Your Say: What are the three worst things about working from home?

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Do you work from home? While it certainly has its benefits, it’s not always smooth sailing. Tell us about your three pet hates about working from home. I’m looking forward to some interesting stories!

  • Robbie

    The ps3 being way too close to my desk.

  • Tomas

    I find really hard to find productive hours, sometimes it works in afternoon, sometimes I’m super productive at night.

  • John

    Being distracted all the time by family and kids.

  • dtbaker

    distractions opposite work desk

  • ikyo

    – The shifting limit between personnal and professional
    – The lack of human exchange
    – From bed to desk and desk to bed is not big sport :)

    ..but they’re many benefits of working at home too !

  • Ricky

    Cabin Fever

  • Robbie

    Wife: Oh dear, can you just do [insert household chore here]…

    Offspring: dad, dad [insert sibling name here] did [insert offence here]…

    And so ends any hope of getting any work done at home.

  • Jermaine

    When i get distracted it can last for hours, its puts me of my groove.

  • VF

    Actually the downsides are not permanent, so I feel there is no point in adding them to a list. Smooth sailing requires continuous response to situation even before registering it as a problem in mind – importantly when you are inside home 24/7! :)

  • Gabriel

    I dont take the shower by days :S

  • Keisha Perry

    For me it’s being ‘on-call’ for everyone 24/7 and not having regular work at set hours. Not being able to keep a schedule stinks!

  • Head Honcho

    1. Sofa – too close for comfort.
    2. Television – distractions by the channel.
    3. Refrigerator – endless breaks.

  • Martin

    What I find annyoing from time to time is that you live at your office. There is no real distinction so you are really always at your work.

  • Rajendra Reddy

    I am single so never get chance to meet new people and always feel bore ,
    most of the time stick to tv and fb only
    so i really did not find productive hours .

  • Rick

    For me the biggest drawback is that I’ve fallen into the mindset that if I’m home I should be working.

    This leads to me working too much and not actually being able to fully enjoy any downtime I take.

  • Vanessa (The VMCA)

    OH, it’s definitely the spouse expecting a spotless house when they walk in the door at 6pm, because, “Oh but you’re home ALL day!”

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