Closing the Tuts+ Marketplace

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

We have some important news regarding the Tuts+ Marketplace. In one month’s time we’ll be closing its doors to focus more on our sister product, Tuts+ Premium. I’d like to personally thank the authors for their contribution and apologize that we will no longer be offering a marketplace for tutorials and ebooks.

The mission statement of Envato, the parent company of the Tuts+ Marketplace, is to help people earn and learn online. We are very committed to these two goals, and while the marketplace was in the right area for both, we believe that Tuts+ Premium, along with the free Tuts+ Network, give us a more effective way for us to achieve our learning goals. As such we plan to concentrate more of our marketing and investment on those two parts of the company.

If your content is not already a part of the Tuts+ Network, we’d love to invite you to submit your existing tutorials or write new ones. We pay authors up front for their content, regardless of whether the article is free or premium. If you’re interested, please take a look at the submission instructions (e.g. for Psdtuts+). We look forward to hearing from you.


Q. How do I submit content to the Tuts+ Network?
A. Go to the appropriate Tuts+ site (e.g. Psdtuts+) and click “Write for us.” That page will give you all the info you need to know to submit a tutorial. Please note that the standards for the Tuts+ Network are different from the Tuts+ Marketplace, so there is no guarantee that your tutorial will be accepted.

Q. Can I still get my earnings out after the closure?
A. Yes. As long as you have more than $50 in your account, just go to any of the other Envato Marketplaces (e.g. ThemeForest), sign in, and request your earnings as you normally would. If you have less than $50, we’ll get in contact with you to make sure you get your money.

Q: Will I still have access to my purchased files after the closure?
A: We strongly advise you to download your files immediately after you purchase them. That said, if for whatever reason you forget to download them before the Tuts+ Marketplace closes, you can contact support and they will provide you with your file.

Sorry again for the inconvenience and thanks so much for your understanding. Despite the closure of this marketplace, we hope you have success earning and learning on the Envato network for years to come.


  • Ercan

    I think this is a good decision. It was confusing for end user who just wants to learn. Learning content will be more centered and focused this way.

  • Jordie

    While I hate to see websites that some people might rely on close, I think this was coming for a while. I just didn’t see a marketplace for this sort of thing, when content is usually so readily free on the internet.

    • Philip Zeplin

      The marketplace was actually doing just fine, revenue wise. Around 600 sales a month, would be a rough guess. Personally I’ve been hitting around 80 sales every month.

      If the marketplace was closed due to no revenue (which they have already said was not the case, but because of their own competing services like Premium), 3DOcean and ActiveDen would already have been closed.

      This is simply because Tuts+ is a “competing” website to their own (and probably more profitable for Envato) services, like Psd.Tuts and TutsPlus Premium.

  • GrizzleFX

    RIP tuts+

    I’m probably going to continue to use the logo for my projects lol

  • VF

    A welcome redundancy reduction 😀

  • I think it’s good for all beginner

  • Good move. ::)

  • QantumThemes

    Why not? that’s the right way i think…

  • Hey guys, that’s sad to hear that one of the marketplaces will be closed however i’m sure the decision is well taken and this will only improve the overall learning experience.

    • Philip Zeplin

      You never know. My best selling tutorial, which has sold close to 500 times, was rejected from the Psd.Tuts site when first submitted.
      The marketplace featured content that was literally no where else to be found on the net.

  • It’s good for all!

  • I completely disagree… good news for Envato, bad news for the authors… I used to sell my content on the marketplace and the revenue was really good in comparison to writing for PSDTuts.

    I guess we will need to look for an alternative.

    • Philip Zeplin

      Agreed. Do let me know if you find anything decent!
      The revenue from PSDTuts is pretty bad, even my “failed” tutorials on Tuts+ generally make more than I could make on PSDTuts.

    • Allan Moreno

      I agree.

  • Chandan Kumar

    This one was quite confusing to me also. As a Tuts+ author, I too didn’t know the difference between these two. But I hope, it will make the whole procedure much easier for the future!

