Your Say: How Do You Stay Up-to-date?

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Three Ages of Reading on the Tube by Annie Mole

Decades ago my great-grandmother said that a day she didn’t learn something was a wasted day. That’s even more true today.

The rate of change of technology, software and techniques is incredibly rapid. How do you manage to keep up?

Formal education is still important, but struggles to remain up-to-date. And more and more educational institutions are making their material available online, for example through iTunesU.

The Tuts+ Network and other blogs offer more current education, but without accreditation. Podcasts, YouTube channels and other video streaming sites also contain educational material, and forums are also often educational.

And books remain an excellent source of educational information, and are handier still now they are often available electronically and as audio books.

So how do you maintain your education? How do you make the time? And do you have any hints for us?

  • Patrick A Thompson

    I’m sure there’s a better-written quote out there by someone more famous and smarter than I, but I do know this : The moment I stop pushing myself forward is the moment I get left behind.

    Being that we live\work in an ever-changing techno-land of tools, toys, and trials, we must be aware of the newest developments – even if we choose not to embrace them. Be it music composition, web design, graphics, photography, etc., it can all be done at home with the proper gear….

    BUT… one must also have proper training and education.

    In today’s global classroom, we needn’t spend countless dollars and hours inside a building being lectured. Anything and everything you wanted to know about (insert topic here) can be found in great detail online. Tutorials and troubleshooting vids and blogs are abundant! Use them!

    Now, to be fair, I spent my money and time with an online version of one of the most prestigious music schools in the country – and I gained a mass of great knowledge and experience… but I also gained an engraved piece of paper declaring my qualifications to the world. In an industry where anyone with a computer can become a composer, a high-quality credential like this can certainly set one apart from the rest of the pack.

    And this all leads back to my first (un-original) thought… I choose to continue educating myself… learning.. researching.. and growing as an artist by any means possible. For in that incessant and unquenchable drive to grow lies my personal key to success.

    Best of luck! Keep going!

  •!/AdrijusG Adrijus

    I read blogs, books and do tutorials mostly. Joined Graphic design forum recently too.

    It’s tough to organize all the useful links you can find but I found a good tool for it: which let’s you store Bookmarks in the Cloud and those pages never go away. You just bookmark it to Bolt and it’s available to you. Pinterest like site too, you can meet other people there.

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  • Justin

    I absolutely love learning through experiences. There’s no better way to learn than from other peoples successes and failures, including your own. Mixergy I’d great for this. Then tutsplus or digitatutors are great examples of hands on learning. Both should be utilized and are equally valuable.

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  • abraham.elgosi

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