Your Say: How do you sketch?

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Pencil Collection by Martjin Nijenhuis

There are a lot of ways to make sketches. Some of us use a tablet others start right away with the final product and a lot of us just use paper.

Using Paper

I think the most of us use paper. It gives you total freedom. This is the more popular way, but is still interesting because of the tools you use such as your pencil and sketchbook which can very much determine how you design turns out. I prefer to use the Behance Action Book and a L-Tech Pencil myself for my web design. What do you use for yours? Please let me know.

Using a Tablet

Using a tablet is almost the same as using paper, but has a few advantages, like the option to use the whole RGB spectrum and not having to spend money on pencils every time. There is only one disadvantage – in my opinion you don’t have total freedom when working on a tablet. I strongly feel like I do while working on one, but I still have the feeling that there is this invisible wall that holds me from expressing myself. How do you feel about this?

Starting Right Away

In my opinion this is one of the hardest ways to sketch, but also one of the most creative ways. When doing this you have total freedom to express yourself working to the final product instead of having to stick to a design you made earlier. That is also what makes this one of the hardest ways because you need to make sure you don’t get the design out of balance.

How do you sketch? Please let me know in the comments. 😀

  • Manuel

    When I sketch a website’s pantone or a website structure I use a piece paper and my pencil.

  • Thole

    Sketchbook pro and wacom, pen and paper, but if I have the vision is already clear and I can hold it for several hour while working on it then I didn’t need to sketch at all.