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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

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We’re happy to announce the addition of a whole new category to ThemeForest – BuddyPress!

BuddyPress is an open source social networking software package that can be installed on WordPress. It basically transforms WordPress into a full on social networking system. It’s an amazingly handy community tool.

Lance, our Growth Team Manager, recently posted on ThemeForest about how things are looking with the new category. Here’s what he had to say:

Recently we discovered that not only are BuddyPress themes selling like crazy, they’re also one of the top searched items on ThemeForest. Naturally we decided to give BuddyPress its own category. Categories improve browsing and, in turn, sales so I’m guessing we’ll see a spike here soon.

If huge sales isn’t enough of a motivating factor to get you making BP themes, here are a couple other advantages.

  1. BuddyPress items will be price $10 higher than an equivalent WP theme
  2. You are allowed to have a BuddyPress version of your existing theme
  3. Over the next couple weeks we’ll be giving this category some extra promotion
  4. Thousands of people search for this file type on TF every month

I look forward to see what you guys can come up with. I’m always amazed at the incredible work you do. Good luck with sales!

37 thoughts on “Welcome BuddyPress to ThemeForest

  1. Wonderful news.. exciting to think of the possibilities with buddypress and the talented designers of themeforest !

  2. thanks for the addition, i tried buying the salutation theme from Nigeria with my master card but you guys do not sell to Nigeria, hope we’ll get that opportunity soon as Nigerians are fast turning to the web. more so I’ll look forward to finding a white magazine theme with buddypress installed.

    1. Hi Adewale. We certainly don’t block any country. If you are having problems with a purchase, I suggest you contact support (support.envato.com).

  3. The BP themes are OK, but they arent really cracking the surface of the BP capabilities. Most of them are just reworks of WP themes . . a couple of them are network focused but dont keep enough of the WP capability.

    All of them still try to stick to the legacy screen size of WP . . they all look like WP, are challenging to integrate/work with . . and I’ve bought a couple already. Fiddly admin and very manual to build around

    The day that someone releases a BP theme that takes full advantage of what BP has to offer in members/interaction and plugins . . on a responsive format screen (or a wide screen) . . that looks good, the world will beat a path to the ordering button.

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