My New iPad: The First Two Hours

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

The whole world knows that last week Apple announced “The new iPad.” Yes, we were all expecting the “iPad 3″, but they surprised us. Well, today is a week later – the day they come out. And I’ve had mine for less than two hours. That’s them in the photo above. (Click the image for the full resolution unedited iPhone photo.)

This update is more evolutionary than revolutionary, with a faster graphics processor and bigger battery. The most revolutionary thing about it is the retina display. And now that I’ve seen it, I can confirm that it’s gorgeous. I always thought my iPad 1 screen looked pretty good – unless I’d been using my iPhone 4 just before, which always left me disappointed. Well, I’ll never feel disappointed again.

I’ve been considering for a while whether I’d upgrade this time. Last year I elected not to, choosing to go another year with the original iPad despite it’s beefier dimensions and slower processor. And even this year, I still feel quite satisfied with the iPad 1. The main difference this year is the kids. My daughter and daughter-in-law have both started university this year, and the iPad is a lean, mean note taking machine!

So here’s our thinking. My wife Sonya and I can pass our original iPads on to the kids, and get new ones for ourselves. It’s a great excuse to upgrade, and we can feel generous at the same time. We purchased two 64 GB 4G models – a black one for me, and a white for Son.

How have I found it? Well, although I’ve had it for almost two hours, most of that time has been spent at the shops and in the car. So no major impressions yet. It’s much lighter and thinner than the original iPad that I’ve been using, but so was the iPad 2. I met someone at the shops with an iPad 2, and we were able to compare size and weight. The new iPad feels a little thicker, and is definitely heavier. But I’m not sure I would have noticed if I wasn’t holding both devices at once.

We’re trying something different this time. Instead of buying the iPads outright, we’re getting them on a mobile data plan. Telstra, a major Australian telecommunications company, are offering them on a two year contract. That gives us two years to pay for the devices (interest free), and we get a $10 discount of our data plans to boot. That sounded like an offer too good to pass up!

I’ve just finished backing up my old iPad (and will wipe it soon ready for my daughter to adopt), and I’ve just run through the initial setup wizard in iTunes after plugging in the new one. I guess that it will take a few hours before everything has transferred. That will be a good excuse to get some work done rather than playing with my new toy. ;)

Are you planning on getting a new iPad? Have you got one already? Have you decided to wait until the next iPad? Or do you just prefer Android? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments. And feel free to ask questions if you want me to check something for you.

  • Quickandeasy

    Nice quick review there Adrian – I want one, badly, but I don’t know what I’ll use it for.

    Probably just end up another *gadget* >.<

    What do you use yours for? Work or leisure?

    • Adrian Try

      I use mine mainly for leisure. Reading feeds and books. Watching movies and podcasts. Browsing the web. It’s become an integral part of my life, though I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first got one. :)

  • Josh

    I was kind of tempted by the ipad, but I don’t think it fits my workflow. For example, I like to browse art and photography sites where I can click and drag any image I like to my desktop and organize a personal library of all my favorite images. My experience with iOS is very limited, but at least from what I’ve seen iOS doesn’t have a desktop environment that matches this. I’m not sure where the files are even located or how to find them other than through the app they’re associated with.

    Also I do a lot of digital art using either a wacom tablet or cintiq screen I can draw on, and finger painting everything just doesn’t seem like it’d work out for me.

  • Damon Sharp

    Preordered mine the day they announced. Arriving tomorrow before 3pm… 4G 64GB White. Can’t wait. Currently have the original iPad but have sold it to

  • Christine Wilde

    I have the iPad 2 and I use it for all sorts; work, leisure, etc. I’m currently playing around in iBooks Author and was wondering if the resolution of my book is going to look bad on the new iPad.

    Really tempted to buy one so I can test websites, themes, books across more platforms and resolutions.

  • Martijn

    I don’t use any kind of tablet, simply because I see no use in it, I have an HTC Sensation wich gives me alot of features I use in daily live (car navigation, evernote, news reader, ereading).

    I still find it funny that some people think they must have an Ipad (or other tablet) simply to find out they only “need” it for typing. Why not buy a small netbook half that price?

    Find out your needs and buy a device for your needs. Don’t buy an device and then find out where you will use it for :)

    • David

      Don’t you find it kind of arrogant to assume that, because you see no use in it, nobody else has a valid reason to buy and use a tablet?

      I use my iPad for so many things that suit the device much better than a netbook. If you need a computer, get a decent notebook like a Macbook Air or Pro, or a desktop computer. If you need a tablet, get a tablet. A netbook is the in-betweener that does neither job well, hence its cannibalization by the tablet market.

  • Wes

    I got it and love it! The screen was the main selling point. Oh and 4G LTE son!