AudioJungle Price Increments

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Here’s some exciting news for all AudioJungle authors: Effective from today, we have changed some file prices for all current and all future files in the Music category.

Here’s a break down of the new Music category prices:

$4 – Music < 15 secs (no change)
$6 – Music 15 to 30 secs (no change)
$8 – Music 30 to 60 secs (an increase of +$1)
$11 – Music 60 to 120 secs (an increase of +$2)
$14 – Music over 120 secs (an increase of +$3)

The new prices reflect the increasing standard and quality of audio we now have in our library as a testament to the incredible authors who are part of AudioJungle. Combined with the new permanent rate changes which take place next week on September 30th, AudioJungle authors should start seeing some much deserved improvement to the commission they receive.

Even with these subtle but important price changes, we feel AudioJungle is still extremely affordable compared to our competitors.

For more details, please refer to this AudioJungle forum thread.

  • activetofocus

    wow! good news for author.Thanks.

  • Rodrigo

    Awesome..Thanks Envato

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