Announcing Microlancer! Get an Early Access Beta Invite

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MicrolancerToday is a big day at Envato as we have a really exciting announcement to make. For the last three months, a new team has been hard at work deep in the bowels of Envato HQ (it’s actually really nice!) on our latest product. We’re really pumped to share this with you and hope you can see the possibilities it will open up within the Envato ecosystem.Β It’s called Microlancer, and Collis wanted to record a little message to introduce it to you.

Introducing Microlancer

Microlancer is going to be a new way for freelancers to connect with buyers who are interested in getting small-scale creative jobs done simply, transparently, safely and quickly. We have built a platform which allows buyers to easily explore a world of different services they can buy, such as logo customisation, photo retouching and many more. We want to create a virtual shopfront for small creative services. Buyers will choose a service they want from a service provider they like. They’ll be able to see upfront everything from price to turnaround time to number of revisions to work samples. They’ll know exactly what they’re getting, no surprises. When they’re happy to proceed, we’ll facilitate the transaction from start to finish.

We believe that for small jobs, it doesn’t make sense for buyers to have different freelancers bid on their job and then assess whether those freelancers can do the job. At Microlancer we’ll be reviewing all the services on the site, ensuring that buyers have a quality experience. Getting a little job done should be as easy as picking a great freelancer and getting started.

We’re aiming to make life easier for our service providers too! Firstly, we’ll connect you with a huge network of potential buyers who are after your services. You’ll have a profile and service pages, and the power of the enormous Envato network bringing you buyers. Admin work like tracking jobs, communication and taking payment will all be handled for you.

Early Access Beta for Service Providers

We’re launching lean, with a starting focus on services in the graphics/creative design industry, and will soon expand to include many areas of the creative spectrum based on community feedback and demand.

We are happy to say that we have received thousands of expressions of interest to be a part of the private Beta, as such we have temporarily stopped accepting new registrations. We are looking forward to launching an open Beta soon. Please keep an eye on Envato Notes, or register for our newsletter to be notified when we open the doors again. Thank you so much for your interest.

We haven’t said much about Microlancer yet as we wanted to make sure everything was on track before announcing it publicly. We know you probably have a lot of questions about the site and how it works, but please keep in mind we’re still finalising everything for our full launch, which is coming very soon! So sit tight and get excited, we will have more to reveal soon.

Thanks everyone, we absolutely can’t wait for you to get your paws all over our new addition to the Envato ecosystem!

102 thoughts on “Announcing Microlancer! Get an Early Access Beta Invite

  1. Thanks Jords. I’m really looking forward to seeing this. And if I wasn’t already enthusiastic, Collis’ enthusiasm is contagious!

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  3. Very good idea, something new definitely and I’m looking forward too to see how all will looks and will try to be involved. Registered of course and good luck!

  4. A category for programming services would be great too. I would definitely like to be a part of it as a microlancer but all we at SANIsoft do is coding using PHP.

    1. I’m very confident we will see a category that suits you guys after launch. But to start with we’re going to be going for graphic design services.

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  6. Great. Looking forward. But why starting only with Graphics & Design? What about development and specifically WordPress related development? Any plans?

    1. We will definitely be expanding our offerings, you can expect to see WordPress related stuff in the future!

  7. You left out developers in the register page.. or maybe you are catering to front end developers only. I mean, backend wordpress, opencart, php/mysql, rails.. Alot of my client hire me to help with functionality more then design.

  8. When clicking on “register your interest in becoming a service provider on Microlancer” I get “ERROR: We couldn’t find your form. Please check the URL and try again.”

  9. Microlancer is going to be a new way for freelancers to connect with buyers who are interested in getting small-scale creative jobs done simply, transparently, safely and quickly.

  10. Can’t wait to see how this turns out! I signed up as a service provider. This is a really great idea and something I’ve thought about doing for myself – creating a microsite to sell my quick turn-around services – now I don’t have too!

    1. Not too long, in the coming weeks invites will start going out to people selected! :) Full launch isn’t too far off either :)

  11. I like the video as a way to introduce the new service – very effective way to get your message out to us.

    There’s a lot of potential here, but I’d like to know more about the mechanics of the provider getting paid and the buyer dealing with any issues with the work.

    In some ways I think this might be like the buyer and seller feedback system on eBay where you try to avoid buyers not paying even though the work was as requested or freelancers not delivering what the buyer asked for.

    Another site tried something similar a while back and discontinued it because they didn’t address the above issues.

    1. Hey Jo!

      Glad you liked the video, I liked it too – Collis is super animated in it hehe. We’re not quite ready to reveal all the details about payment and dispute resolution yet. But a few quick points:

      * We will take payment for jobs upfront from the buyer, before the freelancer has started any work and will hold it until successful completion of the job as agreed by both parties.

