Happy Dream-Theme Day

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Congratulations to the Dream-Theme team, who have reached Power Elite status by making one million dollars worth of sales. Based in the Ukraine, they’ve evolved from creating inexpensive websites to developing killer themes that reflect current trends in web design.

Happy Dream-Theme Day!

We asked the team a few questions about the journey to the $1,000,000 milestone. Read on to discover how they do loads of testing, get inspired by their competition, and how it feels to reach one million dollars worth of sales!

Congratulations on reaching Power Elite status, first up can you tell us a little bit about yourself, how you got here, and what does this $1M milestone mean for you as a team?

We’re a small studio based in Kiev, Ukraine. We started in late 2000 as a local web agency: cheap sites, kittens, red “comic sans” on yellow backgrounds… stuff like that. :)

And here’s the problem: when you do something long enough, you want to make your job—properly. It’s not always possible when your client tells you what to do. I’m sure everyone who reads this knows what I’m talking about. So the solution was simple: Find a place where where we can sell stuff that we think is right.

ThemeForest is perfect for that. It’s not just a place where you can make money, it’s the place where you can express yourself as a professional. And get a decent reward if you’re good at what you’re doing!

That’s why the $1M milestone is so important for us – it’s acknowledgment that we’re not wasting our time!

Making photos... Yay!
Making photos… Yay!

What is your office space like?

Like a boss
Like a boss

Nothing fancy really. Just a quality and cozy workspace where we can get things done and not think about a tie that is too tight!

... still like a boss
… still like a boss

The dream-team.


How/where do you get inspiration for your designs?

My deep belief is that site templates/themes should carry recent trends in web design to the masses. Make them available (and affordable) to the mass consumer. So that’s what we’re basically doing: carefully studying trends and implementing most useful of them in our products.

Getting inspired
Getting inspired
Deep beliefs in action
Deep beliefs in action

Do you think it’s important for aspiring authors to make their Marketplace profile look a million bucks?

I bet it is! Look, when you do not have all those shiny Marketplace badges, how do you show your potential buyers that you’re not just trying to make a quick buck?

Sure, quality products are most important, but your attention to every detail – that’s what makes buyer confident. Your Marketplace profile page (as well as items pages) are most noticeable of those details.


How do you keep motivated and inspired?

Many tiny things. But most notably – competition. The successes of our fellow authors are both an inspiration and a challenge!

Do you do loads of testing on devices? Any particular ones that really take your fancy over others?

Yep. There’s even a photo (below) of our coder on the Marketplace forums. See the initial thread here, and even more fun a continuation here.


For an unknown reason, people were not noticing that bunch of devices, so we have a new photo:


What’s next for team Dream-Theme?

Let’s say, currently we’re focused on evolving The7 theme. Additionally, I can emphasize that photography themes are undeservedly underestimated. It’s an area of our great interest as well!

One more thing…

We’d like to say “thank you” to Envato and the community that makes these Marketplaces so great!

Individual gratitude to Kailoon (who was our first reviewer and helped us establishing our quality standards) and Alexander Sorochan (who’s the programmer behind our first three themes). Guys, thank you! Without you, we’d never be where we are now.

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      I know! The chairs! The Chairs! :)

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    Congrats, really i like your workspace, simple is creative :)

  • http://www.christys-hats.com Cyphas

    Congratulations on your successful milestone! It’s always good to know the people behind the themes, what motivates and inspires them to do their best.

    Dan pitched some great questions buyers are keen to ask and get answers to:

    I like this responses, in particular “Sure, quality products are most important, but your attention to every detail – that’s what makes buyer confident.”

    Nice environment, simple but elegant. clean -less is more indeed….Loooovely chairs!

    All the best for the future guys.

  • http://422.com.au/ Australia

    Congratulations guys.

    I so WANT ONE of those chairs !!

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    Congratulations guys!

    Every time I see a new author reach the $1million status, it makes me want to improve on the work I produce and the support I give to the people that buy my designs.

    I’m still new to the ThemeForest marketplace but have been working in this industry for a few years now and these stories inspire me to work harder while still enjoying what I do and show this in the work that I create.

    Again, congratulations and hope the success continues for you :)

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