More Than 1,000,000 Photos on PhotoDune!

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

1 Million PhotosIt’s another day and another milestone for the Marketplace community! We are very excited to announce that this week, our newest Marketplace: PhotoDune, soared past the considerable milestone of having more than 1,000,000 images available on the site!

Collis Ta’eed, Envato’s CEO had this to say about the number:

When we set out to create PhotoDune, our intention was always to build a viable option for purchasing photos for our existing buying community. A big part of that goal is having enough depth for buyers to find what they need. While there’s nothing specifically magic about a million photos, it feels like a solid indicator that our library is getting to a good size.

It’s been seven months since we launched PhotoDune out of private beta and we couldn’t be happier with the promise and growth the photo Marketplace has shown.

Collis also had this to say:

Records have been tumbling around here like crazy. We’re close to pushing past 1.5 million members which is pretty amazing since it was only four months ago that we passed a million. Sales growth across our network of marketplaces also continues to climb really, really fast. With PhotoDune having a firm spot in the line-up…

It’s been a fantastic experience getting to know all of the new authors on the Marketplace, as well as seeing the ever-increasing diversity and quality of what is available on PhotoDune.

The 1,000,000th Photo
The 1,000,000th photo accepted to PhotoDune!

Man standing alone on white background by PhotoDune author Phovoir

Thank you again to all our photographers who’ve helped make PhotoDune a success! We’ll be working hard to improve and deliver more and better value back to you in the coming months and years! We really appreciate your faith in us!

  • Quickandeasy

    Fantastic achievement!

  • Adrian Try

    Yay! Now when I tell people our stock image site has a million images I’m not exaggerating. 😉

  • brrip

    great pictures………………


    It’s really a huge achievement…. 🙂