Your Say: Does Lion have you roaring or purring?

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What’s your take on the most recent version of Apple’s Mac operating system? Using it or waiting? Loving it or hating it? Using gestures or giving gestures back? Do you find natural scrolling natural? Which new features do you love, and which changes do you hate?

  • Florin

    so far it is the best for me… love all the new additions of gestures, Mission control, launchpad, the improved speed of working… and the small fee to get it :)

  • WPHead

    I’ve been using Macs for over 10 years now and it’s been extremely dissapointing seeing Apple going mainstream over these past couple of years. Apple has become extremely greedy and no longer cares about quality control, knowing that general users wont notice defects such as backlight bleeding, yellow tint issues, stuck pixels, etc. But, for us geeks it’s been a pain.

    Over the last couple of months I’ve had 4 replacements for my iMac, a defective graphic card in my Mac Pro which the “genius” bar refused to replace at first, 6 iPad replacements, and 2 replacements for my cinema displays. I’m sure some of you might think I’m extremely picky, but all of those were really bad… the ones I finally decided to keep still have issues.

    It’s also extremely dissapointing to see Apple turning Mac OS X into iOS to attract general users, disregarding all the professionals using mac os x. The removing of things such as Spaces in Lion and replacing it with the idiotic mission control (what’s the point of it??) clearly shows that they are focusing on general users and don’t care that current users need spaces for their work flow. Final Cut Pro X is another example of this.

    Apple might be growing at the moment, but every day more and more people become aware of issues like backlight bleeding, so unless Apple does something about their quality control they’ll have a big problem in the future.

    • WPHead

      Between, for those who think 6 iPad replacements is a lot, just check this thread: There’s people who have had to replace their iPad 10 times in order to get an acceptable one.

      I’m sure that if you just found out what backlight bleeding is and checked your iPad right now you’ll see that yours too has backlight bleeding.

    • mark

      I definitely understand where you’re coming from on some of your points. I’ve noticed some QC issues, but much of that has been happening long before Apple started to attain so much market share…I mean liquid cooled processors? Doesn’t get much dumber than that.

      In any case, including iOS type functionality for desktops is a much larger issue than attracting general users. Considering how quickly computer science has advanced, it’s almost shocking that the desktop experience has remained relatively the same…point, click, drag, etc…

      I think there are some amazing things on the horizon, and moving to an iOS feel is just a stepping stone.



    • Johny Goerend

      I have to agree with you. The productivity on a mac definitely is much worse now on Lion, Mission Control may look nice, but to work fast it’s unusable. Slower transitions between “Desktops” and removing the control over these “Desktops”, compared to Snow Leopard, that doesn’t help at all.

      And if, like me, you have about 12 calendars in iCal, the new iCal isn’t much usable either …

      With quality I didn’t have much problems myself (Got a Mac Pro at home that’s running now perfectly for three years and still is faster than almost anything today), but I know other people that aren’t as lucky. One is returning his iPhone just today because of a hardware defect…

    • Trevor

      Wait, no spaces in Lion!? I use this all day to help manage all the opened programs I jump between! Does mission control replace spaces?

      I have yet to upgrade because I have a lot of software that potentially could have problems. I don’t want to be out of business because I upgraded. It may be a few months. Right now Snow Leopard works for me in the business world. I may try out Lion on an older macbook pro I have though.

      As far as hardware issues from Apple, I have rarely had any. And the issues I had were covered under warranty through apple care which were a battery going bad and an issues with a trackpad on a laptop. So I have no major complaints here.

    • WPHead

      @mark: Yeah, we’ve had to replace several G5s due to the liquid cooling leaking… the G5s usually don’t last longer then a year, but parents need them for their work (need classics).

      As for the iOS type functionality… I’d rather leave that for the iOS devices, I don’t really want my Mac to feel like an iPad.
      But, thinking about it, the rumors touchscreen macs might not be so wrong after all, launchpad and mission control would make sense on a touchscreen iMac.

      @Johny: Exactly the same for me, I don’t need all the gimmicks, I just want something that works well. As for the Mac Pro, they usually have less problems, I guess I was just unlucky with mine.

  • Jarel

    Although Lion is a bit of an adjustment, it’s been great so far and is “roaring” along for me. 😉

    I also find most of the new gestures and mission control to be pretty great (and yes, I was a Spaces user before).

