Envato Market API Version 2 Has Just Been Released

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Good news sports-fans! We’ve decided to stabilise the current bleeding edge version of the Marketplace API and mark it as version 2. This change is effective from today. We’ve got some exciting new API changes coming up over the next month or two, but before we start working on them we wanted to make sure we lock off the API as it is now so all the cool things people have built so far don’t break.

You can find all the API documentation at The API Doc Page.

If you’re one of our current API users, please switch the “edge” in your API urls over to “v2” as soon as you can, and your apps will continue to work as they do now.

If you’ve ever wondered how the Marketplace API works, here’s a teeny tiny little snippet of code that shows how.

8 thoughts on “Envato Market API Version 2 Has Just Been Released

  1. Hello chaps and chapettes. Great work on solidifying the API, it’s going to be a really useful tool. One thing I saw mentioned on the forums was that it may be possible in the future to use the API to see if a certain person has bought one of your items – therefore allowing them access to a ‘purchasers-only’ forum, for help (for example).

    Can anyone confirm that this sort of thing may be possible in the future via the API and (I know this is a toughy) an approximate ETA on this? I’m pretty new around here but fully intend to throw my entire weight behind producing some great items for several marketplaces and this sort of functionality would be invaluable. Thanks!

  2. Its interesting but wondering I am new to it how to use?What the code is all about we have to write it in our application?

  3. All this is very good, good job! But when a notification system that allows to know in real time when one of our items have been sold?
    I developped an iPhone application and I’m looking to implement an idea without much push complicate my life and I admit it would be a little more for the API!

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