Your Say: Which mobile phone do you use?

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Which mobile phone do you use? A smartphone? A boring ordinary cell phone? Something in between?

How would your life be if you lost your phone and couldn’t replace it? Do you mainly use your phone for calls, or something else? What features would your perfect phone have?

  • MattT

    I use something in between, what Verizon calls a “feature phone.” It’s a Samsung Reality. I use it mainly for calls and texting (which the slide out physical keyboard makes very easy) primarily. I also make extensive use of it’s alarm clock to remember daily things that have to happen, and its calendar for scheduled events. I find myself sending quite a few photo messages, too–especially to my wife (“look at the latest cuteness by our kids,” “which of these items did you want me to buy,” that sort of thing).

    It would be nice if I could sync it with my desktop calendar, I guess, but it would be ideal if I could sync it with my paper (!) planner automatically–guess I’ll have to keep using manual sync on that one.

    If I lost the phone and couldn’t replace it with any cell phone at all, that would be a drag. I would get over it. I did live about 80% of my life so far without a cell phone. But I wouldn’t like it. If I could replace it with a similar phone, I would, but I still wouldn’t get a smartphone. I’ll save all my fancy app-using for the iPod Touch.

  • Dinesh

    I use LG KS20 corona(Windows 6.5).

  • Alex Ianov


  • Syuxx

    I used a boring ordinary cell phone. But I love that phone for it minimalistic. I only use it to text and making calls. And also I have less worries when dropping it to the floor.

    But I have an iPod Touch for a portable devices that can almost do anything I need when I’m not on computer.

    Maybe I’ll get a smartphones soon.

  • fabio

    iphone 4

  • Linus Metzler

    At the moment I’m still using an old boring (but indestructible) Nokia 5000 – it’s got text, call, bluetooth and basic internet functionality – which was (and often still is) the only thing I need.
    But I plan to switch to HTC Desire HD – bigger screen, touch screen and a “real” OS with Android (not S40 running with J2ME).
    Mostly I use my phone to make calls, text and check my mails.

  • Burton

    I use an iPhone 4.

    If I didn’t have my iPhone:
    -I would be spending more at restaurants
    -I would have to do a lot more planning before leaving the house to do something fun.
    -I would have to buy something else to track how far I’ve run.
    -I wouldn’t be able to scan books in an expensive bookstore and find how much cheaper they are on Amazon
    -As a game developer, I wouldn’t have so many sources of inspiration that are present on the app store (there’s a lot of stuff there, but you don’t have to look too far for something you can draw from)
    – I would have to use my $700 (2004) Sony crap camera to take worse pictures than my iPhone camera can take (sad, I know)

    I cannot think of anything else I would want in a phone. The iPhone (and a lot of smartphones in general) continue to be moving targets; every day they are more than they were yesterday.

  • Matt

    I recently just purchased a HTC Legend which I am really enjoying at the moment. I am waiting for the 2.2 android update but I can live with 2.1 at the moment. The only issue I have with this phone is the WiFi which constantly drops in and out, which can be really frustrating.
    The main reason I have this phone was to combine talk and text with mini mobile internet computer which originally was my performed by two devices: Nokia and iPod Touch. I do have an issue though with using the android operating system and that is the fact that not many Australian developers are taking an interest and still favor iOS. This means no TV Guide app or dedicated Nav up until a week ago when Google turned it on.

  • Randy

    I have 2 phones.

    I have a simple little Samsung Impression as well as an iPhone 4.

    Samsung Impression is used mostly for personal things such as calling family and what not, and iPhone is great for work. Next Year when my contract is up I am planning to get an HTC Android instead of the Impression.

  • tanyalou

    I got the blackberry curve 8900 almost two years ago and it completely changed how i use technology. I never used to understand what hooks people to gadgets but I do now. My phone has allowed me to interact with virtually anybody worldwide by using my device. Modern technology is just becoming more sophisticated by the minute and it is a joy for me to explore other and other’s realities. Heart. Heart. Heart.

  • Dave Fowler

    iPhone 4 – we run Macs in the studio so it just seamlessly fits into the workflow.

    It’s retina display is actually large enough to use as a mobile portfolio, we have gained work from having artwork to demo to people whenever we need it.

  • lawrence77

    nokia 1600 😀

  • Youri

    Palm Pre Plus

  • Graham

    I use a BlackBerry.
    I find it handy as a phone and for emails – doesn’t have as many fancy apps as the iPhone but it works :)

  • Wirag

    iPhone 3GS

  • Joel Vardy

    I use a Sony Ericsson C902 which has thus far survived being dropped, countless times, from varying heights.

    I use it mainly for texts, browsing the internet when bored, getting emails when I’m out and calling people when I need a fast answer.

  • Philo Hermans

    iPhone 4 :)

  • Piotr

    Smartie iPhone 3gs with broken display here :)

  • Anthony Cook

    Samsung Galaxy S & proud :)

  • Tocki

    HTC Hero – like it.

