Your Say: How much bandwidth do you use each month?

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Sasag Modem, Netgear Router by Oliver MΓΌller

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How much bandwidth do you use each month? Where do you think most of it goes? Does your ISP enforce limits? Do you get enough?

  • David

    We have used about 50 Gigabytes each month for the past 3 months.

    Majority of it probably goes to shoutcast music streaming while we’re working.

    100Gigabytes allowance per month – slowed down to dialup speeds if we go over that. I think we only have gone over that once.

    we’re on bigpond cable:

  • Adrian Try

    Hi David. I have the same 100 GB a month Bigpond cable. We use pretty much all of the 100 GB each month.

    Most of this is used by the kids. They would use all of it long before the month is up, but I change the WPA password when it’s getting close so I don’t have to work on dialup speeds!

    • The VMCA

      Wow 100 gigs sounds like Christmas to me! :)

    • Adrian Try

      … until you share it with six people! πŸ˜‰

  • Paul Hastings

    I wonder if there’s a free utility to track how much bandwidth each individual machine in my home uses? I suppose I would have to install it on each of my computers in our household.

    • The VMCA

      Surplus Meter works well on the Mac – and you can install one on each computer to monitor it’s usage. It’s very accurate.

  • MF

    How much bandwitjh? … as much as its possible:)
    But to be serious – we are working throu web so most of our work is in the web.
    The problem is that here in poland we don’t have to many good ISP’s to choose from.

  • MF

    sorry…. how much in GB’s?…
    each month something like 130-140 gb each mont.

    • Blondin

      1 GB is 1024 MB

  • Blondin

    Yeah I have 90Go of bandwidth limite by month with Videotron and each month is like 54GB – 72GB – 68GB – 84GB

    Say like 2-3 years ago I had a limit of 20GB and at some occasion we busted.

    Just because now we have HD content with youtube or 8GB Video Game or software all by the web.

  • Georgij

    Well, I have a cap of 30gigs and I usually spend them in a month. It’s more than enough of 1 gb per day. It’s fast and stable.

  • The VMCA

    Currently we use around 12gigs a month, and we are on a 10gig/month cap. Thus we pay a large fee for the additional 2gigabytes. Around 90% of this is work related, and about 10% personal. We would have switched to an uncapped option, if we were not bound to a 2 year contract. Uncapped only became available in this country about 6 months ago. Our contract is up, and then we are returning to the UK – and I must say, that very high on my lists of “Can’t wait for:” is the highspeed uncapped broadband!

  • Charlie Somerville

    Not much at home, about 15-20 GB. My servers use about 50 TB a month though

  • Daniel Eriksson

    Around 1 TB per month. Lots of streaming TV and music. No limits, 100/10 Mbit, €25 a month.

    • Nick

      Even if I converted every form of content delivery in my entire life (TV, radio, DVDs etc.) to online streaming, I would come no way near cracking 1TB a month. How do you do that?!

      Having said that, I’m insanely jealous of your 100mbps unlimited connection for only €25.

    • The VMCA

      Holy moly. 1TB?? Where do you live!?

    • Daniel Eriksson

      I live in Sweden. Streaming video and TV a few hours a day (sometimes two streams at once, one for me and one for my partner), streaming radio and music almost 16 h a day (mostly Spotify, also sometimes two streams) plus some random torrent traffic quickly eats up the gigabytes.

    • Subsonic Design

      Just like in Finland… However, I think that you still have faster connections than what we have. πŸ˜€

  • Nick

    Started with a 15GB cap a few years ago that would regularly max out. Then moved to 30GB which then started to max out every now and then. Now I’m on 200GB and the last two months have only managed to get up to 50-60% with an enormous amount video and music downloading, streaming and average web dev work. That’s shared between two people.

  • Ed

    I run an accessories boutique that just put out 60GB last month. Be interesting to see the other responses.

  • adamo

    i am with internode naked

    i use my full allocation of 250GB up and down combined, i normally dont go over but this month i have. Lucky internode have blocks you can purchase.

    p.s. i am a Aus. Fed. Gov. developer……i download a lot of sites (backup and dev)……not torrent heavy

  • Mikhail

    140GB las month. I did not even new that my cable company has limit of some sort before.

  • Selvamani

    I use max of 75GB/month even my ISP provide only 50GB for normal speed and they revised the speed to 512Kbps. Mostly i download webdesign stuffs and movies. πŸ˜€

  • RTarvid

    Our design studio is creating video banners for local cinemas, about 10 campaigns a month, so we use a lot of bandwidth. Our first campaign a year ago was a total disaster. We launched campaign on friday, and on monday we got an angry email from our ISP, that whole server with about 200 websites gone down because of us :) So we found another ISP who’s bussiness was not the storage but the high bandwidth clients.

    Now we use from 4 to 7 Terrabytes a month! And everything is working smoothly even on high spikes πŸ˜‰

  • Oli

    Unlimited on a 32 MBit Line. Around 1-2 TB/month, I think.

  • Subsonic Design

    About 450Gb per month. I don’t pay for the connection because my University provides it for free πŸ˜‰

  • Avril

    We have 500GB of download limit each month, but we’re most of the time around 200 to 250GB of download.

    Some months more and other much less :)

  • 3alisha

    OMG ! My limit is 3Gb and i am able to survive :S

    I feel so tiny.. LOL

    • Princesscutipie

      I know how you feel! Reading some of these Gb amounts just blew me away! Does everyone live on their computer 24/7? and my mum said I lived online! We share 10Gb between 4 people and 2-3 devices at the same time yet we rarely ever go over. We are banned from going on youtube though -_- it must be nice to have, like, 20Gb of bandwidth…

  • Dillpez

    I use around 30GB up and as much as 300GB down on 24/7 streaming video from amazon s3 for digital signage and netflix for the family.

