A Thailand Meetup with Elite Authors

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

It was an amazing experience to meet up with two of the Elite authors from ThemeForest, one of them being the Power Elite Author – Pete Peerapong. I’ve known them since 2010, when both of them had several early submissions rejected by me (sorry about that). Finally, I had a chance to meet with them in their country – Thailand.

We had dinner together and had a chat about ThemeForest and how we found this wonderful marketplace. Interestingly, they both found ThemeForest via ad banners, one from a website and the other from an ad banner in a Twitter app. They were both attracted by the nice looking design (no kidding) and decided to give it a go.

So, I took this golden opportunity to ask a few questions.

Pete Peerapong

Although Pete is not active on the forums, he does have a few words for new authors.

“Do not give up when your item is being rejected, take it as a challenge and continue to improve. The reviewer is there to help.

Many new authors ask me how to get their files approved on ThemeForest. I wish I could help but it actually depends on the author’s attitude.” – Pete Peerapong.

I’m always curious about how many tickets a power Elite author gets everyday, so I asked. The answer is about 100 emails a day. How do they handle all these requests whilst maintaining such a large portfolio? Not to mention that he is still submitting new items.

Here are some tips from Pete:

“Try to limit yourself to just 100 support emails a day, you just can’t handle everything in one day. Further, buyers are from different time zones. So, when you are answering an email at midnight, they are probably in office hours and the response time will be shorter.”

The Other Elite Author (Who Prefers to Remain Unnamed )

A few word for new authors?

“I don’t have anything to say, but when I look back to my rejected submission now, I think that they look like a piece of sh*t. So, keep improving and keep trying. That’s the only way to success.”

My Experience

Pete is very humble and polite. I always imagined that an Elite author with such income could have a big ego or be cocky. Well, it would be understandable if he was. However, meeting Pete has proved that I was wrong! He is very down-to-earth and friendly.

  • http://laranz.in lawrence77

    Why the Other Elite Author remain unnamed??

    • http://kailoon.com kailoon

      Because they prefer to stay unnamed :)

    • http://laranz.in lawrence77

      But you told his name in your facebook comment 😛

    • http://kailoon.com kailoon

      oh, thats just another friend in Thailand.

    • http://laranz.in lawrence77

      oops, my bad 😀

      That’s why my google search fails to find which author he is… lol 😀

  • arrowthemes

    @Kailoon I missed out on the meetup by days. I’ll be in Thailand next week. @Pete…all the best as you walk down the aisle 😉


    • http://kailoon.com kailoon

      @arrowthemes you are from Thailand too?!

    • arrowthemes

      @Kailoon nope. I’ll only be there for vacation :)

  • mabuc

    I think the other author is GoodLayer.. :)

    • desmond

      Very true. That’s GoodLayer.