Pets of Envato Part 4: Fish, Birds, Menageries and More

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

It’s here. The final episode of “Pets of Envato”. While most of the Envato team have cats or dogs (mainly dogs), some of the team are a bit different. Some have pets that fly or swim. Some have collections of pets that make you shake your head and wonder how the household survives. And some have pets that are a little bit different. Envato different.

So let’s get started. As usual the pets are described in the words of their owners.

Fish and birds are sensible pets. They’re fun, but easier to maintain. And they’re usually enclosed in a space that’s easier to clean. Scott and April are the sensible pet owners.

Scott, Marketplace

Lily is one week old! My wife got her from the pet store only last week! [Editor: this was back in October.] She’s cheap, she takes up very little room and she never answers back. Every man’s dream! 😉

April, Admin

I thought I’d give you something for all the bird lovers These two boys are Pepe and Fernando and they are Fischer’s Lovebirds which are originally from Tanzania. They are both around 3 years old and they enjoy screeching, cuddling and eating my plants.

At the opposite end of the spectrum are the people who spend lots of time maintaining their pets: the ones with small menageries. Amanda and I fall into that category. Pity us or envy us – that’s up to you.

Amanda, Rockable Press

Here’s my furry crew and photos:

Morgan, Neurotic Guard Spaniel

Morgan’s a spaniel mix, about six years old, and her favorite game is making sure none of the other animals are having any fun and/or trouble. She takes her job quite seriously and is the Hackwith house chief security officer.

Mei Mei, Troublemaking Ewok

Mei Mei is our four year old dog and is the typical spoiled little sister. She’s half Shih Tzu and half Shiba Inu, which means she kind of looks like an Ewok from Star Wars.

Loki, Puppy-cat
Loki is eleven years old and pretty much the most dog-like cat in the world. He’s an old man, but he still takes his duties of following me around and hindering any real work very seriously.
Pixel, grumpy kitty
Pixel is a two year old tortie cat who is pretty much my husband’s cat. He’s the only human worthy of her attention, though she will bless me with her presence if my office window happens to be the warmer spot.

Adrian, Audiotuts+ and Envato Notes

Having lots of kids, it’s pretty hard not to have lots of pets. Over the years we’ve had almost every pet imaginable. They just keep on coming.

The dogs – Bella and Chuck

Our dogs aren’t really ours. They moved in with other people. Bella is a cross poodle. She moved in with a troubled teenager who stayed with us for six months last year. But when the teenager left, Bella stayed.

Then earlier this year one of my sons moved back home. Shortly afterwards he bought Chuck, who is part dalmatian and very excitable. But when my son moved out, Chuck stayed. I think there’s a moral to this story somewhere.

As you can see in the photo, both dogs are very excitable. I couldn’t get a decent photo of them both being still. They’ve recently taken to destroying out outdoor furniture.

The cats – Tommy and Luna

Earlier this year I noticed that my daughter-in-law was asking for advice on Facebook about where to buy kittens. I gave her some tips having no idea that she was buying the kitten for my daughter’s 18th birthday. I probably would have given her very different advice if I knew! The kitten was named Tommy.

A couple of days later my wife bought a second kitten for some reason, and named her Luna. They get along well together, but have opposite personalities. Tommy loves to laze around the house, while Luna loves to climb and play, and goes outside at every opportunity.

The birds – cockatiels

My wife Sonya loves birds. She had to buy some new ones recently. Chuck worked out how to open the cage, and let the old ones out. Unfortunately I found a small pile of feathers in our yard.

These are the new cockatiels, who feel more comfortable in their large cage now that it has been moved far away from Chuck’s reach. If all goes well, we’re hoping for lots of little cockatiels.

The guinea pigs

Guinea pigs also don’t have a great track record in our house, partly because my three-year-old loves to get them out of the cage and watch them run around. We’ve recently adopted a couple of new ones, and put the cage somewhere harder to reach. So far they are very happy!

