Inspiring Videos That Make Creative Use of AudioJungle Tracks

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

by beste_medien_werbe_agentur via PhotoDune

You don’t always know what happens to your items after they’re purchased. I guess that can leave you feeling quite curious – even a little frustrated. And finding out’s like a breathe of fresh air.

There’s an interesting thread about this very topic on the AudioJungle forum now started by Sweetwateraudio. He asks:

Hey guys. I know its pretty difficult to track down videos that use our music but to those of you that have been lucky enough to find any…. whats your favourite?!

Here are a dozen of my favorite (embeddable) videos from that thread. Which is your favorite?

1. Disconnect to Connect

Track by cleanmindsounds.

2. Project Insane

project insane from wesleygibson on Vimeo.

By cleanmindsounds.

3. Goliath

GOLIATH from Alex Popov on Vimeo.

Track by gbiasillo.

4. Transformers: The Last Energon Crystal Teaser [HD] Director’s Cut

A fan made teaser using a track by MartijndeBont.

TortoiseTree comments:

82,000 views AND the guy gave you credit! That’s amazing, I’d pay for that type of exposure!

Martijn responds that the video has led to some freelance work. Awesome!

5. Ambient Wildlife

Ambient Wildlife from Rich Speller on Vimeo.

Track by richspeller_music. It’s great to see the video author giving credit (though his link is broken).

6. Toronto Homeless – Project Blanket 2011

Track by QuadraphonixAssociation.

7. Madeira Gardens and Flowers

Madeira Gardens and Flowers from IFT Films on Vimeo.

guitarjock‘s track starts at 16:20.

8. ACB Basketball League in Spain

Track by Allegro120.

9. Camp Wave House San Diego 2012 – Week 6

Track by guitarstate.

10. Alicia James’ 2012 “I Am Beautiful” Contest Winning Entry

Track by SERFmusic.

11. Welcome to CircleMe

Welcome to CircleMe from ileNOliukGO on Vimeo.

Your Little Planet Corp by MusicPremium.

12. Meet Plan-It Daily Planners – 2012-13

Track by Sophonic.

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