Survey Results about GPL Opt-in Choice

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Last month there was some online discussion around full GPL licensing and the Envato Marketplaces. It started when one of our TF authors was barred from supporting, speaking at and volunteering at WordCamps because he was selling on ThemeForest. While ThemeForest themes sell with a GPL compliant license, WordCamp guidelines require the item to be completely licensed under the GPL in order for the seller to be allowed to participate in the ways listed above.

I posted aΒ response to the ban, and a post aboutΒ how we are moving forward. As I stated in the second post, most important to me is to get the community’s input on the debate. Since we’ve been working on our licensing generally, this month we put out a survey to ThemeForest and CodeCanyon authors asking a bunch of licensing questions, including a few GPL related ones.

As I promised in that second post, today we’re publishing a subset of the survey results relating to the GPL options.Β They’re taken from a larger presentation from our data team, with a couple of extra slides I’ve thrown in to explain the contents.

Next Steps

After getting this community feedback, we are now putting into the works an optional 100% GPL license which authors in GPL-based categories (such as WordPress or Drupal) can make use of. It will be completely up to authors whether they use this option. The new option should be available towards the end of March, and we’ll be posting on Notes about how authors can make use of it.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey. I’m looking forward to doing more of this kind of temperature check with the community! Go Data!

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  • The Frosty

    That is great news! Maybe I’ll submit some of the plugin I’ve got listed on my WP Extendd site to CodeCanyon now.

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  • Devesh

    Fantastic news – congrats guys!

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  • Fantastic news Collis!

  • Woop Woop!

  • Collis, Kudos to you, Japh, and everyone at Envato. This is fantastic news!

    I think the survey results themselves are fascinating; but ultimately, I’m excited to see Envato taking the step that will completely resolve the impasse at which some developers found themselves who wanted to contribute back to the WordPress community.

    (Hey Jake: got any WordCamps on your radar yet? πŸ˜‰ )

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  • Great news, and congrats to the entire Envato team. πŸ™‚

    • Collis

      Thanks Matt, I’m really pleased the results of the survey are nice and clear, and looking forward to carrying out this change in March!

    • Thanks, Matt! Much appreciated πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Matt.. Thanks, Envato… Both of you roockkss!
      Raise the glass and play the jazz, WordPress wins today..


  • Emil

    Great news indeed, congratulations Envato!

  • Great News to know. Congratulation to envato.

  • Great news! I’m an author on CodeCanyon and I’m happy with this solution.

    Congrats, Envato.

  • Woo, Great News. Congratulations Envato Team!

  • Cannot begin to describe how happy I am about this news πŸ™‚

    Thank you Collis and team

  • This awesome news! Thanks to everyone involved @Envato!

    So when I will submit my plugins here shortly, they’ll be 100% GPL! Really looking for to it!

    Great day for the global WordPress community!

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  • Good news.. Guess the “war” is over now.. Congratulation all.. Best wishes for Envato and !


  • Awesome. Last week Creative Market just announced their WP Themes are 100% GPL, and now Themeforest/Codecanyon!

    I’ve heard some authors decided to move out from TF/CC because of this issue. I hope they’ll change their mind after seeing this announcement.


    Congrats Envato Team.

  • Thanks for the update. What will be the price difference between 100% GPL items and split licensed items?

  • Mathew Porter

    That’s great news guys, congrats.

  • Thanks for the update Collis, this is great news.

    Ronald Mason

  • Shane Gowland

    Fantastic news, and certainly the right decision.

    Any chance of getting a license filter so I can search for 100% GPL themes?

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  • This is a great news to all wordpress designer or developers, cheers!

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  • Helen Nathalia

    Hi Collis/Envato,
    When do you expect this GPL option to be available? The planning is still in March?

    • Hi Helen, we’ll be posting an update on this situation very soon. Keep an eye out! πŸ™‚

  • Rick

    Excuse my ignorance in this matter but what does 100% GPL mean in terms of selling through TF?

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  • wpdil

    Its an awesome news for envato author.