Join Tuts+ Premium for $19 and Get $25 Marketplace Credit!

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Our Tuts+ Premium service is getting better and better. We’ve now added eighteen video training courses with more coming every month. There’s also over thirty eBooks and some 800 premium tutorials. The whole pack is just $19 a month and is a fantastic deal. But if you take advantage of this jam-packed subscription in the next week we are sweetening the pot even further!

If you buy a Tuts+ Premium subscription in the next seven days for $19, you’ll get $25 marketplace credit to spend. That’s right, buy a subscription, get access to literally thousands of dollars of training materials and you’ll get the subscription price plus extra back to spend on the marketplaces.

This promotion is now over

We do a lot of good deals here at Envato, but this one is crazy-good value. We’re running this offer because we really believe that once you check out Tuts+ Premium you’ll be hooked. There’s so much to learn that you’ll want to keep your subscription for far more than a month as we send you more and more courses to teach you to freelance, design, develop, and much more. And if you’re not happy, you can always cancel any time.

This is an offer too good to miss. If you were planning on spending money on the marketplaces, you may as well go buy a subscription and your money will go further! And if you weren’t planning on spending anything … well maybe you should reconsider 🙂

All you need to do is sign up to and enter a valid working marketplace username and we’ll take care of the rest! It’s that easy!

The offer ends lunch time April 17th (Melbourne, Australia time), so you’d better hurry!!

Terms & Conditions of the Offer, read these!

  1. The offer period runs from 12:01pm April 10th to 11:59am April 17th 2012 Australian Eastern Standard Time AEST.
  2. To receive a $25 Envato marketplace credit, sign up to a Tuts+ Premium monthly or yearly subscription during the offer period and enter a valid  marketplace username during the sign up process.
  3. If a user takes up this offer, they are not entitled to the “100% money back guarantee” on the Tuts+ Premium subscription.  But they can cancel their subscription at any time and make no further payments (no “100% money back guarantee” refunds will be given on cancellation).
  4. Only one instance of $25 marketplace credit will be granted per marketplace user and per Tuts+ Premium user and per payment account (e.g. PayPal email address).  That is, there can be only one $25 credit per person.
  5. The $25 marketplace credit is not redeemable or refundable for cash. It can be used only on the Envato Marketplaces.
  6. Affiliate referral commissions will not be made on marketplace credits gained through the use of this promotion.  That is, Envato’s marketplace affiliate referral program will apply only when a referred user uses their own funds to directly make a deposit or ‘buy now’ purchase in the marketplaces.
  7. Play fair!  Any attempt to defraud Envato will result in immediate disablement of Tuts+ Premium and Envato marketplace accounts.  And there will be no refund on Tuts+ Premium subscriptions and no release of marketplace deposits, marketplace  earnings and affiliate earnings.  We will have the final say on whether there has been an attempt to defraud Envato.
  8. Reversals, chargebacks and fraudulent transactions on Tuts+ Premium subscription payments will result in the disablement of the corresponding user on the Envato Marketplaces, if a marketplace username was entered during the sign up.
  9. Existing Tuts+ Premium members are not eligible for the promotion, and this includes members purchasing a $10 a month upgrade pack.
  10. This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer or coupon.
  • Vivian

    What is the font that is used for the text “Join Tuts+ Premium for $19…” Totally signing up, btw.

    • Patrick miravalle

      I believe that it’s MuseoSansRounded Vivian. Hope that helps!

  • Silviu Stefu

    I’ll sign up today… Thank you! Awesome deal.

  • Michele

    If I already have a Tuts+ account but I’have not an active subscription, can I have the 25$ credits?

    • Aaron

      I have the same question as mine ends in 2 days

    • ideaonly

      Hi, I have the same question here, I have purchased the $19, but didn’t get the marketplace $25 credits, by the way, the marketplace credits covers themeforest one? or only tuts+ network?

    • Murali Kumar

      Even i have already purchased the tut. can i please have the credit??

    • I have the same question!

    • Carmen

      Hi everyone!
      If you have a Tuts+ account that is inactive you can create a new one to receive the credit. Existing accounts are not eligible.

      The $25 Marketplace credit back deal is only available for 7 days. If you purchased your subscription before or after this time you are not eligible.

      However, if you have purchased your subscription whilst this promotion has been running, but have NOT received the $25 credit, please contact support.
      I hope this helps! 🙂

  • Joe Jenkins

    I’d like to see the ability to pay for Tuts+ Premium from money earned on Code Canyon, that would make it much easier.