  • Stelian Subotin

    I bet i’m not using more than 100GB at home per month, even if staying with an unlimited plan – Still my server uses around 2TB monthly πŸ˜€

  • Shawn

    wow I can’t believe how bad we are getting ripped off here in Canada.
    We pay nearly $50 for only 25 gb’s and if we go over that it is $2 per gigabyte. Insane.

    • 3alisha

      Man, i pay 22.5 USD for 3 Gb.. keep positive, lol.

    • RTarvid

      We pay about 30$ per TB.

    • Andrew

      In NZ just changing from $75 month 5GB + home phone + free national toll call plan to $75 month 30GB + home phone (free local calls) plan after consistently going over the 5GB limit by about 10GB per month for the last 4 months (and having to pay $2 per GB for the extra). Streaming radio, some streaming TV when catching up on missed programs, lots of Facebook for the daughter and general web browsing most of the day for me in conjunction with my genealogy research.

  • VF

    10 to 15 GB per month.

  • Andreas

    I have Flatrate (limited use, I love Faroe Islands)

  • Mads

    We are 2 people in my household and together (though most of it is pretty much me ^^ ) we use about 250-300GB each month.

  • Greg Rickson

    Hear in the third world “South Africa” we get about 9 GIG with a 4 meg line … then I run 2 other accounts with other suppliers for an additional 3 GIG per month, which I normally top up a few times. So I’ll say 12->14 GIG per month.

  • Leslie

    it depends on the need of each. I use about 50 gb is enough.

  • Saroj

    13GB per month, 2mbps

  • altinkum

    never think about this but its interesting to know if you are worried about usage

  • sameer khan

    Well well after reading through almost 40 comments and adding in my own openion,i think most of the ISP’s nowadays do offer unlimited broadband packages which in reallity aren’t really unlimited(Exeptions are there like my own ISP here in Oman which offers 2mbps with unlimited usage that is really unlimited beacause it is some of the rare companies which have taken off the FUP(Fair usage policy) that cuts ur speed down if u have exceeded a limit of 50gb in a month,some ISP’s even do charge an additional amount for extra downloads or usage even on an unlimited plan, now this is applicable only if ur ISP has a FUP,Those Isp’s who have a Fair usage policy(FUP)do have it mentioned on its website.You can check out ur ISP’ website to know whether ur unlimited connection is really Unlimited. :)

  • bob

    350 GB a month, internet service has just stated on new bill all that users will be allowed is 150 gb a month and it will be $10 for every 50 gb over, what a bunch of crap. All this is, is to get money out of people, by installing bandwidth caps.

  • Abhishek

    My current plan is 30 gigs/month at a 1 mbps net speed (get around 250-300kbps download speed), following which it reverts to 256kbps. I usually end up using most of it. It could easily go up to 50 gigs though if I had storage space left for my movies and games.

    Once I get my new internal HD, I’ll probably change the plan to a 75 gigs monthly limit.

  • Lee

    I’m allowed 250 GB a month, my connection is 15 MBPs.
    If I go over it is $10 extra for every 50 GB.

    I regularly use anywhere from about 210 GB – 300 GB.
    watching and doing anything on the net eats up bandwidth.
    watching netflix eats up about 700 mb per 1hr 30 min movie.
    If you watch the same movie in HD it eats up 3 GB. I don’t see how anybody can function on bandwidth limits, I rarely download anything, and watch an occasional movie on youtube or netflix and I am using between 210GB -300GB a month.

  • chibits

    I usually use about 500GB-1000GB on my 18mbps connection.

  • Non of your bussiness

    Ok im another one from south africa but i Get a much better deal than greg rickson uncapped 100mbps and probly only use about a450-500 gbs

  • Dominique

    Our household uses probably 500gb/month. We’d use double that if the ISP’s weren’t all getting their knickers in a wad.

    Chincey bastards, the lot of them. They make websites with more data, they sell us their streaming services all with higher resolution which uses more bandwidth; they lure us in with promises of “unlimited internet”… and then kick us in the bollocks when we use a lot of bandwidth.

    My ISP just told us that their average customer only uses 30gb a month. BULLSHIT!!!

    They just want to make more money. It doesn’t affect their cost, really. They’re just cheap ass corporate robber barons.

  • Connor Pick

    Well, I live in the UK,
    I’m on a great provider, and currently eating up 450GB per month.
    Just though I’d add some variety to the discussion.

  • Abdullah

    We have used about 50 Gigabytes each month for the past 9 months. :(

  • Kevin

    Around 250gb per month between 2 of us, easily gets that high when you’re streaming in HD alot and downloading heavily while on a 80mb connection. Previously when I had a 0.25mb connection we used to barely hit 200mb oer month.

  • Bashir Naimy

    I spend about 400gig pr month, server limit is 15 000 gig pΓ₯ month. Paying 135 euro pr month on a dedicated server.

    32gig ram
    xenon dual core cpu
    6 terra storage.

    A good deal at

  • Bashir Naimy

    And its on a 1gig connection

  • John

    250-300gb a month.

  • Mr1997chrimma

    You guys are sooooo lucky
    Here in Saudi Arabia i pay 100 ryial (30us$) for 1 gb
    And 200(60us&) for 5gb and 300(90us$) for unlimited
    On my phone my plan is 1gb for about 1us$ every day