Your Say: The Final Dogs or Cats Knockout

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Punch to the Face by Ninja M.

It’s on again! We asked before. We surveyed the team in detail. Now we’ll make it official with a poll. What’s more popular in the Envato community? Dogs or cats?

Pets seem to be very popular around here. And controversial. But I think the dog-lovers are going to win anyway. Let’s find out.

Of course dogs and cats aren’t the only pets you can own, so I’ve added a few more options. Tick as many as you have. If you answer “other”, please let us know exactly which pet you mean in the comments.

And may the best man… ah, man’s best friend… win!

  • Jake
  • CodingJack

    Cats! Here’s my lovely:

  • sy4mil

    I think dog tastes a little sour and cats have more of that chicken-like structure, so i prefer cats.

    • TJ

      ure not supposed to eat cats or dogs

    • sy4mil

      didn’t say anything about eating

  • Patrik Larsson

    Me and my gf got 3 cats and they’re all crazy, but we love them all :)

  • TJ

    me and my wife have 3 dogs and 7 cats


    It’s a fact that I’m just making this statistic up as I write… but it’s for sure that a cat can destroy a dog of any size… any day of the week!

  • Björgvin

    I couldn’t write a single thing without my dog sleeping underneath the couch… He exudes motivation and ambition through his doggy-dreams…