• http://bit.ly/pi1xC5 Jacob Boodrie

    I love the black computer with 5 apple stickers over it! Guessing its not a mac.

  • http://mushindesign.co.uk Martin

    I like the giant ‘site under maintenance’ robot in the background 😀

    • Travis King

      If one does not work well for the server robot, one will be consumed by the server robot.

      All hail the server robot!

  • http://christophedebruel.be Christophe Debruel

    awesome office 😀

  • Daquan Wright

    Those monitors sure are big! :)

  • http://envato.com Ryan Allen

    It is a Mac Jacob, it’s an external screen. We’re running at least 90% Mac’s in the office :) Maybe soon we’ll use Mac Mini’s and dual-boot them into Windows for those who need it, and then we’ll be up to 100%!

  • http://www.kashifdesign.com Shahzad

    Nice office and nice work i like it