New 3DOcean Category: Base Meshes

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Whenever one type of file becomes popular on the marketplaces, we create a new subcategory. This gives those items the focus they deserve, and also makes it easier for buyers to find files they are looking for. We just added a new category on 3DOcean: Base Meshes.

What is a base mesh? Here’s a quick summary of the category from Marketplace Growth Officer Josh Sprague:

Base Meshes provide a nice starting point for 3D model makers. They sell pretty well on 3DOcean and also help focus the site for the zbrush sculpting crowd. Basically they are a starting point for sculpting you would eventually either add materials or paint them. You could also rig them depending on the usage, but the main use is for sculpting.

Here’s a YouTube video of ZBrush sculpting:

So head over to the new Base Meshes category today to check out what we have!