    I’m not a big fan of iOS implementations, but they make sense with the way technology is evolving. I probably won’t make too much use of them in Lion, but perhaps the next iteration will be better suited to my tastes.

  • Matthew Guay

    Lion will be the first Mac OS that I’ll use full-time, so I’m really looking forward to getting my new Mac Mini and switching. I think the new gestures will be a nice addition. Seeing how much I already enjoy using my iPad, even for business, I’m sure the Mac will be great.

  • Alex

    I’m not overly keen on it. It seems like a huge step back and adds almost nothing new/noteworthy. Mac’s are not iOS devices and gimmicks like Launchpad (which server almost no purpose) shouldn’t really be in the OS.

    An annoying thing, for me anyway, is the lack of ability to more forwards and backwards in Chrome/Finder by swiping 3 fingers left or right on a Macbook trackpad.

    Natural scrolling has taken some getting used to but now don’t even notice it. That said, I’d probably say its better to stick to “normal” scrolling if you need to also use other computers that aren’t running Lion.

  • Ben Shape

    I’m liking it so far. It’s not mind-blowingly different, and runs a little bit slower in certain areas on my 06 iMac, but I do like the new Mail and some of the file-save / versions features.

    Will take some getting used to I assume, to fit it into my workflow, but I’ll persist for now.

  • Drew Douglass

    Smooth sailing here, loving the update.

  • Phil Mckenny

    Man, after reading a small spattering of comments around various threads I am loathed to upgrade.. I love spaces, I did not realise it has been replaced!

    Gonna have to find some videos showing the changes methinks.

    • mark

      I love spaces too…it’s an essential part of my workflow.

      Good news is that the upgrade to Lion not only retains the placement of your current spaces, it give you the ability to add as many “desktops” as you want.

      Additionally, you can continue to use the “command + (space number)” or you can swipe between the spaces.

      Can’t tell you how much better it is for me already.

    • Trevor

      Oh! Very good news Mark! Thanks for that. I need to go ahead and download on my old macbook pro to test it out before it goes onto some work computers. Knowing things like this helps me to make the switch a little easier.

    • WPHead

      Actually it’s control + (space number) :)

    • WPHead

      What sucks about mission control though is that you can’t drag windows out of a space to the current space, you can just drag windows into another space :(

  • mark

    @trevor Definitely. I think it all comes down to preference and the desire to see things change or not. Not to mention, any new release is bound to have a few kinks. I know a lot of people have issues with different things, but it’s been awesome for me.

    @wphead depends on how you choose to configure it…mine is command + space number.

  • Ryan Allen

    I reckon it’s brilliant! The ‘natural’ scrolling took a couple of days to get used. I had to change the scroll direction on my PC because I’d go home and try to scroll up to go down with the mouse.

    The fullscreen mode is great for working effectively and comfortably on smaller screens (I’m on current gen 13″ Air, amazing!).

    It’s all amazing!!!

  • Michael

    I was dissapointed…

    I agree, launchpad is kinda pointless and mission control is a step backwards from spaces, all “desktops” are now side by side… It was really handy for me to switch from space to space vertically and horizontally.

    Also, I have to switch back and forth between windows and mac for work and the scrolling differences get to be a headache… if you never touched a windows machine I’m sure it would be great.

  • mark

    @Michael…you can definitely switch the scrolling on both your Mac or your windows machine to keep them both the same.

    I actually miss the 4-space grid from spaces too, but being able to add as many spaces as a I want outweighed that pretty quickly for me. The amount of time it takes to switch from desktop to desktop using command + space# is equally as quick, so you shouldn’t be losing any performance.

    Now that I’ve been running lion for a while, my biggest beef is the incredibly bad battery life on my MBP. I’ve seen some fixes, but I’m hoping Apple will roll a fix out.

  • Jerry Godsey

    I just recently changed over to Mac after so many years of Windows machines. Within two weeks of getting my new MacBook Pro, Lion came out and I got a free upgrade. Since the upgrade didn’t make my learning curve any steeper, I am really enjoying Lion. Writing papers has gotten much easier, and with a little practice the gestures are almost second nature.
    Now I am going to look into making my Dell laptop a Hackintosh!