Farewell Envato – I Will Miss You!

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Hey everyone! Jordan, Envato’s Community Manager here! I hope you’ll all be so kind as to indulge me for a moment as I have a personal announcement I’d like to make, which is important to me as I’d like to let the entire Envato family know (community and staff) just how much you all have come to mean to me over the past three and a half years.

As some of you may or may not be aware, this is my final week at Envato. I have recently accepted an opportunity to join the team at Tourism Australia to help them out with work they’re doing on various social media platforms along with some other exciting stuff with the aim of helping promote Australia as a tourist destination of choice around the world. Making the decision to leave Envato has been one of the hardest choices I’ve had to make in my professional life, and has not been a step I’ve taken lightly – but I’m confident in the ability of the community team and in the culture that we’ve built at Envato to know that our unique community of people from all cultures and walks of life will be looked after and nurtured moving forwards.

I’ve had the pleasure to interact with and meet a huge range of people at Envato and in the community during my three and a half years working with the company, and I have truly enjoyed every moment of it. I’ve learned more in my time here than I ever could have expected or hoped to, and am so grateful for the insights I’ve gained into the industries we’re involved in – and as a part of that, the insights I’ve gained from getting to know all of those people who are involved with our community. I truly believe that the people with whom I deal with on a daily basis as part of my role as Community Manager are some of the smartest and most creative individuals I have and will ever meet in my life – and I’m not just talking about my co-workers, I’m referring to the people who have really made Envato the company it is today – and those people are you: the wider community who give purpose to everything we do at Envato…

I will truly miss you all.

Our lovely Community Officers, Travis King, Carmen Angerer and Drew Douglass will be covering the work I usually do over the next few months and will be your point of contact (as they have been for quite some time) for community related issues.

I will be keeping a close eye on the Envato community over the coming years, and will be remaining on as part of the team as a community moderator during my spare time, so this isn’t goodbye forever!

To everyone at Envato and in the community, thank you for making my time here the best years of my life. I will be forever grateful! You can keep in touch with me on Twitter if you’re keen. Adios – for now!

Jords out!! :)

  • http://www.phartzone.com Esphan

    Will miss you too JM… Keep it real

  • http://codecanyon.net/user/dtbaker dtbaker


  • D’zinc

    You will be missed, but not forgotten. As once said to a colleague of yours at Envato:

    “The transparent and positive impact you’ve made will linger on for many years to come, serving as a solid and profound pillar, not only for your successors, but for every author and member of this community”

    Thank you for everything Jordan.

  • http://whoisjohnbarton.com John Barton

    Good luck jords!

    I’ve written one of those posts too :) I know they’re tough to write.

  • http://graphicriver.net/user/redworx?ref=redworx redWORX :: Creative Media

    All the best, Jordan! Good luck :)

  • http://activeden.net/user/loziosecchi/profile marco secchi

    Hey Jordan,
    farewell and good luck with your new project!

  • http://laranz.in Lawrence77

    All the best for the future dude, and Envato will miss you for sure..

    PS: I always wonder why all of your photos of yours are mouth opened?? 😀

  • http://ad-intermedia.de Alexander Dohr

    Good Luck and All the best!! You did a great job here at envato… :)

  • http://envato.com Adrian Try

    Jordan! You were the first person I sat next to when I visited the Melbourne office the first time way back in 2009. You were doing support back then.

    Now for the last year or so you’ve been my boss in your role of head community guy. I’ve enjoyed working with you, and our monthly chats. Now I’ll have to chat to someone else.

    I’m sure you’ll have a ball in your new job, and hopefully you won’t forget us too soon. Will you be able to get us cheap airfare?

    All the best, mate!

  • http://webdesign.tutsplus.com Ian Yates

    All the best Jordan – go forth safe in the knowledge that you have left your mark :)

  • http://michaeljameswilliams.com/ MichaelJW

    So long, Jordan! It’s been great working with you. All the best for the future :)

  • http://simplypixels.net Patrik Larsson

    You will be missed, Jordan! I’ve enjoyed talking and working with you the last 3 years. I very recently passed my third year as a Reviewer and my first year as a community moderator and you’ve been around since I started.

    Your successor will have some very large shoes to fill!

    All the best at Tourism Australia and I’m positive you will transform the whole tourism industry :)

  • Amanda Hackwith

    We’ll miss you, Jordan! It’s been fantastic to get to work with you over the last couple years. May you have all the good adventures you care to in your new gig. :)

  • Ivor

    You will be missed Jords. Good luck in Tourism Australia.

  • CodingJack

    Thanks for all your hard work Jordan! The community will miss you! Wishing you the best of luck with your new job :)

  • http://themolitor.com/shop THE MOLITOR

    Who are you, again? I kid, I kid. You’ll be missed Jordan! Great speech, but I’m still boycotting all US travels to Australia as a result of your departure, soooooo.

  • http://themolitor.com/shop THE MOLITOR

    For to mention that I will ALWAYS have you saying “we’re in a DROUGHT” burned into my skull from this lovely little animation: http://tinyurl.com/93l2rah

  • http://cosmincotor.com Cosmin Cotor

    Thanks for everything you’ve done for the community!

    It’s sad to see you leave :(

  • http://rgenzon.com Rg Enzon

    Good luck to your new job! You will be missed

  • Travis

    We love you Jords! And thanks so much for promising to star me in the new ABC1 production of “A Canadian Down Under – Back bacon and Beer”

  • http://samlanning.com Sam

    Hey Jordan, we’ll miss you dude! Its been awesome working with you over the past year or so! You’ve been a shining light of the envato staff and have really helped Envato to evolve! Good luck in your new career! And hopefully see you round on the forums in your free time! =)

  • http://audiojungle.net/user/ADG3studios Adrien

    Jordan! Godspeed and best success to you! I won’t soon forget our splendid karaoke nights in KL!! There is no other dancer at Envato past or present that can hold a candle to your side-splitting moves! 😀

    You held the community torch higher and brighter than any could have expected. It was an honour working with you these past few years, and I’ll look forward to seeing you on the boards for the foreseeable.

    Three cheers for Jordan, Community man extraordinaire! Tourism Australia just got really really lucky. :)

    Peace out!

  • http://www.paultrifa.com Enabled

    Ahhh! You will be missed Jords! You’re an awesome fellow! Godspeed in your endeavors, and hope you do change your mind, there are 5 days left to do so! Haha!!!

    Good luck mate!