Meet the Staff: The Marketplace Dev Team

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

For the next instalment in our “what the hell does the dev team do series” we thought we’d actually tell you who the dev team is. We decided to do things a little differently for our meet the team post, and we all pulled names out of a hat to find out who’s profile we were writing. So here you go, the guys who put in the hard yards to create the marketplaces you all know and love.

Marketplace Dev Team


Erin Francis is a state cycling champion and a damn fine coder. He’s got a firm handshake, a magnificent haircut, a Flying V ukulele and a set of pearly-whites that’ve make senile men cry with joy. He moved to Envato two years ago, and we just wouldn’t be the same company without him. He’s an all-rounder who can pull off any fashion accessory. Transition lenses effortlessly show us both sides of his personality, as do his school shoes-with-casual-shorts combination. Yes, school’s definitely out for our gold-standard search expert.

Erin enjoys collecting bikes, playing video games and finding a cheaper way to do everything. On his off-hours, he picks up the slack wherever he can, be it staying back late to finish a redesign, organising the office networks, or even organising affordable food for the hungry Envato staff.

In fact, organising is Erin’s favourite thing. It’s part of everything he does. He organises our extremely profitable inter-office milk bar. He organises the strictly-not-for-profit sandwich club. He organises free beer on fridays. He organises rotas. He organises work-wheels. He organises my poker chips even though he’s not supposed to touch them. He gets his red blood cells to line up in a big row throughout his circulatory system each night before he goes to sleep, where he organises his many thoughts into clear, perfectly formed epiphanies.

Erin’s an environmentalist, a communist and an Australian icon – a Dame Edna for our times. If anyone thinks different, they can call him on 1800 CORRECT ERIN and tell him what they think of him. I’m not stopping you.
Written By James


James tries to have people believe he is an Irishman, but we all know that in actual fact he is a walking/talking restaurant guide. James is able to recommend an establishment to befit any kind of perceivable hunger requirements. In fact, James’s legend dates back to the time of Jesus and The Last Supper. Who do you think it was that found Jesus and his twelve disciples that place to dine for that infamous last supper of suppers?

When not pestering random strangers in the street to try a new restaurant he found the night before, James enjoys a wide range of hobbies. His favourites include walking into things (any kind of object, he doesn’t discriminate), destroying private property and being asked by men dressed in black to “leave now”. These hobbies are collectively known as “going to the pub”.

But those aren’t the sole reasons that make James such a valued member of the Envato development team – not by any stretch. James is our very own Ronny O’Sullivan and the current Envato Pool Competition 2010 champion! The Eden Cup always sits proudly on his desk… actually, that’s a lie – it’s currently to one side gathering dust and appears to have been converted into some kind of holder for a fake plastic flower necklace.

What else? He likes cigars. He’s terrible at office cricket. He likes playing games that were popular centuries ago (what the hell is Mancala!?). And… his desk is the messiest in the office.
Written By Ian


Pete Yandell is the most productive wolf in our wolf pack….. of lone wolves. He achieves this while being the only developer who doesn’t drink gallons of coffee, single handedly disproving the idea that wolves need caffeine to produce good code. You can however find him stalking around the office thinking about how to claim his next piece of code, freaking out the rest of the staff in the process.

Pete has started-up more companies than you’ve hot dinners. This isn’t surprising as his hero is Clay Shirky, the man who shows us how its done by writing insightful books about the internet. While Pete isn’t in his wolf den reading a Shirky book or starting a new company whilst on his toilet break you will find him figuring out how to make his appearance even more strikingly similar to the man himself.

On Pete’s time off from developing Skynet you can find him down at the beach voluntarily picking up birds (more specifically penguins) and chasing off fisherman. He is also an international race car driver. Pete races his Subaru down at some of the tracks that Melbourne has to offer but that doesn’t stop him from riding one of his bikes to work most days provided that he doesn’t have to ride over any tram tracks which might catch his tyre and make him fall….again.
Written By Stuart


Lucas, as far as anyone can tell, does exactly three things – coding, brewing beer, and scuba diving. By a strange coincidence, all three produce the same amount of zen-like calm, thorough confusion and overwhelming nausea, albeit in a different order. He joined the team shortly before Movember last year and quickly established himself as the finest moustache-grower any of us had ever met. And despite looking like a cross between Angry Anderson and Merv Hughes (no mean feat) picked up and ran with the codebase like a pro.