  • Thilak

    Evato deals are really amazing.I am running two or more WordPress blogs and interested with some premium tuts.

  • Sounds like a great deal.

  • Tuts+ Premium is definitely worth it! Great deal 🙂

  • Awesome deal.


  • wow..

    is it applicable for renewing my old account??

    • Carmen

      Hi Lawrence, it isn’t applicable for an existing account, however, you can create a new username and password and it will work for you. 🙂

    • new user? 🙁

      while this deal is for attract the new users, and you should also keep in mind the other inactive users like they are inactive more than a year 🙂

      thanks for the deal, and I don’t want to create a new user account 🙂 Its conflict with the 7th law 🙂

  • MSFX

    Wow, off to sign up now 🙂

  • Look interesting.. great deal.

  • Vikentijs

    Hi, guys!
    If I get this deal and after a month of subscription, I don’t want to continue anymore, can I just stop my subscription?

    But sounds like a really good deal and actually I have been thinking of trying out and joining tuts+ once in awhile.
    Maybe this is the time. 🙂

    • Carmen

      Hi Vikentijs,
      I’ve got to get confirmation on this one. I’ll get back to you asap. 🙂

    • Carmen

      Hi Vikentijs,
      You can cancel your subscription at any time.
      If you receive the $25 Marketplace credit you are not eligible for the full money back guarantee. If you need more information on this, contact support.

      But hopefully you won’t want to cancel (because it’s awesome) 🙂

  • Too bad I paid for my 1 year subscription on April 2nd. 🙁

  • Danny Jones

    Signed up right away – too good to miss

  • Tut+ is one of the most premium source on the net. Vote for it!!!

  • The 25$ marketplace credit can be withdrawn later, with my other funds from one of the Envato marketplaces, or they must be spend on the marketplaces?

    • Carmen

      Hi Florinel,
      The $25 can only be spent on the Marketplaces.

  • Rahul

    Just one stupid question.. If I get $19 monthly subscription do I have to spend 25$ only in tutorial section here or can use this $25 to buy stuff from themeforest as well??

    • The credit can be used on any of the marketplaces. I used (some) of mine at Graphic River.

  • Bumlab Aka JackLandlord on TF

    Can i get this great promotion if I ordered Tuts+ subscription 2 weeks ago?

    • Carmen

      Check reply above. 🙂

  • Darren Ryan

    Great deal, i am signing up right now! 🙂

  • I am sold 🙂 I have the same question as Michele.

  • tom senecal

    Its the old “you give me $19 and i’ll give you $25” scam.

  • Ben

    If I were to cancel the tuts+ membership after a month do I still get to keep the $25 credit in my account if it has not been spent yet?

  • Haha, I dont realized the promotion banner after I bought a 22 dolar WordPress plugin. facepalm

  • Perfect timing. I was getting a tuts+ by Sunday (money withdraw).

    Thanks very much for timing this so beautifully <3

  • Luiz benjamim

    Hello, good evening, I enjoyed this site, Envato already have an account, I would use this style on my site. with the background paper and the background, as I use

  • Great deal.. 😀

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  • Patrick miravalle

    This is really an offer I can’t refuse. Sold!

  • Samuel

    The best deal comes with double pack . I have shared this envato message with my tweet.

  • Amino

    Wow This is Awesome i really really want to buy it but i need more money ^^

  • Great offer! Would love if TutsPlus Subscriptions could be purchased from Marketplace earnings.

  • Burak

    I have already an account on Tuts+ but it’s not in subscription plan.

    If I renew my subscription, can I get $25 on marketplace ?

    • Carmen

      Hi Burak
      If you have a Tuts+ account that is inactive you can create a new one to receive the credit. Existing accounts are not eligible.

  • I’ve just signed up today and I can say that the subscription totally worth the money. It is wonderful how much information is available on this site. Great job, guys! I love it!

  • Dang! I just signed up this weekend!

    • Don’t be late.The deal is available only for a week of time(As per the official announcement).So hurry!

  • I just paid 19$ for the membership and got nothing in my marketplace account 🙁

    • Skellie

      Hi Taimur, please make a ticket with Envato Support ( and we’ll work out what happened and credit your account if the funds have not come through yet.


      Tuts+ Premium Manager

  • I literally signed up 3 days ago. Such bad luck.

