Your Say: What’s On Your Coffee Mug?

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Bad Helvetica Coffee Mug by David Joyce

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What’s on your coffee mug? A witty saying? An entertaining picture? A big chip? Let us know, we’re curious!

  • Adrian Try

    Mine has a picture of Scooby Doo on one side, and the word “RELP!” on the other. It was a birthday present from a coworker back when I was a maths tutor.

  • http://twitter/thallisphp ThallisPHP

    A PHP logo

  • William

    An intelligentsia diner mug usually. Good density keeps the heat in, great size 10z, and reppin’ a GREAT coffee company. Check them out, they will redefine what coffee is to you!

  • Charlie Somerville

    Mine’s got drawings of Melbourne icons all over it:

  • Kevin Langley

    Mine is old school Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with them eating pizza. Found it for 5 bucks and had to have it.

  • Damon Sharp

    “Starbucks”. Boring, I know. Need to get a new one.

  • Josh Sprague

    Drinking spring water from my “make My Logo Bigger Cream” Mug.


  • Chris

    Mine says:

    and proud of it

    and on the other side

  • Kat

    Hi there! I took a break out from editing some tuts to post my mug. I think you will like it, it’s my favorite Pantone swatch.

  • tyrone

    Mine is a Goggle Mug.

  • Tom

    Future Combat Systems
    One Team — The Army/Defense/Industry

  • Laura

    The one I use at home is from an antique/junk store and has an illustration of a log truck in front of a mountain and sunset and says OREGON at the bottom. It’s enormous, old school, and I love it.

  • Jong Wohlfahrt

    “Your words are my food, your breath my wine. You are everything to me.” ~ Sarah Bernhardt

  • lawrence77

    I hate coffee, tea

  • CreativeMilk


  • Solozaur

    Mine has a Mafia II pin-up sticker like this one: