Your Say: Do you usually work on a laptop or a desktop?

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

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Laptop or desktop? Which are you most productive on? On which do you spend most of your work time?

These days I find the large screen makes a huge difference to my productivity. I guess I could achieve the same by plugging a laptop into a large monitor.

I still use my laptop daily to get away from my desk. I take it outside or to a coffee shop or library for a few hours most days. It also helps me to stay productive when waiting for my kids to finish their shifts at McDonalds.

Which type of computer makes you most productive? If you use a laptop, do plug it into a larger monitor when possible? We’d love to hear the details, so feel free to share in the comments.

  • Mattia

    iMac + Dell Vertical Monitor + MacBook Pro. Small office at house, pretty quite :)

  • Ethan Dewey

    I prefer working on my desktop simply because I have larger (and dual) monitors. Which comes in really handy. However, for me at least, I find it a whole lot easier to become distracted on my desktop at home. For example, I’ll end up browsing through my RSS feeds or at the worst… Reddit, there’s no coming back once I start on Reddit. It might just be me but I find it a whole lot easier to concentrate on the task at hand on a laptop. Especially if I’m out of the house.

  • Japh

    The majority of the time I work on a 15″ MacBook Pro (no peripherals, like mouse, keyboard, or monitor), and sometimes I work from my iPad :)

    I used to use 2x 22″ LCDs on a desktop, but have been working almost exclusively on the MBP since I got it in 2009.

    This article linked recently by Matt Mullenweg (of WordPress) pretty much explains how I feel about it:

    I’m more productive and more mobile this way! As a remote worker, that’s valuable to me.

  • Jarel

    I used to only work on a desktop (iMac) unless I absolutely had to be mobile. Over the last 1.5 years I’ve had to move over to a 15″ MBP as I’ve been traveling more and more. At first it was uncomfortable and I missed the larger screens.

    However, after my first visit to the Envato HQ office (where I was provided a larger external screen for my MBP) I realized I hated it. I had already figured out the optimal workflow(s) for my MBP’s 15″ screen (using spaces, shortcuts, etc. more often than keeping more apps open and visible on two screens like I used to).

    I have noticed I tend to focus on the task at hand better on the MBP because I have fewer distractions visible.

    That said, I think it largely depends on what kind of work you do. If I were a developer, designer or even professional photographer, I’d be using larger screens. Most of my work now has transitioned to email, spreadsheets, task/project management apps, etc. I live in browsers these days, not programming or graphics editing apps like I used to.

    +1 to Japh’s recommended read (above) from Matt.

  • Erkki

    I’ve got 27″ Thunderbolt Display and 13″ 256 MB Air. Perfect combo, good for fork, light for moving around.

  • dtbaker

    Single laptop for the last 2 years. No desktop.

    I do look forward to getting a multi-monitor desktop setup again down the track though.

  • David Bradley

    Both! When I wake up in the morning I pull out my 13″ Macbook Air from under my bed, catch up on some email and stuff. Later in the day I’ll hop on my 27″ iMac and when I feel like sitting on the balcony I’ll take my laptop out there. I work all on dropbox so it allows me to just get up and start working right away on the other computer.

    I don’t like the idea of just being tied down at one place, I move around a lot.

  • Shawn

    Where did you find that desk? I really like it.

    • Adrian Try

      Hi Shawn. I found the desk on Flickr (click the photo to go there). The owner of the desk has given a very detailed description of his setup, but unfortunately not much about the desk itself.

    • marcin

      This is Ikea. Galant corner desk-left combination.

  • David Yarde

    Primarily on a laptop, although lately I have been considering a desktop with a nice monitor to be a little more productive.

  • Ciprian Todea

    2×24″ at office and a 16″ laptop at home

  • Grant Palin

    Primary PC is an HP laptop, mostly stationary with an external monitor. A big system, so I don’t take it around much, but it’s my primary at home.

    I also use an Acer Aspire netbook. Not as powerful as the laptop, with a smaller screen, but very portable.

    The way I see it is, the laptop is the “power” machine with real screen space, and the netbook is the convenient portable.

  • Hannes Dorn

    I use a Dell Precision M6400 workstation notebook which has an 17″ display. Additionally I use an old Belina 19″ CRT.
    Allthough the notebook is very heavy, I have all the power I need in a mobile workstation.

  • Dream-Theme

    laptop + huge monitor in office :)

  • Oelpeace

    I really love working on a laptop because I can take it into external studios and bring my logic pro 9 projects to other sessions etc.
    In my studio I connect my laptop to another screen so that I can work like I would on a desktop computer. At least I don’t need too much power for recording music and my projects can be saved afterwards on another bigger harddisk. But…I must confess…..I love Mac Pros:-)))))

  • lawrence77

    I hate working on a laptop, so I vote Desktop :)

  • Schmack

    15″ MacBook Pro hooked up to a cinema display at work and a 24″ HP at home. I still chose desktop because I almost never work in it without hooking it up to a monitor.

  • Martin

    I normally use my laptop because I have to insert cd’s inside and the tablets doesn’t have it, but I can use both.

  • VinhSon Nguyen

    I primarily use a desktop with 2 22″ monitors hooked up, but that’s only for work. My iPad is my main browsing machine!

  • Martin

    I use 2 dell laptop and that’s that,

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