Jeffrey Way Loses A Bet

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

It seems like there was some very effective plotting done in Chicago. Jeffrey Way recently lost a game of Scrabble, and is punished by his lovely fiancΓ© Allie.

  • Steve Robillard


    I feel your pain. I had a similar experience with Vegemite while staying with an Aussie family near Montreal. The stuff smells awful and tastes worse.

  • Chris Robinson

    lol, is it really that bad? I’m tempted to order some off Amazon

    • Aaron

      Vegemite is the most amazing toast spread known to man, you just have to do it right. I’ve been eating it for as long a I can remember and I cant believe how much JW tried to eat, that looks like enough for 1 – 1.5 slices of toast*.

      *Toast must also be adequately buttered.

    • Kate

      I haven’t watched the video yet (at work) but if it is what I think it is (Jeffrey eating Vegemite on something), then SUCK IT UP!!! πŸ˜€

      Vegemite is sooooo delicious.

      But – I will admit. It is an acquired taste. I did grow up eating it…

    • Jeffrey Way

      I love the fact that we’re displaying ads in front of this video. Good job profiting off of Allie’s torture tactics. :)

  • Drew

    This video absolutely made my day today Jeff. Nice work Allie and thanks for being an awesome sport sir Jeffrey!

  • Joel Falconer

    When I saw Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods wander around Sydney Harbor offering crackers with an inch of Vegemite sitting on top to tourists I realized why Americans hate the stuff. The appropriate way to consume Vegemite is to butter your toast as normal and then evenly spread a tiny amount of Vegemite over the whole piece. Something like one cubic centimeter or less per piece of bread.

    It’s sort of like salt… a shake makes your food tastier, but any large amount in one hit will make you throw up!

    • Jeffrey Way

      Okay, this makes way more sense now. I was comparing Vegemite to something like peanut butter. Relating it to salt makes perfect sense now.

  • Jeffrey Way

    Maybe I’m crazy; but even touching my tongue to this stuff made me want to vomit.

    • Laneth Sffarlenn

      Dude, I feel your pain.

      I am not going to win any Brownie Points by saying this, but I’m an Aussie and cannot stand Vegemite.

      Give me Marmite or Promite anyday.

      Seriously though, Aaron (above) is right – that was WAY too much.

      Bet or not, I’d’ve told you to put it on toast at least…(even then it’s chunderful…)

  • Skellie

    Thin layer Jeffrey, thin layer! πŸ˜€ However, you are a brave man! I doubt even die-hard Vegemite fans would attempt that!

  • Steven Crowe

    Vegemite is awesome!!! the problem is you need grow up with it, if I had it for the first time now I react the same way. You may think this is gross mix a teaspoon of vegemite in with your mash potato its really nice!

  • David Garbacz

    Thanks Allie for making this video and Jeffrey, hope it wasn’t *that* bad. You choked pretty hard there in those last couple seconds but at least you didn’t back down on your bet!

    Definitely was a great way to end the evening.

  • Yoosuf

    childish girl, its very nice to have such lovely girl

  • LoungeKat

    No way – That’s a horrible amount! Vegemite is the best hangover cure known to (Australian) Man! Get a Salada and cover it in a thick layer of butter, then spread a tiny amount of Vegemite over the top. If you can’t bring yourself to eat it as a spread you can also add some to Bolognese Sauce as a stock/salt substitute.

  • John

    Nice work!

    However… In the Immortal words of mark “chopper” Reid: harden the f&$k up

    • Jeffrey Way
  • Jeffrey Way

    <shows fist>

  • zack

    Dude, why are you such a baby. Maybe it’s just cause you weren’t brought up on Vegemite. And you shouldn’t have eaten it straight like that if you hate it. Spread it on some toast or something. I happen to think it’s delicious. Or the South African equivalent which is Marmite. With some sliced cucumber, really tasty. But more importantly, how did you score such a cute chick….

