New GraphicRiver Categories –
“Stationery” Is Not Standing Still

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

GraphicRiver’s Stationery category (a subcategory of Print Templates) has been receiving a lot of attention lately – it now has over 900 items. So we thought it was time to get it more organized.

We’ve created some new subcategories:

There is already some great items in the new subcategories. Here are some favorites that Josh Sprague listed on the forums:

Check them out today!

And GraphicRiver authors, it’s worth paying attention. These are some up-and-coming categories that currently don’t contain a lot of items. You know where the fish are biting – it would be wise to take advantage. Get cracking and submit some new items into those categories. Soon!

  • Thanks. This good way to keep the items searchable.

    Similarly can we expect “UI Kit” Sub-category under Web Elements?
    Currently this is getting mixed under buttons and Miscellaneous.

  • Goon