  • psoboss

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  • Graham Phillips

    I have 3. One is for recruitment agencies to call, so I can conveniently leave it switched off when I don’t want any agencies ringing. Another is a cheap slim nokia to keep in backpack when doing messy things like mountain biking. The 3rd is a Google Nexus One for all the smartphone features you get with an iPhone, as well as AIR/Android development testing.

  • Samantha Zoe

    iPhone 3G

  • Jeremy

    Droid 2. I used an old phone for years, when my renewal came arounf I thought I would try a smart phone. As a developer, I now have a medium through which I can flesh out ideas I have for mobile apps and mobile friendly website designs.

  • Andrei Potorac

    iPhone 3G

  • Danilo S. Bicas

    at the moment I’m still using a E71 (Nokia). I would to buy a cell phone with windows phone 7. But here in Brazil I will wait for a long time.


  • jason

    I use an HTC EVO. Love it, great smart phone. Posted from HTC EVO.

  • OrganizedFellow

    There aren’t as many smartphone users here as I thought there would be!
    I’m on my third Android™ device, and loving it. I’ve had my developers Google Nexus One since the day it was introduced.
    I use Astrid for task management. I rely heavily on Google Calendar and Google services integration for my daily and work life.
    I manage my gmail, facebook and chat via my phone. So when I get home to work on whatever web project is at hand, I have nothing in my inbox to tend to.

  • Ivor Padilla

    BlackBerry 9700

  • Cory

    Reading and responding on an iPhone 4. First I’ve owned… love it.

  • Dan Miranda

    iPhone 2G for social networks and eMail, and a cheap Samsung E1070 with longer battery life and volume for texting and emergencies.

  • Scott MacDonald

    I use an iPhone 4

    Multiple Email accoutns, web browsing, text, phone, and also the huge array of applications.

  • Matthew Buler

    iphone 3G

  • Gemma

    I recently upgraded from a Nokia XpressMusic 5800 to a HTC Desire HD. I don’t regret it, the HTC Desire HD is a great phone.

  • cudazi

    I have the original Droid. The navigation is awesome but most 3rd party apps could use some work.

    I probably use it 95% of the time for data, making very few calls anymore…

  • mohsen elgendy

    well, i use nokia N900, it use maemo OS using linux its the next genration of nokia mobile phones, its a super smart phone a looot better iphone

    i use my phone with global calls with skype becuse it has skype built in it, and for emails and ofcourse for internet

    id be really sad if i lost it

    the best feautrs id that it has skype and gmail and facebook built in it

    thanks a lot


    Nokia 6230

  • WebTunes

    Samsung Galaxy S 😀

  • Lorenzo Peña


  • Jordan McNamara

    iPhone 4 ftw!

  • McGoo

    Nokia 5800

  • Paul Speranza


  • Annie Anderson

    I have 2 – a Motorla Cliq for personal stuff which I absolutely . . . hate. I love the Android platform, but the phone itself is just a pain in the butt. It’s not really “smart” enough to run the Android OS effectively. When my contract is up there, I’ll be getting something better. Probably another Android phone.

    The 2nd one is an iPhone 4. And I **LOVE** it! It’s awesome. I use it for work (I’m a freelance designer, writer and real estate agent/executive assistant) and pretty much everything. It beats any other phone I’ve ever had by a mile. I’m thinking of getting an unlocked one for use on my personal account (which is on a different carrier) if I don’t find another Android device I like as well as the iPhone.

  • Jack

    iPhone :)

  • Abhijeet

    Nokia1202 😀

  • Angel Romero

    iPhone 4 and it is the savior to my boredom while on the train every morning. :)

  • Bill Gates

    I’m using iPhone with istalled Windows system and I’ve got second HTC Desire with iPhone operating system and it works better than on Apple product.

    P.S. Don’t tell my kids

  • Denis

    Nokia 5700

  • Daniel

    An iPhone 3Gs

  • SimplyDo

    I currently use BB 8900.
    Switching to HTC DESIRE HD in a couple of days.
    can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  • FlasherLand

    iPhone 3GS

  • Rick Hambrook

    I have three.

    Google Nexus One: This one is for my business. I was tempted by the Samsung Galaxy S but didn’t want the bloatware. I use it for emails, calls, txts, data and testing. It’s my nav system for my car and my SSH terminal wherever I go.

    Palm Centro: Supplied by an agency I do part-time work for. Used solely for that purpose.

    Nokia 3105: My personal phone that can take a beating. This one’s for my personal calls and txts.

    Not as many smartphones on here as I thought there would be.

  • Cosmin Negoita

    I own a Samsung Galaxy S which was bought by mu mum as a present (for nothing :P). Before having this phone, I used an ordinary and boring Nokia, but it did the job :)

  • rocketstas

    i use nokia 6600, but i think that to be in part in all social services i need to buy iphone 4 :)))))

  • Mikhail

    Samsung Galaxy S
    before that i had iPhone

  •!/flamboyanz Parvez

    Nokia E71

  • wattscreative

    iPhone, duh!

  • Tiyo Kamtiyono

    Still using my 2 years old Samsung M3510, used mainly for text and listening music :)