Your Say: Where in the world are you?

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Envato is a big place, reaching to virtually every continent in the world. Well, I’m not sure about Antarctica. Which country do you live in?

  • Simon

    1) I get my best ideas surfing around the net and browsing creative sites like dribbble, creattica, etc..

    Also I get a lots of inspiration when surfing or snowboarding, when my mind is free!

    2) My desktop has between 300 and 2 icons. The 2 icon setup is usually “My HD” and a “Sort Me Out ASAP” folder :-) ^^

    3) Sublime Text 2, i guess like everyone following Jeffrey Way’s tuts! I was using Coda before that.

    4) Mostly from the Doc, sometimes with right-click on a file.

    5) haha! Jut woke up and am wearing pyjama shorts, no top and a warm coffee mug :-)

    • Simon

      Funnily enough i have managed to reply the 5 “related posts” questions, but yet not to the main question haha!

      I am from Switzerland, and moving between here and Australia (my wife’s country of origin). Good life!

  • Semen

    Russia, Moscow :)

  • Beto

    Mexico 😀

  • Alexander Dimitrov


  • Samalah

    New Zealand! :)

  • http:/ Matt Adams

    United States, more specifically, Texas.

  • Alexey Topolyanskiy (x-intent)

    L’viv, Ukraine

  • Lutz Aulich

    Germany :)

  • Muad Shibani


  • Wouter

    South Africa \:D/

  • WS-Theme

    South of Germany :-)

  • Curiosity


  • Alex

    Republic of Moldova!

  • urbazon

    Serbia :)

  • Ricky

    Kyushu, Southern Island in Japan

  • CreartDesign

    Budapest – Hungary :)

  • Steve


  • TanyDi

    Bulgaria :-)

  • Hameed Rahamathullah

    Chennai, India.

  • Kevin Jannis


  • Dmitry O.

    Argentina :)

  • Getulio Francisco de Melo

    Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • Banhawi

    Cairo, Egypt

  • uniquefx

    Vantaa // Finland

  • Santosh Setty

    Hyderabad, India

  • Marc Aertgeerts


  • Ivo

    Republic of Macedonia

  • renderTom

    Kaunas, Lithuania.

  • Alfredo

    Rome – Italy

  • iamslicer

    Edmonton, Canada

  • Matthew Butler

    Chicago, USA

  • Batfan

    Phoenix, USA

  • Eric James

    Danville, Kentucky, USA

  • Brenda Malone

    Cleveland, Ohio

    HELLO TO THE REST OF THE WORLD!! The internet is a WONDERFUL thing!

  • Jamie

    Portland Oregon, USA

  • Kailan

    St. Kitts, Caribbean

  • Anton

    I’m in Korolev, Russia (near to Moscow) :)

  • Lawrence77

    India, more specifically Chennai and Tirunelveli :)

  • Bombelman

    Paramaribo, Suriname !!
    Greetings !

  • Saqib

    Faisalabad, Pakistan

  • http://- Kate

    Kyiv, Ukraine!

  • Magnus

    Oslo, Norway

  • Rafael Oliveira

    Itepeva-São Paulo, Brazil!

  • RootShell

    Lisbon / Portugal

  • José Borges

    Albufeira / Portugal

  • Kayess

    Canberra, Australia

  • WalkingPixels

    Slovakia, Europe

  • Finland Blogger

    Helsinki Finland

  • Gil Lopez

    Hi there,

    I’m living in the Haarlem, The Netherlands!

  • Eamejia

    Honduras, Central America

  • Ghost1227

    Bennington, Nebraska

  • ataa

    Kuwait :))))))

  • Skinnerul

    Austria – St. Pölten.

  • Shoki

    Chiba, Japan!

  • Mahisa Medari

    Indonesia here!

  • Vectorica

    I´m from Argentina, Tucumán