Your Say: What Are You Doing for New Year’s Eve

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What are you doing for New Year’s Eve? Staying home or going out? Staying up or going to bed? Getting together with friends, or getting lost in the crowd? Have a good one!

  • Connor Turnbull

    Working, writing articles for AppStorm. :)

  • Kevin Langley

    I have two sites to launch at midnight on 1/1/11

    Plus, one of them is being a pain so I’ll probably be working on it until then too. lol

  • ThemeBlvd

    I’ll be at an awkward party with all the work people I had to leave behind because of all the mula I’m getting from you guys!

  • kailoon

    Clear the queue for all marketplaces, clear the freelance tasks for this year ( hopefully ), getting together with my family and drink some alcohol :)

    Wish all Envato staffs, marketplace’s authors and all envato network’s readers have a great New Year’s Eve and have an even better New Year!

  • PJ

    Wish you a blessed n rejoicing New year 2011 to you & team. I’m really blessed by you all. Agape.

  • Marc

    Working, then driving for two hours to see my sweetie, and hopefully meet up with friends before the clock strikes 12.

  • Michael Savage

    Celebrating. Duh!

  • Ben Smith

    Having a party with some friends/coworkers and launching a new, rebranded portfolio site :]

  • fatih

    i will stay at home:)

  • Anelia

    I am really surprised how many people are going to be working on New Year’s Eve. Come on guys, try to have some fun, start the year the good way – Party, Party, Party!!! Although, I have no plans, probably I would go out to see what I can find.


  • Sharon

    My hubby will be away so it will be just me & my teenagers. We will all probably gaming/reading/watching films – I hope to slay a few baddies on Dragon Age. I’ll raise a glass of JD & coke at midnight.


    Working, working, working ;D

  • Sam Lanning

    My date of birth is the 31st Dec 1992; so New Years Eve is my 18th Birthday!!!

    I’m having 50+ people coming round to celebrate my birthday, new years, and my aunt’s birthday too ( she shares the same birthday as moi, born exactly 30 years before me :-D )

    So yeah it’s gonna be a good night, with 90% of the people going to be trying to get me drunk… BRING IT ON!!!


    • Adrian Try

      Happy birthday, Sam!

    • Sam Lanning

      Cheers Adrian! :-)

  • Robert

    I’ll be flying from Charlotte NC to Paris France on New Year’s Eve. I spent the Christmas holiday with my family and now I am going back home.

  • MSFX

    Crack open some nice old bottles of wine, lots of good food and loads of games :) Then a nice long walk / climb on new years day

  • Nick

    Going to some Rubulad party in Brooklyn.

    SomeECards said it best:


    Happy 2011 everyone!

  • D’zinc

    Rated R

  • Mario

    Goin’ to bed early because we’re getting up early to watch the Rose Parade, live, from our spot on the parade route. Thought my toddler would enjoy seeing all the animated floats up close!

  • Andreas

    Going to play minecraft!

  • Sergiu Poenaru (Scorpiono)

    Restaurant party with some local businessmen and mobsters. Here goes my honesty!