    • Me Too, 🙁 I wonder if I prepay for for another renewal if that applies? Anyone care to guess?

  • Jeremy

    I kinda hate that I can’t get this if I upgrade, I’ve been paying the $9 a month for a long while now, and was going to pull the trigger on the premium with this perk, but feel cheated not getting it. I’d love to see you guys open this to us that have been supporting the normal tuts plus all along and are willing to spend more than double the money a month for premium just like a new customer gets.

    • aldrin

      We are on the same boat…. 🙁

  • Rich

    It would be nice if someone from Staff could actually come on here and reply to some of the answered questions about accounts.

    • Adrian Try

      Hi Rich. Some of the staff have been sick this week (too many chocolate Easter eggs maybe?). I’ll chase up someone to drop in if they haven’t already.

    • Carmen

      On it!

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  • Darren Ryan

    I have signed up and now i am very happy with tuts, i will be staying with them longer than a month! Great deal again!

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  • Josh

    I too signed up yesterday and still have not seen my account credited. I have already filled out a support ticket and am still waiting to hear back from someone. This site has definitely improved since the last time I was here.

  • I believe Tuts+ is one of the best “Tutorials for Developers” sites right now. I’ve subscribed for a year and every day I see nothing but awesome tutorials and videos.

    I’d also love to see more videos about rails and fusion php:)

    Great job guys, hope to keep learning a lot from you!

  • Carmen

    Hi Everyone,
    There have a been quite a few questions on this post. I’ve done my best to answer them all, but if you have another question. I’ll be watching this space.

    As a quick round up:
    If you have a Tuts+ account that is inactive you can create a new one to receive the credit. Existing accounts are not eligible.

    The $25 Marketplace credit back deal is only available for 7 days. If you purchased your subscription before or after this time you are not eligible. If you just missed out, we apologise. 🙁

    However, if you have purchased your subscription whilst this promotion has been running, but have NOT received the $25 credit, please contact support.

    Thanks for supporting Tuts+Premium and I hope you get the most out of your subscription!!

    • Adrian Try

      Hi Carmen. Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer so many questions. You’re brilliant!

    • Yes Thank You. I just missed it but that’s ok T+ is well worth the price so I’m still Happy.

    • Lawrence

      I wish I had read this before I reactivated my account. I am an absolute idiot, and for that reason, I am now out $19 with no credit to show for it. I should always read the fine print.

    • Storm

      “If you have a Tuts+ account that is inactive you can create a new one to receive the credit. Existing accounts are not eligible.”.

      This should have been mentioned in the T&C.

      Saying ‘existing’ members means people who are paid up current members, not people who had a membership years ago.

      It’s bad form to have something explained more clearly AFTER people (like me) have paid the $19 and then told they were not eligible for the $25.

      I would have created a new account as you suggested if I had known. Unfortunately I paid straight away, before this option was mentioned.

  • Raj @Android Edition

    $25 credit to the account for $19 premium stuff.. This one is irresistible offer…

  • Mara

    I just paid this morning for Credit promotion, but I can’t find the 25$ for Envato marketplace!

  • That’s an awesome deal! Signing up right now!

  • When does the $25 marketplace credit expire?

    • Carmen

      All Marketplace credit is valid for one year after purchase. If your credit becomes invalid, you can always contact support to get it re-activated.

  • Tina

    Hi this is pretty basic and sorry I didn’t read all questions (read about half and didn’t see this one). But what the heck IS tuts premium? I gather it’s some kind of tutorial but do you have a link with a better explanation? I’m obviously new here! Thank you!!

    • Adrian Try

      Hi Tina. You can learn all about the Tuts+ Premium program at You’ll find an explanation video on the site, but basically it’s our subscription-based collection of premium tutorials, courses and ebooks from across the Tuts+ network and Rockable Press. It’s also the best way for you to support Tuts+ financially and help us to continue growing! 😉

  • Jamain Freeman

    Ok this really sucks I just bought the membership on April 9th! Is there anyway I can be grandfathered in? Man I hate that! Hopefully you guys will work with me on this!

    • Carmen

      Hi Jamain,
      I’m sorry you missed out. Unfortunately, the promotion was only running for the time specified and was available to new sign ups only.
      However, we will be running many more promotions like this in the future and I’m sure you’ll nab the next one!

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  • Bas

    Hi Envato Staff,

    I have a bit of problem when I want to pay. I deposited $20 to my pay pall acount, but I can’t pay due the fact i don’t have a creditcard. Is there any other payment method?

