Pets of Envato Part 2: More Dogs

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Last week we confessed. We love our pets. A lot. You could tell from the photos, hey. Not to mention the adorable descriptions and touching stories.

This week we introduce you to the other half of the Envato dogs. Yes, there are really that many dogs in the team. After all, they are a man’s best friend. You’ll meet dogs that are high maintenance, dogs that sleep under the covers like humans, dogs that train their owners, and even a dog that has pooped on his owner. Three times!

We’ve included lots of cute and crazy photos. And again, the pets are described in the words of their owners.

Brandon, Wptuts+

Ender is a 1 year and 4 months old Chocolate Labrador. He’s a super high energy dog and his favorite stuff to do includes going on hikes, swimming, and playing at our city’s dog park with lots of other dogs!

Mark, Marketplace

Rocky’s a 3 year old English Bulldog. He also answers to the name Mr. Balboa, and Rock Lobster. He really doesn’t like to do anything besides eating and sleeping. He’ll occasionally run around trying to eat a full sized soccer ball, but 5 minutes of running always results in 5 hours of sleeping. Since he was a puppy, he’s had an obsession with wiggling under things and now sleeps under a blanket (talk about high maintenance). He’s also snores incessantly.

Josh, Marketplace

Pebbles the Chihuahua (4 years old). Pebbles was the first to join our family.  We were all so excited to have this little angel!  Since then however she has pooped on me personally three times, once while I was sleeping.

Tuffy the Yorkie (3 years old). Tuffy is a 3lb ball of sweet, a tad on the dim side but a nice little guy that must endure being carried around all day like an Action Figure by my 4 year old boy Asher.

Rosebud the Golden Retriever (2 years old). Rosebud was a gift to my son Noah and has successfully eaten a small greenhouse, 6 grape vines and 4 blackberry bushes… She loves to play ball and is convinced she is my best bud.

All in all these three rascals keep things interesting around our house.

Jeffrey, Code Evangelist

Trash. It’s a long story, and, no, he’s not abused. The person we bought him from was complete white trash. We joke that we saved the dog from white trash, and, somehow, that evolved to him being referred to that way. He’s quite spoiled, and is 6 years old.

Our dog, Trash, might as well be a human being. He sleeps like a human – vertical, under the covers, with his head sticking out on his pillow. Ryan’s dog likes to play fetch. If I threw a frisbee for Trash to catch, he’d likely give me a long stare that translates to, “Well that was a stupid thing to do. Go get it.” Yeah, he doesn’t play fetch very well. But he’s quite good at watching movies, and helping me work (as he lays in his dog bed underneath my work desk).

Ibrahim, Support

Ibby and his wife just inherited a Golden Retriever. He describes how it’s all going:

She is great, it’s amazing that a dog just asks for love and a couple of toys :D We are enjoying her so far, we love taking her to the park and see how she gets crazy in the grass. lol.

Drew, Support

Gigabyte, aka gigi buns, buns, bunny, little buns, bunzaroo etc. is a mini daschund and just turned one year old recently. She’s an absolute sweet heart and just took second place in a halloween costume contest. She loves giving kisses, burrowing under the covers, and playing with other dogs 5 times her size. We’re grateful to have her in our lives and she brings us a lot of joy.

Jami, Community Moderator

Jami doesn’t just have a pet – she has her own super hero – SuperCharlie. He even has his own Facebook page! Charlie tells his story:

I was found at the Ben Gurion Airport, brought to a local kennel, and rescued when I was 5 months old. My breed is still a mystery but people say I look like a Golden Retriever/Sheltie/Collie mix. I live now with Jami and Einat. It sure beats those kennel cages!

Here’s a fun Charlie fact: He only knows Hebrew commands & words! Don’t bother telling him to ‘sit’. He’ll just look at you funny.

Who’s training whom? Charlie making Jami Gibbs look like a fool while trying out a doggie agility course.

Charlie looking amusedly at Jami Gibbs because she had to get on her stomach to take this photo.


That’s it for this week – and that’s the end to our dogs. Next week, you’ll meet the cats of Envato!

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