Pets of Envato Part 1: Dogs

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Pets can be great companions, cute and cuddly, or balls of energy. They can be naughty, and they can cause tears. They bring joy into our lives, and sometimes sorrow. The Envato team are mad about their pets.

Some have cats, some have dogs. There is the odd bird and fish. And some of the team have full-on menageries. In fact, there are so many pets that they won’t all fit in one post. This article has become a series!

So, what’s more popular – cats or dogs? In the Envato team it’s dogs by a mile. In fact, all the dogs won’t fit in one post – you’ll meet the rest of our dogs next week. After that we’ll bring you the cats, and finally the more exotic pets and menageries.

If you’re part of the team and haven’t had the chance to send me your pet, it’s not too late. Email me the details, and if you like some photos. If necessary I’ll add a fifth week to the series.

So, starting with half the dogs, here are the pets of Team Envato, as described by their owners. We’ll start with Ryan because he suggested the series. Great idea Ryan – and Ibby.

Ryan, Developer

Heidi is an 8 year old mongrel (Alsatian, Blue Cattle, Staffy and Pincer). She is a good dog. Good dog Heidi. She mostly does what you tell her and her favourite game is fetch. She knew how to fetch, bring and drop before she knew how to sit!

Jessica, Reviewer

This is Lando. He’s almost two, and more than anything he likes to hang out at the park and go swimming. He’s sometimes naughty but always redeems himself in the end.

Kevin, Editor iPhone.Appstorm

I currently have two dogs in the Whipps household. The oldest is Freckles, a lemon beagle which means that she’s mostly white with little reddish patches. She’s 7 or so now, and is quite fat. No seriously, she’s a very fat dog. We bought a new dog door recently, and she has to squeeze through it to fit. It’s a little funny.

The second dog is Scrappy, a black and white dachshund with dappling across his chest. He’s about 5 now, and although he is very cute and cuddly, he also likes to bark at anything that makes a noise. Both of the irises in his eyes are screwed up (a natural birth defect), so he has some issues seeing things we imagine. Still, we love him.

Ian, Editor Webdesigntuts+

Daisy is just shy of three. She was hit by, and dragged along underneath a car last year (one of the least pleasant things I’ve ever witnessed), losing her right eye in the process. She survived though, and still runs with me on bike rides until I’m knackered. Funnily enough though, she sticks to the left side of my bike these days.

Sid, Windows.AppStorm

Pets are awesome! I have three pups — grown dogs maybe. Their names are Fluffy [4], Goofy [3] and Boo [1]. They’re furry little hooligans and work hard at preventing me from getting work done.

Cameron, Phototuts+

Jack (Poodle, 4 years old) – Jack doesn’t like anyone to touch each other or for people to leave rooms, but he loves people and will attempt to lick off your face.

Eva (Chihuahua, 1 year old) – Eva sounds like a duck. Her barks is so small and grunty, it sounds like a quack. He is also addicted to lick, but does not limit her taste to faces. She will lick anything
(couches, the floor, your shoe) for hours. As you can tell from the photo, she is also a watch dog.

Adam, Editor Aetuts+

Our Dog is named Colden and he is 2 years old. He’s a Shiba Inu and we are crazy about him!

I once went camping with Colden and he ended up chasing after something while on top of a mountain and didn’t come back… my friends and I stayed up most of the night calling him, but with no luck. My wife was on a girls trip that weekend so I had to find him before she got back… this mountain was an hour from where I live. For 3 days, I drove back each day asking anybody I passed if they had seen him and no luck. I finally had to tell K and she was wrecked…

When she got home I went up with her one more time just so she could have a chance to at least try herself even though I was done with it… It was a tough night with lots of crying and praying. We stayed the night on top of the mountain hoping he’d see our fire… I didn’t have much hope.

The next day as we were hiking back to the trail head to go back home defeated. We looked over and Colden was sitting under our truck… over 4 days later and 2 miles from where I had last seen him. It was like something out of a movie! He ran and jumped into our arms as we were both in tears. He found us!

It was a really key moment for our marriage as Katie kept the right attitude and didn’t get angry or blame me for what happened, and I tried to keep the right attitude by not keeping her from searching herself even though I was positive he wasn’t up there anymore. When I see him at the foot of our bed each night I just remember that God is good. :)

Enjoy this post? There’s plenty more where that came from. Next week you’ll meet the rest of the Envato dogs.

  • Jami Gibbs

    I love a good dog story! So very cool to see the pooches and to read your story, Adam. They sure do carve out a big part of our hearts, huh?

  • Eddy Ferreira

    Awesome post, amazing dogs guys… =’)

  • cudazi

    Great idea for a post and nice photos! There’s a golden retriever camped out on the couch next to me. :)

  • Chris

    Those are some awesome dogs and some great photos of them!

    Aw, I miss having a dog, they’re so much fun :)

  • Ibby

    omg! nice pets! Colden is an awesome living statue! lol

  • carmenangerer

    Reading these Pet stories made me so happy! Adam your story reminds me of Milo and Otis, such an incredible journey. I wonder what he got up to on his adventure?

  • Ryan Allen

    Oh my! I only just saw this post. HOW GOOD IS IT! And Heidi is up the top! She’s a good dog!

    • Adrian Try

      Heidi made that post as good as it is. Thanks for getting the ball rolling, Ryan. Don’t miss Part 2 and Part 3. Parts 4 (and maybe 5) still to come. :)