Your Say: Do you use a low-distraction browser reader?

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Note: This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Web pages can be pretty busy, making reading a blog post or article very distracting. There are a bunch of browser plugins that remove those distractions, showing you just a cleanly formatted version of the article. Do you use them?

The first I came across was a Firefox extension called Readable, which “is an application that helps you read more of the web. It transforms text on any website using fonts, colors, and layouts of your choosing.” It was later purchased by Evernote, who added a button for sending pages to Evernote, and renamed it Clearly. Apple added Reader to their Safari browser, which does something similar. And there are other options.

Do you find browser extensions like this helpful, or prefer to view the page as the author intended, complete with distractions? Or do you prefer to send articles you intend to read to a separate app, like Readability or Instapaper? Let us know in the comments.

  • jamvaru

    I dislike evernote because of the elephant (sry poor elephants, lol)
    and it is a bit sophomoric, like apple

    it is easy enough to read a standard web page, but if not, then there is a handy X button on the tab