  • Philip Zeplin

    While I can’t say I didn’t see this coming (I’ve made posts guessing at this over a year ago), I must say, I’m quite sad.
    As one of the authors there, I still made several hundred bucks a month on my tutorials, had set up referrals, link building, and so on. Many many hours spent. I also gotta say, a 1 month notice isn’t a very long time.

    Some of the comments here are a bit cynical I must say. Almost to the point where you’d say “Lets close down ThemeForest, people can learn to make their own websites on TutsPlus!”

    The Marketplace provided a great place for smaller tutorials to be sold (20-40 minutes, for instance), whereas the TutsPlus website is focused on very long (2+ hours) tutorials.
    Saying that it didn’t really sell would be rubbish too, as I have well over 1000 sales from the Tuts+ Marketplace, and over time have made quite a bit of money.

    I find it confusing though, that Envato chooses to outright close the marketplace, instead of simply choosing not to focus/update it anymore. Surely it’s still a revenue source?

    • It’s obvious… if you make more money on the Marketplace why the hell would you write for PSDTuts?

      From a business point of view the move makes sense, closing the marketplace force us to go back to the “pay per tutorial” model.

      I always liked Envato commitment with authors but this move is really disappointing, not just the move itself but the way they do it.

      I’m creating a new website to sell my stuff, if you can provide good content I can give you access and share revenues.

  • Allan Moreno

    Too bad the marketplace is closing. Tuts+ Premium doesn’t work under the same model so we authors are not getting the same reward. Obviously envato always win. Now looking forward to seeing what Tuts+ Premium can really bring.

    • Philip Zeplin

      That is indeed a shame. The TutsMarketplace was really the only thing of its kind (that was moderately successful) online, and as you say, Premium isn’t at all the same model.
      The Marketplace was a fantastic place for “smaller” and very niche based tutorials to be sold.

  • Philip Zeplin

    Just so people know where the main discussion of this is going on, have a look at these threads: (now closed)

  • Grocery

    Will wp tuts+ also close?

    • Philip Zeplin

      It’s the marketplace closing down, not the [theme].tutsplus sites. However, if you mean any of the wordpress or webdesign tutorials ON the Tuts+ Marketplace, then yes, everything is going.

  • Grocery

    Alright Thank you, Philip

  • David

    Why don’t you close photodune and 3docean instead haha! those places are isolated, I can hear the echo of my keyboard
    Hello helloo hellooo

    • Allan Moreno

      You gotta be kidding, right?

  • Patrick

    will keep an eye.

    I dont have tutorials myself but the tut+ should be a good place, alternatively there is which allows you to sell directly on facebook.

    I do not work for them or am on commission for them.

    Just something i found which some may find good.

  • Charles Stricklin

    Sorry, but I’m a little confused. What will happen to all of the existing content (wptuts+, webdesigntuts+, etc.)? Will they be unavailable to non-premium members after being publicly available for years?

  • I can’t believe Tuts+ is closing down. What about my money inside the purchase account??

  • Rich

    @ Charles How I read this it’s the Tuts+Marketplace that it closing and NOT the or and the likes at least I hope that that is correct?

  • Jack

    Sad to see the market go.

    I don’t think that I’ll ever sign up for a monthly subscription to Tuts+ Premium but I liked to have the opportunity to buy tutorials individually.

  • Bad news for me. Just want to commit some ebooks to Tuts+Marketplace. 🙁

  • Caseter6

    RIP Tuts+ its been good knowing you 😛

  • CGI

    How many days are left to closing tuts+Marketplace…. 🙁

  • Vipin

    So this means themeforest is closing too?

  • Rich

    No it does not include Themeforest, Codecanyon, GraphicRiver etc….

    It means that will be closing.

  • Vipin

    Ok, Thanks a lot for the clarification Rick 🙂

  • Ibrahim Vatih

    I just now read this post. So late, but i got some important things 😀

  • Abel Ligas

    So this means themeforest is closing too?

    • Adrian Try

      Lol. Absolutely not!