The chickens

We haven’t had chickens for a while. It’s great to have fresh eggs every morning. Here are our new arrivals. They’re just kids at the moment, but they’ll have to work for their keep eventually. It’s good that the dark one cheeps very loudly. I’ve rescued her from the Tommy’s mouth a couple of times!

What’s this? Another dog? I couldn’t finish the series without Ibby’s new Golden Retriever. That dog was the inspiration for this series. Unfortunately Ibby was sick when we started, but he’s more than made up for it with a video and bunch of photos.

Ibrahim, Support

Burbuja (Bubble in English) is a two year old Golden Retriever that we have recently adopted. She is so quiet and cute, she is demanding love all day long. She loves scratching her face with her paws and she also gets crazy in the park. We call her ‘Bur’, ‘Burbu’ or just ‘Burbuja’.

Untitled from Ibrahim Rodríguez on Vimeo.

And finally, we finish with the strange pets. You’re probably imagining snakes or goannas or billy goats. No, these pets are strange in a way that only the Envato team could come up with.

Carmen, Community

Exciting news, I have gotten myself a Pet this very day! (So I can participate.) His name is Jacob and he is 18 years old (in dog years). Jacob enjoys being around other people and he is very artistic! He makes pictures with his food all the time.

Lance, Marketplace

When we started to put this series together I received a short but polite email from Lance: “Fun idea, though I have no pets.” I started to feel a bit sorry for him.

But Josh Sprague emailed me with a completely different story, and some strong photographic evidence:

Hi Adrian, I’m not sure if you know, but Lance has been super busy this week getting ready for his big trip to Australia.  As a result, he didn’t have any time to get his photos out to you of his precious lil’ angel, so he asked me if I could put something together for you.

Apparently Lance has a little two-year-old dog called Lady, or Lady Gaga. Josh quotes Lance as saying, “Many of you may know me as the ‘Tuff Guy’ or the ‘guy with the cool facial hair’ but to my precious little Lady I’m just ‘Daddy’.” Judging by the photos, Lance and Lady are very close.

So, which email is telling the truth? Who knows. I’ll just post the photos and let you make up your own mind. Do you think that Lady Gaga is real? Let us know in the comments.

Lance Snider with Lady Gaga - Envato

Lance Snider with Lady Gaga - Envato

Lance Snider with Lady Gaga - Envato

Lance Snider with Lady Gaga - Envato

Lance Snider with Lady Gaga - Envato

Lance Snider with Lady Gaga - Envato

Well, that’s the end of our series about the pets of the Envato team. Have you enjoyed it? Let us know in the comments.

If you’d like more of the same, we could open the series up to the entire Envato community. If you haven’t had enough yet, let us know in the comments and I’ll see what I can do.

Finally, a huge thanks for the cooperation and interest the whole team had for this series. It’s been fun!

  • Ibby

    @Adrian can’t believe all the pets you have and you still have time for work, family, etc! I’m your admirer Adrian! LOL

    @Lance you didn’t mention that you took Lady Gaga to Chicago! xD

    @Amanda love all your pets but love more the hair of Morgan!

  • Ibby

    @April you should name the next one ‘Paco’, this one is very Spanish just like Fernando or Pepe! lol

  • Drew

    Of course Lance’s dog is real, he can’t go anywhere without his “Lady Gaga”! Don’t let the facial hair fool you 😉

  • lawrence77

    Lady Gaga poses same in all photos with a 😛 smiley , awesome capture… 😉

  • Skellie

    Great job on this series Adrian! It turned out great :)

    • Adrian Try

      Thanks Tash. I can’t believe all the pets we’ve all got! Is there an Animaltuts+ coming?

  • sara.firma

    Ahhh Lance, only a real man could be so tender and tuff at the same time!

  • Joshua Sprague

    @Ibrahim, what a beautiful dog! I have had two goldens and wouldn’t trade the memories for anything :)

  • carmenangerer

    I laughed so much! Lady Gaga has to be real, look at the love in Lance’s eyes as he is eating nacho’s with her, hahaha!

  • Amanda Hackwith

    I think Lady TOTALLY wins the pet round-up.

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