies are awesome! The next marketplace is definitely DrewDen.
    Congrats to Collis and co! That’s good news. So, how many babies are coming? You should start a marketplace for all the baby stuff, especially nappies and diapers. :) Wish you all the best ahead!