    • Faiz Al-Qurni

      I have the same problem with Bas, since i have paypal account and deposit $30. But i can’t pay cause i don’t have any credit card. Anybody help?


  • John

    Hi Envato,

    Reaching out to the envato support didn’t help, so I’ll try here. I bought premium this week (Sunday night EST, Monday Noon Australia time.) and was wondering if that counts. Sucks that not even two days later, you run this promotion. Would be awesome since Sunday is really the same week 😀 Please let me know, thanks!


    • Carmen

      Hi John,
      Unfortunately the promotion was only available for the time available. If it was within the 7 days then you will be eligible, if you weren’t, unfortunately you cannot receive the promotion.

  • Paulo


    I see some people asking about spending the possibility to spend the 25$ into tuts+ instead of other marketplaces.

    So my question is, subscribing tuts+ (paid membership like the 19$ deal) doesn’t it mean that you get access to all the tuts/books/whatever is inside tuts+ without any other fee?

    • Yes. When you pay the $19 fee you get access to courses, books and access to site specific tutorials (such as tuts+, psdtuts+ etc.)

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  • I’m going to try it.

  • Nice deal gona buy it !

  • Nina

    I have paid for my subscription, how long does it take for me to see the $25 credit in theme forest

    • ideaonly

      yah. here i have the same question:)

    • When I signed up I saw it instantly. If you’re sure you meet the requirements I’d propose sending a ticket at

    • Nina

      THank you I have sent a ticket but have yet to hear from them, this is one of the cases where i wish there was phone number available.

    • Carmen

      Hi Nina,
      Did you supply your marketplace username when you signed up? This has been the case with a few people who have not received their credit.

      Please let us know if this was an issue on the form. As we will need to fix something.

      If you want to fast track your support you can Tweet your ticket I.D @Envato and @Envato_support, I hope this helps.

    • Nina

      Yes Carmen I am sure I did. I was tweet the ticket id

  • Tiffany

    Hello –

    I recently purchased the tuts+ membership and for whatever reason, have not been able to put my envato marketplace account username in the options.

    Currently put in a support ticket, just wanted to make sure that I will get my credit if the ticket isn’t reached within the amount of time that the special is going on (am eager to use that credit, already have a particular theme am wanting to purchase with it).

    Thank you so much.


    • Carmen

      Hi Tiffany,
      Without a Marketplace username in the form, the credit cannot be put directly into your account.

      Was there a problem on the form? Please let us know as we will need to fix something.

      You will be credited with the $25 as soon as support actions your ticket, they are very busy at the moment, but I assure you you will be credited as soon as possible.

      If you want to fast track your support, tweet your ticket I.D to @Envato and @Envato_support on Twitter. I hope this helps.

  • I’m so interested to buy it! 😀
    But first I’d like to know if the Envato is going to auto recurring the monthly membership via Paypal? as I only want to have one month membership for now.

  • great deal for a starter like me 🙂

  • This is not fair. I use Envato but I signed up for tutsplus for the first time two days before receiving this offer via email. Now the offer is in my account profile greyed out – just teasing me.

  • Ashley

    I’m very confused…
    I’m very new to the service.
    So if I do this offer, the $25 martket place credit can be used at:

    – activeden
    – audiojungle
    – themeforest
    – videohive
    – graphicriver
    – 3docean
    – codecanyon
    – tutorials
    – photodune

    I hope to hear the response as soon as possible.

    • Yes. You can use your credit across any marketplace.

  • Ben Spak

    @Carmen Long time no see! Out of curiosity can I sign up and sell professional SEO tutorials?

    • Carmen

      Hi Ben,
      Your best option would be to contact the Tut+Premium manager and discuss selling your SEO tutorials. Email me at Carmen [at] envato [dot] com and I’ll help you out.

  • Awesome deal !

  • Thanks for the six bucks!

  • GraphicLover

    I paid my one month subscription just a few minutes ago 🙂 Will see how it works 🙂

  • graphic horizon

    Bummer, should have made it so existing members could extend/or upgrade their subscription and get the $25 credit incentive.

  • Hi, I have signed up around 3 days ago. and I havent had my $25! 🙁 can any one help me out with this?

    • Tiffany

      Yeah I haven’t gotten mine either and I’ve even sent in a support ticket, commented on this blog, it’s been 5 days and no one has responded to me. This is getting increasingly frustrating, and not making me feel trust for the company. :-/

    • Tiffany

      @lawrence77 I don’t know about Nina, but I did file a ticket, and have responded to it a few times over hoping for a response, sent in tweets hoping for a response.

