Tim McMorris’ “Overwhelmed”
Is Going Places

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Elite AudioJungle author Tim McMorris just seems to be getting more and more popular. On AudioJungle, he holds second place in our list of top authors, and his music is turning up more and more outside of Envato as well.

We previously let you know about some of Tim’s television successes. His tune It’s a Beautiful Day was used in ads for both Adidas and Toyota. And recently – as you can see in the video above – one of his other tracks is now on TV. Have you seen it yet?

That’s Tim’s tune Overwhelmed, and the ad is Sam Adam’s For the Love of Beer. Fantastic news!

But it’s not the end of it. Overwhelmed is now available on iTunes, and it’s already climbing the charts. In fact, it’s the Number 7 song in the US under the singer/songwriter category. Here’s a screenshot grabbed by Marketplace Growth Officer Mark Brodhuber:

I just did a quick Google search, and found another iTunes chart where it is now Number 5! I don’t know whether it has gone up since Mark’s discovery earlier today, or it’s because I’m in Australia. Either way, it’s great news.

Tim, you’re a champion. We at Envato wish you even bigger successes in your future!

10 thoughts on “Tim McMorris’ “Overwhelmed”
Is Going Places

  1. Thanks so much everyone and thanks for the article :)

    Soooo nice of you!

    It’s been a pretty awesome ride so far and I think it’s going to get even better soon!

    If it wasn’t for being on AJ however, it would have never been picked up in the first place, so many thanks to AJ as wel!

    1. You’re welcome, Tim. It’s always great to cover your successes – and the successes of other authors as well. Got Tim!

  2. This is great! Tim has become my go-to artist for tracks for my video projects, and it’s great to see his work getting a wider audience.

    Congrats, man!

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