Your Say: How do you launch apps?

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

by Discovod via PhotoDune

Apps unleash the power of your computer. We collect dozens of them for different tasks. Some we leave running most of the day, and others we start up as we need.

How do you normally launch apps? Do you prefer to use the keyboard or mouse?

Do you use a special launcher like Quicksilver, Alfred, Launchy or Gnome-Do? Do you use the dock or desktop? Do you use the command line or Spotlight? Or can your computer just read your mind?

Check off as many methods as you use in the poll, and let us know the details in the comments.

  • dtbaker

    Using GNOME Do launched with Alt+Z shortcut. GNOME Do = the “run” prompt on steroids. Autocomplete anything from apps to chat contacts to desktop actions. Learns over time so you can launch your fav apps with 1 or 2 letters (eg: G = google chrome, F = firefox, FZ = filezilla).

    Also Alt+X launches terminal. Don’t really use the point-and-click linux mint launcher menu for anything besides logging out.

  • Montreal App Development

    We use the Command+Space and enter the first letters of the app name on the Mac. Try it.

  • Justin

    Just windows start menu, nothing fancy. Docks and all those special tools use too many resources than they’re worth.