Your Say: What do you do for lunch?

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Avacado Spring Rolls by Sharyn Morrow

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How do you spend lunch? Do you buy lunch, make lunch, or skip lunch? Do you eat healthy food or fast food? If you work from home, do you use lunch as an opportunity to get out, or drop crumbs into your keyboard pretending to work? Do you relax, socialize, exercise, sleep, or run errands? We’re dying to know! Let us know in the comments.

  • Justin

    Home office so normally left overs from dinner the night before. I rarely eat it in front of my machine, it’s good to get some time away from the screen!

  • Georgij

    I make my self, my traditional food – macaroni with salsa (that’s how I call it). I ignore fast food as much as I can and when there’s nothing to cook I treat myself to the closest bakery.
    Georgij 😉

  • Rosanne Hodgekiss

    Our team has lunch delivered each day – and we eat together in our kitchen. We’ve even got a lunch ordering app to keep things organised and allow us to see what everyone else has ordered, too. No pressure to eat healthy, right? 😉 Here’s a post on how it works.

    • Connor Turnbull

      That’s pretty damn awesome!

  • Bruno Lara

    I work very close of my home, so I can walk to my house and make a delicious rice and beans. Yeah, I’m brazilian. Some meat, a salad and another walk to the office again.

  • Justin Carroll

    Lunch is a sporadic event. Sometimes I grab a bite at 10AM, sometimes 3PM and sometimes not at all. More often than not I eat work for lunch. :)

    • NikiN

      Ha ha, “I eat work for lunch”, gotta remember that one 😀

  • Tami Traylor

    I also work from home, and my office is upstairs. We have a long-standing rule in our house (for our kids) of no food upstairs. Keeping that rule, encourages me to eat in the kitchen or on on the deck in good weather. We have a wooded back yard and so I get a beautiful view of the squirrels playing and a bubbling creek and my garden in bloom while I eat leftovers, a salad or whatever healthy I can scare up. It’s a nice break from the drawing board or the glare of the computer and a much needed change of perspective.

  • Anthony Newhook

    No recipe? :(

  • Marcfolio

    I would eat out every meal if I could, but lately if it’s not some delicious chow place it’s cold cereal in the break room.

  • Dinesh

    Hmmm! mouth watering.

  • MSFX

    I make home made bread everyday and then eat it all for lunch =D

  • Rob Guilfoyle

    Lunch is like the sasquatch, rarely seen but always heard of.

  • rafael armstrong

    sandwich/leftovers/some frozen thing 4 out of 5 days. I eat out that one day…