    • Nina

      I have had the same ? up since the 13th and still no response, I myself am getting frustrated also.

    • file a ticket in

    • Nina

      @ lawernce76 I have had a ticket in since the 13th also. with no responses yet.

    • Nina

      I have a ticket in already

    • Carmen

      Hi guys,
      Support is pretty busy at the moment, I assure you, they are working to get your credit to you as soon as possible.

    • Tiffany

      Thank you Carmen, I can’t speak for everyone but I appreciate hearing back from you.

  • What a deal, makes me wish I didn’t already have a premium account, I’m not regretting the existing subscription though, the content in here is worth it’s weight in gold!

  • denach

    Hello. It a pity that I’ve seen it just now. I badly want that deal! I wanted to join Tuts+ for some time, but in this circumstances I realy desired to join. But I’m from Russia and we have different time zone – the difference is 6 hours. In my city it’s 21:14 (9:14 pm). And I can’t right now transfer money. Can I please make it in 12-15 hours? from 9:00 to 11:00 am Moscow Time? In Australian Eastern Standard Time AEST. it’ll be 3-5 pm.
    I hope you understand. Sorry for troubling you and for my English.

  • denach

    Hello! I asked about the deal! Could I buy it today 17th April?
    But I have a different time zone so it would be at least 6 hours later the deal ends but before the 18th begins by your Australian Eastern Standard Time . Please allow me, please. I can’t do it right now because my bank is closed. Sorry again. And please send me e-mail with an answer. Thanks.

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  • Mike

    Is it too late to purchase this?

  • banchow


    Very nice offer. Unfortunately I saw it too late. I’m from Serbia and my timezone is +1. It’s 9 hours after Australian time so… Right now my time is Tuesday 17:55 but according to your time it seams that I’m late.

    Is there option to extend this offer for my timezone?

    Thanks advanced


    • Carmen

      Sorry to hear you missed out Banchow,
      The promotion was only running for the time specified. I know it can be hard waiting on a different time zone, however the promotion was running for 7 days.
      We do promotions like this quite often and I am sure you will get another opportunity.

  • Kyle

    OK. I know I’m a US-centric snob, but I didn’t look closely enough to see that the deal ended on *Australian* EST, so I was waiting til I got home from work to buy the deal. But now I see I missed it. Any way to get the deal on US EST if I promise to stop thinking America is the only country in the world from now on?

    • Carmen

      Sorry Kyle,
      I know it can be annoying having to work on a different time frame. Unfortunately the promotion was only available for the time specified.

  • james

    I know you have rules, but offer should be valid until the 17th no matter the timezone of the user. Envato prefers to loose new users, than accept new sign ups from other users from different time zones. No a very smart move by the way..
    I know the promotion lasted 7 days in Australia time, but I saw that email today, and my zone as of now is still on the 17th, which means that in some areas the promotion only lasted about 6 days..

    “We do promotions like this quite often and I am sure you will get another opportunity.” ???

    I’ve never seen a promotion like that before. can you provide dates and examples of similar promotions offered by envato in the past?

    Join Tuts+ Premium for $19 and Get $25 Marketplace Credit!

    • Kim

      Damn it!

      I´m totally on your side, I also missed this because of a crappy time zone and I´m from Sweden.

      I love the deal, to bad I did not have the chance to sign up for it.

  • Storm

    I haven’t been a paying (existing) member for over a year, at least.

    I was enticed back by this offer, so signed up.

    When I enquired about the $25 not being in my account, I was told it’s only for non-existing members.

    As far as I was concerned, that meant people who didn’t have access (not paid up) to Tuts+ are non-members. After all, I didn’t have any access, so therefore not a member.

    It wasn’t clear in any way that existing members meant either inactive members or existing members of envato, but not tuts+.

    The membership payment was for Tuts+, of which I was not an existing member.

    I feel cheated, to be honest. And this will probably steer me towards other marketplaces, not envato.

  • webstuff

    Is there any code or coupon for a person like me who is creative but not very organized. Forgot about this deal until this evening. Sorry.

    I never really had any great interest in signing up for the tutorials, but I would if this deal was in place. Please let me know if you can work anything out.


  • Kad Kahwin Murah

    Great deal Sir!..Interesting for sure…