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Podcast Updates

Often there’s news coming in like crazy around the Envato Network, and sometimes one podcast a month just isn’t enough to cover it all. For this reason, and because we think you guys are great, we put together our first ever Update to keep you in tune with all the latest Envato news. Join hosts Drew and Carmen for the latest Community News.

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Show notes inside!

Show Notes

Nashville Community Meetup
Come on down for our Nashville Community Meetup on Jun 27th. Staff attendees include: Lance Snider, Mark Brodhuber, Joshua Sprague and Scott Wills. Check out the Notes post for more details.

New ways to Contact the Podcast
Stay in touch with the Community Podcast team and send us your questions and feedback with our new email account podcast@envato.com and our new Twitter feed @envatopodcast.

Calling all Authors
We’re looking for Marketplace authors to interview, tweet or email us if you’re interested.

Tweet Support
Did you know you can get quick updates on your support tickets via Twitter….just tweet @Envato_Support.

Envato’s Most Wanted
Envatos most wanted is back and looking for top quality authors. There’s a $3,000 reward up for grabs for the first 20 health and beauty theme submissions.

Possible Unofficial UK Meetup
Our UK community is looking at the idea of having a UK Community Meetup. Hit the forum thread for more details as they unfold.

  • http://envato.com Adrian Try

    Fantastic. Thanks guys, I’m listening now. :)

  • D’zinc

    Great move Drew, having an office, getting out of the house is the way to go. Marriage, one advice… do not, under any circumstance, sign any papers 😉 Congrats and all the best. Cheers.