He has a deep, gravelly, yet versatile voice, capable of running the gamut from ‘unsettling’ to ‘disturbing’. Combined with a general harmlessness we all believe to be fake, the phrase ‘Creepy Lucas’ has entered the Envato vernacular. This appears not to phase him whatsoever, which is both a credit to his professionalism and a reinforcement of his creepiness.

Outside of work, Lucas enjoys attending large ‘Psy Trance’ music festivals, something nobody else in the office has experienced. So we assume it involves glo-sticks, mud, indiscriminate physical contact, lasers and, most likely, ritualistic human or animal sacrifices. Thankfully, Lucas so far has not been sacrificed to the God of Low Frequencies, which is a good thing, because his contributions to the Marketplace would be sorely missed.
Written By Glen


John is the benevolent overlord of the Dev Team here at Envato. He sits hidden behind two giant screens so that nobody can see him playing Farmville on Facebook all day.

His favorite food is Hungry Jacks (or Burger King for the rest of the world) because all the staff there know him by name. He once when on a binge where he ate nothign but HJs for a week.

John single-handedly keeps Book Depository (and the British postal system) in business. Pretty much every day he gets another package from them, often more than 1. The postman will actually comment if there’s nothing for John on a particular day.

One might think that someone buying _that_ many books must just be doing it for show. We were all suspect that no mear human could read so fast, but Ryan set up some spy cameras and we found out that he really does read like Johnny 5 from the movie ‘Short Circuit’.

John likes bikes. His current commuter that he comes into work on is a pink fixie with streamers coming out of the handle bars. He also likes dressing in lycra, and regularly goes along to mountain bike races so he has an excuse to wear his lycra bodysuit.

There’s nothing John likes more than a good rant. If he has to pick between solving a problem, or ranting about a problem, he’ll go with the rant every time. Whether it be why veganism is the only ethical choice, or why we should rewrite the marketplace as a plugin, John is always up for a rant.
Written By Lucas


Ian is the token British lad of the team. (What, you don’t have one at your workplace? Get with the program!) His life centers around beer, girls, music with repetitive basslines, questionable jokes, and making sure everyone can see what brand of underwear he’s wearing. His desktop picture is a giant beer glass, to allay his fears that he may go a whole workday without thinking about beer, which would probably cause the collapse of the universe.

Ian also enjoys swallowing unappetising brown sludge, which he creates by mixing with water the powder found in the ludicrously large jars that take up most of his desk. He claims these are “supplements”, but we know the truth…

While the ‘roids haven’t made him any less of a string bean, he does seem to write code very quickly. So quickly that few of us can keep up with him. So quickly, in fact, that we suspect he can’t always keep up with himself. (This suspicion is confirmed by watching his occasional confusion when we ask him to explain what he’s written.) It might not always be pretty, but if your code absolutely, positively has to be there overnight, Ian is your guy.
Written By Pete


Glen is our in office server man. When a load balancer unbalances or a server throws a hissy fit, it is his name that rings through the office. Mainly because he wrote all the scripts we use to interact with our hardware and no-one else can understand them. This may be related to the fact that he names them after dolls and keeps them in a dollhouse.

His server-fu is reinforced by his large black unix beard, which seems to be whispering ‘trust me with your hardware.’ Or maybe it’s actually Glen trying subliminal messaging again. It’s hard to tell.

When he downs dolls at the end of the day, he returns to his residence in hipsterville most likely to chow down on some of our national emblem. We’d make jokes about this, but he can’t hear us through his wood and gold and very definitely sealed headphones. I suspect this headphones are like rose-tinted glasses for Glen, filtering out all the scary bits of the world and letting him focus on creating a new super cool server script – sorry, doll.
Written By Erin


Stu is our front end developer; which is just like being a back end developer, except he has to write html, css, and javascript, we don’t let him touch any of the servers. He’s barely allowed to touch even his own development environment since the great bundler, rvm, and phusion passenger debacle of 2010. That being said, his frontend work is without peer, and it would be unfair to dwell on his ruby mishaps when his frontend capabilities are so good.

He is by far the strongest contributor to “flannel fridays” (a long standing envato dev team tradition). His devotion to the cause is so great that frequently he doesn’t even bother waiting for friday to don his favourite fabric. Despite his questionable apparel choices he’s the closest thing this team has to a ladies man. We don’t know the full extent of his out-of-hours activities, but we have seen photos on facebook of him in the company of attractive members of the opposite sex.

Additional facts: Stuart looks just like Mr. Sheffield from the Nanny, he spells boundary “boundry”, he’s an Aries, and he’s the only dev team member to have brought his mum along with him to after work drinks at the pub.
Written By John

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