Help Us Decide What to Put in Our Upcoming Mobile Bundle!

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Update: This competition is now over. The winners are mentioned in the comments. Head over to to sign up for bundle alerts.

We’re launching the Mobile Bundle soon, and we want your help choosing some great items to include! If you’ve ever wished you could have a say in what goes into the bundle, now’s your chance. We’ve got a short-list of ten top-notch items and we want to know which you’d choose!

Help us Select Four of the Following Ten Items

iDisplays Pro

Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin

JackBox – Responsive Lightbox

Aplicacio | iPhone App Showcase Facebook Template

App Icon Creator

Vertue – clean and minimal AJAX portfolio theme

MobileFirst – WP Theme for Future-Proof Bloggers

Troller Mobile Retina | HTML5 & CSS3 And iWebApp

App Download Buttons

iFolio: Portfolio After Effects Template

How did we select these ten files?

About three weeks ago, we opened up nominations via our community forums. You can view the post here. A huge range of exceptional items were nominated, offering a great snapshot of the quality and diversity of different types of items across the Marketplaces. Regardless of which files end up in the bundle, I’d highly encourage everyone to take a look through the thread!

We’ve short-listed these ten files from that long list of nominations. Not an easy task! We’ve tried to keep the focus on items that are unique, unusual or exceptional. We also gave weight to new and up-and-coming authors, when possible.

How will we select the other files for the bundle?

That’s up to the review team! They nominate files for the bundle, and each is strictly checked for quality. More details on how the selection process works and why we run the bundles can be found in this Notes post.

Will nominated items automatically be included in the bundle?

No, we ask for authorization first by the authors, even if the community has voted for the item.

When will the bundle launch?

We can’t reveal the date just yet, but keep your eyes peeled! It’s not far away. If you want to make sure you don’t miss out, you can sign up to get a handy notification, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

  • D’zinc

    Hi Alex, the link to the forum thread seems to be disabled. Amazing selection. Cheers.

  • Alex

    Link updated!

  • Thomas

    I would be way interested in some Mobile Jquery, nice looking menus, responsive integrations, Impress us with programming, because so far this, while interesting is not going to get my wallet out of my pants.

  • Rafael Oliveira

    Wow! Really amazing to see one of my items on the poll, wish me luck guys!

    • Allan Moreno

      Voted. Best of luck, mate.

  • Momcilo

    Cool! What happens if i vote for only 1 or 2 files? Does that count?

  • Misel D.


  • Alex

    @Thomas – There will be some CodeCanyon goodies in this bundle for sure. Stay tuned!

  • behzadg

    i voted, but amazing Items were not

    • Alex

      @behzadg Which themes would you have included?

    • behzadg
    • Enabled

      Why don’t you create some better items than these then? So they can feature them! You’re insulting authors by saying that! All items that were featured here, (I’m not talking about mine) are amazingly creative and unique!

    • behzadg

      Firstly that you should to opinion respect others, This is just my opinion. Secondly, I said nothing about your file.

    • Alex

      That is a beautiful theme, but we don’t want to include items by Elite Authors in this. We do lots of promotional stuff for Elite Authors separately

    • Alex

      Ay, clearly contradicted myself on this one. Correction: we try to stay away from items by Elite authors, but one of these was super popular on the forum thread, and fit the item goals for the bundle, so we included it.

    • Enabled

      I do respect your opinion, but you insulted every author but saying that their items are not amazing! But I do respect your opinion, even if it’s harsh. I didn’t mean to offend, I was just saying that the staff chose some great files!

  • ExpressoDesign

    Voted! :)

  • Enabled

    Can’t believe one of my items is on the list! WOW! Thank you guys! :)

  • Skipity

    I really like the App Icon Creator.

  • Alex

    This competition is now over. BIG THANKS to everyone who nominated, voted, and shared comments.

    We had more than 1,000 votes in this final round.

    Without further ado, here are the four winners:

    • Adrian Try

      Alex, I think this competition was a great idea. It had a lot of community support in both the nomination and voting stages, and you’ve ended up with some amazing items for the bundle. Awesome!

    • Alex

      Thanks! Its been great to see everyone’s involvement!

  • John

    No 3DOcean item?

    • Alex

      None were selected here unfortunately, but 3DOcean will be represented in the bundle.

  • Yshanti

    Oh… just noticed my item is here, i hope i got in… envato please promise us that you’ll consider such move (community polls) in future bundles :)

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