    • Jeffrey Way

      Zack – I lost a bet. That’s why I ate a whole spoon of it.

  • Jarel Remick

    I love this video. When I’m having a bad day this is what I’ll watch to have a laugh. You rock Jeffrey! πŸ˜›

    I am tempted to try some, though only as described here in the comments.

    • Jeffrey Way

      Probably more enjoyable to stab yourself in the eye…

  • Ryan

    Allie: 1 Jeffrey: -1


  • Adeline

    Seriously weak Jeffrey :) I eat it for lunch but of course, not like the way you’ve attempted to eat it. Just spread it thinly on toast, bread, crackers.. anything really! :)

  • Parallelus

    Nice! Allie, you’re clearly the boss, “NOW! Do it now before my camera dies.” That was great.

    By the way, it was great meeting both of you in Chicago. And Allie, thanks for telling me the engagement story. I didn’t know Jeffrey was such a romantic. Such an elaborate string of events leading up to a proposal. When I got home I told the story to my wife and she loved the part about you crying in Victoria’s Secret.

    • Jeffrey Way

      Thanks for advertising that to the community, Andy.

    • Jeffrey Way

      Andy – how do you know that engagement story?

    • Jeremy

      Well now I’m curious. Any story with the phrase “Victoria’s Secret” is worth sharing.

    • Webinator

      As a server in a Manhattan restaurant, I once waited on Wallace Shawn. Seeing this dialog between Andy (the template master extraordinaire) and Jeffrey (The sage on tutorial mount) is way cooler than that. I used to be normal, but then i discovered Envato.

  • Ryan Allen

    I love Vegemite! I totally eat it like that all the time! Except on crackers. I use heaps.

  • Naysan Naraqi

    That’s hilarious Jeffrey!
    The first time i had Vegemite, I was 9 yrs old in a hotel, and i thought it was a chocolate spread, so I spread it onto toast nice and thick… I almost barfed! I thought the chocolate had gone off and I complained to the waiter… but he just smiled and sang “do you come from the land down under…?”.
    I’ve really grown to like it now, we don’t have that many savoury tasting spreads for breakfast in the US.

  • RiaanP

    Chopper would be disappointed, mate! :)

  • flashmac

    And you thought Vim might be hard to stomach!

    Lesson learnt. Excellent Tut JW!

  • LGLab

    Don’t worry Jeffrey you’re not alone, no matter how much you put on the toast, it just stinks πŸ˜€

  • Matthias

    HAhahaha congratulations Jeffrey! Thats a stunt that would even make Steve-O proud! :)

  • Yanin Elbi

    You just gotta love Allie’s smile on the last frame!!!

  • David Ferguson

    J, I can’t believe you went out that way man. Bad enough that you lost the game and had to eat it, but can’t believe you agreed to let her record it and put it up here haha

  • Anthony Cook

    is this stuff just Marmite?

  • Purple

    Jeff, I have never had Vegemite but you should be glad they didn’t make you eat durian :)

  • Pixelcloth

    i knew you could do it :D.

    But what is that stuff :S ?

    • Ryan

      Its concentrated yeast extract πŸ˜› some people say it sort of tastes a bit like beer.

      Its really salty and its pretty mcuh the greated sandwhich spread of all time πŸ˜€

    • Pixelcloth

      Damn Jeffry, you got guts 😐

  • WizyLabs

    That made my day πŸ˜€

  • Jordan McNamara

    Omg lol.

  • Stuart Shields

    Haha, if you grow up with Vegemite it’s not that bad. It’s good for you when your sick too. Being Australian I guess it’s second nature and I’m used to it.

    A very bad spin off of Vegemite is Promite, I’d dare Jeffrey to either that… If he does I’ll eat something from America that’s bad! haha.

  • tigerlabs

    Funniest thing I’ve seen in a long, long time. LOL

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  • Dougieladd

    Hang on a sec… :) You did actually leave the room… there’s no proof you actually swallowed it… I vote you do it again… fully on camera :)