Meet the Staff: The ActiveDen Team

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Getting punched in the face, master swordsmanship, deafening hamsters, and climbing 12,000-foot mountain ranges. Meet the ActiveDen team.

Lance Snider

Growth Team Manager

Marketplace Profile: LanceSnider
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Should the opportunity to play Mario Kart with Lance ever arise, please decline. It’s his favorite game, but he’s just awful at it. Beating him will only make him cry. In addition to being a bad gamer, Lance is also a mediocre mixed martial arts fighter. Though his favorite move is the triangle choke, his most common move is probably the get punched in the face,  a move made famous by Glass Joe. Lance has several years of Flash development under his belt, having done freelance work for clients such as Right Guard, Aquafresh, and Zicam. Though Flash is his first love, Unity 3d is his current crush. But let’s be honest – the most important thing, and really the only thing, you need to know about Lance is that he won Envato’s first and only mustache growing contest. Booyah.

Marco Secchi

Flash and Flash Builder Reviewer

Marketplace Profile: Loziosecchi
Location: Italy

You might be asking yourself, “What’s with the sweet getup Marco’s rockin’ in the adjacent photo?” No, he doesn’t usually stroll the streets of Italy wearing big, leather gloves. He only wears those when he’s also packin’ a big, steel blade. That’s right, Marco is a master swordsman. That’s why I rarely complain when he rejects my files. That and the fact that he’s 6′5″ (1.98 meters). Marco’s skills don’t end at being able to chop people in half with a mere flick of the wrist. He’s also a brilliant Flash developer. Any time there’s a technical question that goes way above everyone else’s heads, Marco is the man to call.

Rimmon Trieu

Flash Reviewer

Marketplace Profile: RimV
Location: Vietnam

If from the depths of Ho Chi Minh City you hear the gut-wrenching sound of hard rock, fear not –  it’s just Rimmon chopping down crazy metallic licks or inventing hyperbolic, third-dimensional tunes on his ax… which his neighbors don’t appreciate. So what could possibly soothe the soul of such a nasty rock beast? Hamsters. You heard me right – Hamsters. Rimmon’s pets, zippers and lil’ darlin’, bring a peace and joy to his life that no guitar could. When he’s not playing with rodents, he’s coding. Rimmon started his programming career with a degree in computer engineering, but you can’t limit a guy like that to just 2 dimensions. Flash was where he was able to showcase his skills and truly rock the third dimension. We salute you. 3d guy.

Adrien Gardiner

Updates Reviewer

Marketplace Profile: ADG3studios
Location: Montreal, Canada

Adrien is my very favorite polyglot. If you can think of a language, he can probably speak it – probably even better than most native speakers. He comes from a far away, ice-covered, and magical land called Canada. If you’ve ever updated a file before, you did it through Adrien. He’s like the lone ranger of ActiveDen’s update queue. Actually, he’s probably more like the black knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail of the updates queue, but I digress. Adrien is fast, reliable, and has the best hair on the team.

Steve Thorpe

Flash and Flash Builder Reviewer

Marketplace Profile: TheFlyingTinman
Location: Depends on the day, but usually California, South Africa, or England

Though he’s a UK native, Steve started his working life as the electrical maintenance guy for Farmer Brown’s Chickens, in the Western Cape, until deciding there must be a way to earn a crust that didn’t involve being ankle-deep in chicken poo. His next eleven years were spent getting his BSc. in computer science, and programming simulators for the South African military. Now Southern California is the place he calls home.  Steve’s idea of fun might be more akin to what the average person would only do if he crash landed in some remote mountain and needed to hike out, Bear Grylls style, to survive. His longest hike was 75 miles, 8 days long, and included not one, but two 12,000 ft mountain ranges. I’d only do that if my only alternative was gnawing my own arm off. His longest paragliding flight was 53 miles in the Canadian rockies and the highest was 3000 meters over Girwood, Alaska.  He also kitesurfs and kayaks. Don’t worry, like most code monkeys Steve also enjoys the nerdier activities, such as classical guitar, watercolor painting, unicycle riding, juggling, writing, and, of course, magic. Despite all his activities, he still manages to spend most of his waking hours on ActiveDen.

Jeff Murray

Unity Reviewer

Marketplace Profile: psychicparrot
Location: Ottawa, Canada

Steve isn’t our only ex-pat from the UK. Jeff started his life in New Brighton, but was later lured to Canada with legends of good weather and funny hats. He tries to blend in, but the morning tea and biscuits are a dead giveaway. His lifelong dream was to be a delivery driver, but that all came crashing down when he was fired after just .4 days on the job. A brick wall jumped in from of him and he crashed the company van.  Thankfully, the wall got away with only minor injuries. His notoriously poor driving could explain this game that he helped build. Jeff tries to fight his nerd roots by running in the morning and being generally athletic, but he’s not fooling anyone. Just look at the list of games he’s worked on. If you only get one thing from reading this profile, it should be that Jeff loves Sandra Bullock… and is a 3-legged race champ… and “misses a good pint of room temperature bitter from England (whatever that is).” The end.

Matt Stuttard

Forum Moderator

Marketplace Profile: MSFX
Location: UK

Many of you know Matt by the I <3 Envato competition entry that made him famous (or infamous as the case may be). Basically, users were asked to print out the Envato logo and take a picture of themselves holding it in different locations. I’d post his image, but due to its graphic nature I think it’s best left unlinked to. Matt used to be in the circus… seriously. And no, he wasn’t a clown (technically). He’d juggle just about anything (whether on fire or not), unicycle, diablo, and in his own words he “used to be lush on a pogo stick!” Oh yeah, he also used to be the house close-up card magician (we prefer the term illusionist, Michael) at the UK’s largest casino. Matt’s other superpower is his ability to eat anything without putting on weight. No, it’s not as cool as teleportation, but a superpower none the less. When he’s not wowing the crowd, he’s Flashing, going to FOTB, or teaching Unity 3d at Aston University where he graduated with first-class honors. I’d show you his portfolio, but due to non-disclosure agreements… you know how it is. Finally, it’s important to mention that he promptly jumped out of a plane after getting engaged. Not a good sign. Three cheers for Matt.

  • MSFX

    lol we’re a lush bunch =D

    • marco secchi

      indeed 😀

    • Joost

      Never knew you were a magician :O You keep on astounding!

  • flashedge

    I had the pleasure to interact with nearly all these nice guys. It’s really an awesome staff. 😀

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