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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

If you’re a frequent visitor to our Appstorm sites (Mac.Appstorm, Web.AppStorm, and iPhone.AppStorm), you may have noticed some interesting new types of content appearing. Polls like “What Mac Do You Use?” Unusual titles like “10 Sites for ET & Paranormal News“. Something’s afoot! We get to the bottom of it with AppStorm manager David Appleyard.

We’ve noticed some new content types on the Appstorm sites. Could you tell us about the changes?

Absolutely. We’ve started to branch out into different types of content, rather than our traditional schedule of reviews, roundups, and how-tos.

Some of the new content falls into a particular category – such as our Weekly Polls and forthcoming “Ask the Editor” series.

Other articles are more “opinion-editorial” content, meaning that we (the site editor and writers) are expressing their thoughts on a particular topic. This could be a new application release, a piece of industry news, or a general trend. Anything at all!

Could you let us know about some of the thinking behind the scenes that inspired the new content?

All the AppStorm editors are wanting to get to know our readers better. It’s easy to be very distant when reviewing software and commissioning articles, not sharing our own thoughts, opinion, and experience with readers.

Articles that are less of a “formal review” help us to express our opinions, and generate more of a conversation with readers. I’ve already spoken to some fantastic people in the comments – a few agreeing with what I have to say, and several disagreeing as well! This type of back and forth debate is great fun, and will hopefully become one of the distinguishing features of the AppStorm community.

What is your favorite post so far? Why do you like it?

After trying out this new type of content for a couple of weeks, my favourite post has come from a great writer called Scott Danielson (Developer Communication vs Abandonware). He discusses the importance of developer communication, and how users can feel abandoned when this connection is severed.

We’ve used the example of The Hit List as a piece of software that seems to have descended into “abandonment” (although I’d love to be proven wrong and see development of The Hit List start up again!)

I like it because of the in-depth debate sparked off in the comments. AppStorm readers are an incredibly intelligent bunch of people, and I’m really happy that we’re able to kick off this type of discussion.

How has the response to the new content been so far?

So far, it’s been received incredibly well! We’re seeing far more comments than ever, and I’ve spoken to several readers that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I’ve even hired a couple of new writers based on the insight in their comments!

I still have plenty planned for the next few months – we’re kicking off a big AppStorm survey next week (you heard it here first!) with $100 worth of prizes. This should help us get an even clearer picture of what our readers want, and help us to grow the AppStorm network in the right direction.

You were recently on holidays in Australia. Did you taste Vegemite? How did you find it?

First of all, Australia is brilliant. We only had the chance to see Melbourne and Sydney, so I’d love to go back again and see more of the country. It’s hard to judge such a fantastically huge place based on just two cities!

Having worked for Envato remotely over the past two years, it was good to double check that everyone does in fact exist, the office is real, and that Collis isn’t just a fictional internet character. :-)

I didn’t taste Vegemite (nor did I try Kangaroo, regrettably!), but we do have exactly the same thing here in the UK. It’s called Marmite – I wouldn’t spread it on my toast, but it’s great for making gravy and sauces that you want to taste particularly meaty. Ironic as it’s completely vegetarian…!

  • Dominic Quick

    What exactly is AppStorm?

    Never heard of it but when i went to the website it was shut and requires me to have a beta key.

    Please let me know

    • Adrian Try

      Hi Dominic. I guess you tried or Those urls are wrong. Appstorm is a set of three sites (so far) focusing on different types of apps. The three urls are at the top of the article. They are working for me – maybe you can try again?

  • Japh

    I’m loving the new content! The paranormal news stuff was really interesting actually.

    Also, we have Marmite in Australia too. It’s not the same as vegemite. Vegemite is much nicer, and should be enjoyed as frequently as possible on toast 😉

  • Jordan McNamara

    What Japh said re Vegemite and Marmite is spot on! 😉