Author Interview: ToivoMedia

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Living in the least sunny place on earth, taking inspiration from nature, playing guitar and singing at open mic nights, and a username that means “hope” in Finnish. Today we meet Martin Emes (ToivoMedia) from GraphicRiver, AudioJungle and 3DOcean.

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About Martin

I’m Martin. I’m from Scotland and I currently live in Glasgow, one of the least sunny places in the entire world! I’m in my late 20s, and I spend a lot of time doing freelance design, and making shiny things for GraphicRiver.

I love the outdoors, and I also spend a few weeks in the year helping with wildlife surveys all over Scotland. I use nature and environmental themes in some of my designs.

But my biggest passion of all is music, both writing and producing my own and playing cover songs at open mic nights. Mostly I’m happy as long as I have some kind of creative project in the works.

Apart from music and creativity, I love travelling and seeing some of the beautiful places the world has to offer. I like taking photos and doing fun things with them on Photoshop, often using add-ons I got from GraphicRiver.

On the Marketplaces

GraphicRiver is where I spend most of the time, although I’m on AudioJungle too. I first discovered AudioJungle when I was looking for somewhere to sell music which I make as a hobby. I loved the marketplace sites and the community, so soon after that I started making items for GraphicRiver. I started with mainly backgrounds and graphic elements, and then moved on to print templates. I really felt when I first found Envato that I had found a home for myself on the web, and I still feel that today.

My degree was in Design for Digital Media, so it was a bit of everything – design, animation, 3D, etc. I loved 3D, so I got a job at a games company in Germany doing 3D art for a medieval game. There I worked with Matthias Andre, who I believe is now head reviewer at 3DOcean. It’s a small world! Later I decided games was a bit intense, and switched to focusing only on 2D design. These days, I’m proud of my one 3DOcean item!

Favorite Items

Better Future Flyer

I like the layout and the way this flyer design is able to communicate a message of the user’s choice.

Art and Design Business Card

I’m happy with the colours, typography and overall creative style of this business card.

Pixelate Background

I like the professional look and usability of this Photoshop background.

Who’s my favorite author? It’s hard to choose just one, but I’ll choose Minkki. Her flyers are really beautiful and unique, and just fantastically designed. Also her username is Finnish, the same as mine. :)

At Work

Usually I do some rough sketches on paper, and then jump on to Photoshop or Illustrator. By the time I have a design I’m happy with, usually it doesn’t look much like the original sketches!

I find that it’s an organic process, and often the design will change direction from what I originally intended. Quite often I find that elements created for one design can be used for another, for example backgrounds and logos I created for a business card ended up being expanded into separate items.

Start by doing what you love. Whatever your passions and interests are, they are a good place to start generating ideas. For me starting is the hardest part. Once you get flowing, more ideas for your next items should start coming.

I get some referrals through Adobe Exchange and Marketplace, and DeviantArt. It seems that mainly Photoshop add-ons get referrals and sales from those sites.

There’s nothing special about my workspace, just a PC and great speakers for listening to music, which is the most important thing for creativity!

  • D’zinc

    Keep on rockin’, Martin. Cheers.

    • Martin Emes

      Thanks D’zinc! :)

  • NikiN

    Nice knowing more about you Martin and I always enjoy listening to your music on AudioJungle, keep up the great work !

    • Martin Emes

      Thanks Nikin, I remember you commenting on one of my AJ tracks. :)

  • OriginalEXE

    So, how about a date-interview: Martin and Minkki :)

    • Martin Emes

      Haha! :) I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Minkki. Or any other marketplace authors for that matter!