Your Say: What are the three best things about working from home?

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Do you work from home? There’s a lot to like. Tell us your three favorite advantages about working from home.

And stay tuned: next week we’ll be asking about the worst things about working from home!

  • girlcoder

    Remember when working at home was just something like licking envelopes or stuffing them. The best thing about working at home is that I don’t have to stuff or lick anything. I actually work from home. Doing what I love. Even though its funny how others still don’t believe its literally true or possible.

  • yutyu

    butifol disyn

  • Lox

    Of the top of my head, I would say:
    1. Waking up whenever I want;
    2. I could choose not to leave the house if the weather is bad.
    3. You can dress however you want

  • shanky

    1. This is ma home, not your office.

    2. Any time i can go to my kitchen.

    3. I love my home and family so much.


  • beth

    Having my dog with me!

    • Vanessa (The VMCA)

      Ditto! My labrador footwarmer is the best…although the snoring can be a little annoying.

  • Reuben Chng

    I think the best thing about working from home is the luxury of having your love ones next to you. I also love the comfort of home, although sometimes too much comfort during work can be bad.
    My home my rules! 😀

  • Muneeb

    No boss.

    I can watch my country playing cricket semi finals :) which is today pak vs sri lanka.

    I’m Free to play with my cats whenever I want :)

  • Dilettadesign

    Of course, working from home is a great advantage.

    1)_one advantage is the cost saving relative to the movement, as well as the time saved by not having to move, especially in large cities, where the traffic problem is getting heard.

    2)_and a greater flexibility of time.

    3)_For me the most important advantage is be close to my child and to assist at any time, without missing any of the most important moments.

  • Romy

    1. No commute (no mad rush to leave, no traffic, time saved)
    2. Being able to work within my own schedule
    3. Less distractions and interruptions

  • Sarina Meester

    Time is a plus – specially when you’re a night person – and like to sport in between to freshen up – plus no time wasting on traveling anywhere

    Own Music – loud and dance | sing with nobody watching

    No dress code – PJs modus on I’ll admit..

  • Clivern

    i think my Freedom to work when i like

  • Sharon Milne

    1) Having my pets around me – 2 cats and a dog!
    2) Not having to travel in poor weather.
    3) Listening to music/watching TV shows as I work.

  • Joe

    F R E E D O M to do my own thing
    F R E E D O M to manage my own time
    F R E E D O M to Learn new skills
    F R E E D O M…

    • Vanessa (The VMCA)

      I nearly started singing George Michael while reading your post!

  • Krishna Dave

    1) the most important advantage is be close to my daughter
    2) no waste of time for travel to office
    3) i can do other activities in free times

  • sheena

    1. The comfort of being in your own space as opposed to a corporate office environment, where no one is looking over your shoulder all day long

    2. The ability to be allowed to wear whatever you like (when not meeting with clients). I mean who likes to dress in “professional” clothes all the time? :)

    3. Not having to spend as much money eating out at lunch

  • VF

    When I started working from home, the first few things I realized are:

    1. Can read / learn anything that is not related to job. This is actually the most valuable freedom of working from home.

    2. Possible to spend time for helping elderly people on home.

    3. Avoiding travel hours / fuel and mental diversions related to travel.

  • amrabdelaziz

    i work from home likely

  • Barbara

    The best things about working from home would be:

    1. Starting the day when I am good and ready
    2. Not having to dress up and commute
    3. Ending the day when I am good and ready

  • Kelly

    – I get to make my own schedule, and be here for my kids.

    – I get the desk by the window and the best chair in the office, my office!

    • Vanessa (The VMCA)

      I agree totally about the ‘best office’ in the building comment!

  • Silviu Stefu

    1. The awesome cofee made by my wife
    2. If I need to sleep more on monday morning, well… I just can.
    3. The time from home to work is about 2 seconds :)

    It’s awesome to work from home.

  • Ahmad Amin

    I started working from home in the min of February (Valentines day) and it’s the best decision I’ve made.

    1) Work revolves around my life and not vise-versa.
    2) Start and stop working at anytime.
    3) No dress code. (I’m in my boxers most days)

    And and bonus one is the ability to work from anywhere, for someone that likes to travel this allows for workcations.

  • bob

    farting loudly!

  • Vanessa (The VMCA)

    1. Office clothes on top, jeans and sneakers (ok slippers) under the desk…because of skype support calls…
    2. Tea, and awesome Nespresso coffee
    3. No commute! (unless you count the 25-30 steps it takes to go from my room to my office)

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