New Requirement for 3DOcean Model Submissions

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

As 3DOcean continues to grow, there’s one issue that’s been brought to our attention a number of times. Since our library is still very young, it can be disheartening to buyers to find a model they’re interested in, only to find out the author hasn’t provided it in a format that they can use.

We’ve decided to make a new requirement for the 3D Model category which will require all submissions to contain a .obj version of the model first and foremost. Once a .obj version has been exported, everyone can then provide the model in any other format they wish. The .obj format is intended to be universal, and is supported by all of the major 3D applications. So including this format within your submission will ensure it’s usable by the largest number of potential buyers.

This new policy will go into effect beginning on June 15, 2011. We’ll be sure to announce it a few more times between now and then through the regular channels. While this is not a retroactive policy, we do recommend taking the time to update any current models already for sale that aren’t provided in the .obj format. Doing so will allow your file to be usable by everyone. Files submitted between now and June 15th will not be rejected if an .obj format is not included, but it would be smart to get a jump on the game and change your workflow now. After June 15th, all 3D Model submissions that don’t include an .obj version will be rejected.