Jeffrey Wins a Bet

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Many of you might remember the lowest point in my life. A month ago, after a miserable three-game Scrabble defeat, Allie (my wife in training), forced me to eat a giant spoonful of Vegemite, and then announce it on our company Yammer feed. Somehow, from that point, it ended up on the blog you’re reading now…further sealing my humiliation and defeat.

But all things change, and revenge is a dish best served cold. After an inspiring five-game winning streak on my part, this time, Allie, per the terms of our bet, had to stand in our central Chattanooga park, and perform a corny punching motion for five minutes straight — all while being watched, particularly by a group of nineteen year old boys, who struggled to contain their laughter.

P.S. Apologies for the audio quality; it was very windy.

  • Kezza

    Ha ha this is brilliant. Good choice of music too

  • Laneth Sffarlenn

    HA! That’s what happens when you make a guy eat a WHOLE SPOON OF VEGEMITE! 😀

    Seriously, my sympathies lie with the both of you now – nice one for getting her back Jeffrey!

  • Rich Bellamy

    Oh man. Although I never tried vegemite, you so raised the bar. You had better stop betting on things or the next time you lose there will be hell to pay! lol :)

  • Daniel Golden

    Haahahahah, I can’t wait to get married.

  • Adrian Try

    Congratulations, Jeffrey. I love the Star Trek t-shirt, but was really hoping to see Allie eat something disgusting! 😉

    • Jeffrey Way

      I usually prefer embarrassment over eating. :)

  • Chris Robinson

    love how ya were so strict on the pose and punching form lol

    • Jeffrey Way

      Ya gotta have rules. A few times, she tried to stop the 20% leg bending. Wasn’t going to have that.

  • Skellie

    *Wiping away tears of laughter*

  • Drew

    hahaha, poor Allie. Jeffrey, remind me to never get on your bad side 😉

  • Bruno

    Jeffrey, you are too, too generous : this was NOTHING compared to Vegemite.
    Tell to your wife-in-training Allie that she’s lucky… If I were you… Ohhhh….. :)

    • Jeffrey Way

      I dunno – 5 minutes of embarrassment, while teenage boys stared and laughed at her? I think it was worth it. :)

  • Jordan McNamara

    Hahaha! Amazing!

  • Justin Stravarius

    ROFL :) Something tells me you are so getting it back from Allie!

  • Brad

    This saga looks to be epic.
    I have a feeling Jeffrey opened the wrong bottle of vegemite…

  • Kevin Rajaram

    LMAO!! this was hilarious. Nice revenge Jeff :p

  • Patrik Larsson

    Hahahahaha!! This made my entire day!! 😀

  • Kate

    This is so cruel! Allie, if you see this – I’m totally on your side!!!

    • Jeffrey Way

      You’re such a traitor, Kate.

    • Kate

      The web industry is filled with guys – us girls have to stick together!!! <3

      Plus, Vegemite isn't that bad, Jeffrey. You just ate it wrong 😉

    • Jeffrey Way

      Of course I ate it wrong. That was the punishment.

    • Kate

      Pfft – you’re missing out anyway, Vegemite is the food of kings 😉

      So when is the next amusing video?

  • Conner

    Your wife is hot.

  • Steve Robillard

    Love the choice of music. I still think the Vegemite is worse I bet you can close your eyes and still taste and smell it.

  • Reaper-Media

    OMG! Epic! 😀 Jeffrey, you are a Genius 😀

    This has made my day…

  • Michael

    Gotta admit… nice revenge there! But, I doubt I could even punch the air like that for five minutes straight. I bet her arms were pretty tired by the end. :-)

  • tigerlabs

    Sooo funny.. I like the Rocky Balboa music in the end. lol

  • DDStudios

    Hahaha that’s awesome. I would have made her wear a karate uniform though :)

    • Parallelus

      Ok, that was excellent all by itself, but a karate uniform while playing “You’re the best around” from The Karate Kid… that would be legendary!

      Next time instead of adding the music during editing, bring a boom box!

    • Jeffrey Way

      @Andy – That’s so funny, because Allie and I joked about bringing a boom box for the next punishment.

      And “You’re the Best Around” is the best song ever. It used to pump me up as a kid, when I’d run around punching pillows in the house.

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  • David Garbacz

    Allie looked like she was going to cry in the beginning of that!

    A little betting never hurt anyone though. I’d rather be embarrassed like that than gag on Vegemite. I think she got the better end of this.

  • Randy

    Although I agree that is absolutely amazing for some people, I don’t see it as enough. I head out to the beach once a week and do that for about 3 minutes before i start my beach jog. I got a few others to join me sometimes. Good exercise.

  • Nenad

    What is Vegamite ? I am from Europe and I don’t know what it is. At least I don’t know what English word “Vegamite” means. Can someone explain it to me please ? And by the way, Jeffrey your revenge idea was amazing, very creative !

    • Adrian Try

      Hi Nenad. It’s a black, very strong tasting yeast extract that Aussies like to put on their toast (usually spread very thinly). Well, most Aussies – not me. It’s similar to Marmite or Promite, though I’m not sure you’ve heard of those either.