Changes to the Marketplaces: SSO

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Some changes are in motion over on the Marketplaces, and I’m here to give you a sneak peek at what’s to come! We can’t reveal all the details yet, but here’s what we can tell you.

In the next week or so we will be changing the way that sign-in, sign-up and other features related to your account works across all Envato Marketplaces, moving to a separate, centralised website. In other words, we’ve got single sign-on!

When you click the “sign in” button on the Marketplaces, you’ll be sent to the new website, with a new design that looks quite different to the existing sites. Your existing username and password will continue to work as expected, and you’ll be sent back to the right Marketplace after successfully signing in. Here’s a screenshot to give you an idea of what it’ll look like.

Why single sign-on?

Envato operates a bunch of websites and we love building new ones. Moving to a centralised website for sign-in and account management means we can offer a shared login for other Envato websites in the future. (In fact, we’ve got something new coming very soon so watch this space!) Less usernames and passwords to remember, less places to type them in.

This is also part of our continued improvement in the architecture of the Marketplaces, where we have been extracting core functionality into separate services. These services can be independently scaled, monitored, deployed and managed etc. These kinds of structural changes benefit everyone and are really important as Envato and the Marketplaces continue to grow.

While we were here…

We also took this opportunity to add some much-needed improvements, including:

  • Secure login over SSL
  • Improved cross-site sign-in—if you’re signed in to ThemeForest, you’re also signed into the other Marketplaces
  • Cross-site sign-out—if you sign-out of ThemeForest, you’re also signed out of the other Marketplaces

What to expect

Minimal downtime is expected during the upgrade, similar to our normal deployment downtime of around two minutes. Your existing username and password will continue to work, but you will need to sign-in again after the upgrade. We put a lot of effort into avoiding interruptions like this, but it’s not always possible.

On launch we’ll have another post up, as well as information on the forums and support staff and developers at the ready to field any questions you might have.

  • artnook

    Nice, great news!

  • arslan

    Thats good news. And any news abour reviewers for graphic river? Still taking 17 daya to approve single item. :(( if this continues i will stop working on GR.

  • Thank you! 🙂 That will be a huge time saver for me.

  • Great! It was kinda annoying and I was hoping to get it solved for a while.

  • MNKY

    Finally, great news! Thank you!

  • ….lol, so up until now it had been un-secure forms -_-‘

  • Roland

    Will there be changes to the public API ?

    • Kelly Dent

      Hey Roland, great question!

      I’ll follow up on this for you… it’s likely that we will be able to answer you on this closer to or at the launch.

    • Roland

      I see 🙂 Well then, I’ll use the v3 for now and if there will be any new releases I will check 🙂

  • Sounds good! 🙂

  • Chandan Kumar

    That’s a very good news! This will not only save the time of the users but also let them not memorize different passwords to the different marketplaces!

  • Great news 🙂

    You are closing tuts+ marketplace, buy you put its logo in the first place.

  • I’m wondering if this will be rolled out to integrate with, and other non-marketplace sites?

    If so, will there be some type of account merge based on email address (or something?)

  • Firsh

    Yay! Secure login over SSL, this is the most important.

  • Tracey Rickard

    Great. The sites are excellent but it has been annoying logging in and out. Makes life easier thank you 🙂

  • Julian

    Out of curiosity, how did you implement your sign-on? What technology did you use? I’m looking at developing 3 sites with a single sign-on, I’m sure you have the most elegant method.

  • I’m happy to see that SSL will be used for logins. Very important for a service that for many is their livelihood.

  • Best news I’ve heard today! Thanks Envato!

  • Great news! 🙂

  • Natalie

    Great time saver. Can you look into a new Captcha of some sort too? It is almost impossible to find one I can actually read-have to scroll through quite a bit it seems. And the voice isn’t often that helpful.

    • Tim K

      Or PLEASE get rid of the Captcha ALTOGETHER!! I really don’t understand why it is there in the first place. Same goes for timeouts … why not leave me logged in. Make the timeout an option.

      Also, the universal login is NOT working for me. 🙁

  • Any chance this will allow me to combine the 2 accounts I accidentally made (and have balances on)?

  • It’s really great news!

  • I think, it’s really good.

  • Finally!!!

  • Finally the so long waited secure login over SSL will be implemented 🙂

  • Great news. Thank you. 🙂

  • Great news 🙂

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  • Sounds good 🙂

  • Jussie

    Awesome this will make life much easier for us and Envato.

  • Tim K

    Doesn’t work. Logged in to “central” from AudioJungle, went to Videohive and still had to log in there.