      * We have a robust dispute resolution system planned.

      * We’re still working on how the feedback system will work.

      Great feedback! :)

  12. This sounds pretty sweet :)

    I saw over on the marketplace forum post that some people have been invited (that or their wording was weird).
    Was wondering when people who are accepted would be notified (as well as those who aren’t accpeted for the meantime – would they get notified)?

    I mean, I only applied for this yesterday, but yeah – just curious :)

    I may or may not be keeping an eye on my inbox a bit more than usual… >.>

    1. Hey Kate! :) Nice to hear from you! We’re hoping to start letting people in from later next week. But I can’t 100% confirm that just yet. We still need some time so you can take a break from inbox checking until at least after the weekend. We’re likely to do it in batches as well, so some might get in earlier than others.

      We will make sure to communicate with those who don’t get selected as well. :) Hope that helps!

  13. :) This is definitely a good news for everyone.. For years we have been working online as internet freelance designers out there.. Next, nothing as good as working at ‘home-sweet-home-Envato’.


    Just like other creative people who have commented here, we are more than ready..

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  15. Sounds like what I do already but love the idea of having potential clients seeking me and my services out rather then me trying to seek THEM out. I am excited and hope to be a part of the beta! Good luck with everything! πŸ˜€

  16. Here we go. I simply hope it won’t be like the other freelance websites where a lot of bidders are trying to get the project by listing their enormous list of skills in order to get a project at the lowest price.

    1. I agree with you CIPPO. Websites like are inundated and polluted with people from overseas who give their work away. I think microlancer should be closed off to people in the US only. lol

  17. I am very pleased that you are starting Microlancer…with the backbone of the Envato Network I’m sure it will be a success and a breeze to use. Other sites have a tendency to have a fly-by-night quality that also attracts clients of the same kind. I am so excited for you guys and for me!

  18. Really interesting project, I would like to see how you will get better tan Fiverr.. :)
    I really trust envato and I’m sure you got something grwat in your hands.. :)

  19. I am just very excited to put up my own services page and I believe as envato is the company backing the flood of buyers have to be coming up and freelancer like myself could get more work based on skillset something like this was very much needed. And I appreciate the ideas envato has always brought forward.

  20. I’m pretty excited to see what is going to be like and what results it will bring for clients and freelancers alike. Do you guys have an estimated date of when it will be opened to the public? Thanks for launching another great product!!

  21. I like this idea. I think that it should definitely be community driven with features like voting, reputation, etc… Because I’d think you might wind up with Person A offering photo retouching at $45 and Person B offering the same thing for $125. Both might be ok, but it would be nice to know what customers say about them, or something to balance the simple offering the lowest price scenario.

  22. Sounds very interesting ! Do you have any limits as to what countries might or might not be entitled to participate, or is this a worldwide service? I’m a freelance videographer from Canada. Thanks in advance for your response !

  23. Is registration closed? I am getting this error coming up again (was reported Feb 18th earlier)

    ERROR: We couldn’t find your form. Please check the URL and try again.


  24. Hello Jordan,

    As a person that has worked with some of the most talented creative souls on this earth(I am a former executive with Verizon for 8 years), I can’t wait to see and experience this new service!

    Now. I don’t have a design bone in my body, but I visually know what is bad, good, and superb creative work. As some who has used many “freelancer” all over the world, I looking and hoping for a place that I could really experience some real solid talent.

    I will be first in line to use the service!! πŸ˜‰



  25. As a buyer of graphics services for video and television, we are very excited about this and will be hiring many many of these talented Microlancers!

  26. This sounds really interesting Collis. I love the concept of walking through a candy store of micro services that I’ve never thought of. Maybe i’ve got the wrong end of the stick here but it sounds like fiverr goes pro on acid??

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  29. You go guys & gals! I’ve jumped from the Corporate world to the freelance world & I’m going to need all the help I can get! Very exciting! I know the Word Press community will help you reach your goals.

  30. Urgent need to implement Broadcast FM Radio GUI/Player
    Think Metropolis/Radio GaGa/Futuristic.
    Enough talk lets Rock&Roll.

  31. LOVE this idea! Seems like a better option than some of the other freelance sites out there. Already registered! :)

    I know it required us to have Envato accounts but will they only be accepting people who currently sell on Envato?

    1. Hi Terry. That’s strange. The link is working for me now. Would you be able to try again?

  32. From this part of the world (Eastern North Carolina, USA) that link does not work in Opera, IE9, Firefox or Chrome. So, I’m entirely flummoxed (and just a bit frustrated at not being able to register for such a cool thing!)


    1. By the way, the link isn’t working for some people (redirects to “Oops, page not found” inside the notes blog)

      Can you add a direct link to the microlancer newsletter so other people can find it?

      Like so:

      Right now it searches in the blog instead of redirecting to the actual site.

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