“Producing Great Video” Course Just Released on Tuts+ Premium

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Tuts+ Premium has just released a brand new course – “Producing Great Video,” containing more than two and a half hours of training. As you work your way through the 50+ easy-to-digest lessons, you’ll master the basics of video production.

The course was produced by Aetuts+ editor Adam Everett Miller and the team from his company, Hello Studios, including Audiotuts+ author Jonah Guelzo. Adam and the team partnered with some friends to create a great example video called The Laptop Conspiracy which is used as an on-going example throughout the tutorial series. Check it out below.

This course is a “Must Watch” for beginners, this course is stocked full of everything you should know about the basics of video production.

Course Overview

  1. Writing Your Script (Preview Videos: IntroductionThe Laptop Conspiracy Short Film)
  2. Developing Your Project
  3. Managing Your Production
  4. Camera Parts and What They Do (Preview Lesson: Camera Functions)
  5. Camera Work and Shooting Principles (Preview Lesson: Camera Movement)
  6. Lighting Your Scene and Subjects (Preview Lesson: Backlit Video)
  7. Directing Actors and Crew (Preview Lesson: Film Language)
  8. Recording On Location Audio (Preview Lesson: The Art of Booming)
  9. Editing Principles
  10. Post Production Sound
  11. Effects and Motion Graphics

Full course overview

Watch: The Laptop Conspiracy

A fun short film created as a running example of all the techniques taught in the course, watch The Laptop Conspiracy to get a preview of the kind of video you’ll be able to make with the knowledge gained from Producing Great Video.

The Laptop Conspiracy from Abandon Films on Vimeo.

Watch the Full Course!

The recently re-launched Tuts+ Premium is a service that provides top-tier training in a variety of creative fields. Whether you prefer eBooksvisual training, or in depth tutorials, we have you covered. While we unfortunately can’t afford to provide the service for free, it’s only $19 a month – less than you’d spend on dinner.

Become a Tuts+ Premium member to access Producing Great Video

  • Martin

    Awesome video, it cute the way they take his laptop

  • *Just* released?

    Just = 3days? 😛

    nice film 😉

  • Awesome video, so funny, and brilliantly made. The guys from Hello Studios are awesome. Excited to see the tutorial now. 🙂

  • Josh Sprague

    This is really great stuff! Excellent for beginners as well 🙂

  • Carmen

    This great! I’m really looking forward to the course!